Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Such Thing as Islmophobia

Phobia - Noun - a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Well, let examine the critical Irrational part of this.

I throw up the following to make some points or support my point as the case may be.  I'll put the money excerpt in so you don't have to read all this crap if you don't want to.  You'll still get my point.

Here's the situation in England.

Brits pay 13+ billion pounds a year to support Muslims. Violent gang-rape, torture, forced prostitution and sexual enslavement of many thousands of Britain’s children is how Britain is paid back.
BARENAKEDISLAM: Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend
Britain's children.  (Thousands of them) That they didn't say girls would indicate girls and boys.  We know the goat rapers love to rape young boys so there isn't much speculation here about whether it is both.
In all these cases of 'support', read that this means non-working, non-tax paying moslems.  They are living off of the Infidel as instructed by their koran and they are inflicting maximum abuse upon those generous and stupid enough to have them.

I thought England was a civilized, proud country, more than willing to defend itself from vermin....
  The same situations exist in all countries that have taken them in.

Did you know that many of these countries have realized they are dealing with human garbage savages as opposed to 'migrants' or 'refugees' or 'asylum seekers' and are trying to pay them to leave their country.  Yea, I didn't hear about any of that on the major media either...

Norway - Desperately trying to wipe them off their shoe.

Denmark - Ditto

I don't think Germany is doing it yet, but I did see an article from 2007 about France paying them to leave or trying to.

I'd have to think Sweden is also but don't find a reference link.

More - IMP Sent me this video of how they are taking over Paris in a major way.  If you don't have time to watch the vid, the point being made is that the moslems come out en mass, barricade streets and hold massive prayer sessions, closing down sections of Paris.  Can you imagine anyone else doing this?  Why not do it in their homes and mosques. They Demonstrate that they feel they are superior and intend to take over.

They don't want sharia just for them, they want it for everyone in the countries they are working to take over.


The moslems are attacking on several fronts:
  • pure violence, suicide bombers, shooters, head choppers, stabbers 
  • gross abuse of the country citizens in the countries who take them in
  • breeding out the residents - no one is going to tell them they can only have one wife (or anything else apparently) - they will breed out, vote out and take over.
  • jihad by occupation - we see it in European countries and the media does not talk about it
  • economic jihad - the vast majority of these vermin savages are on welfare. These countries cannot support them and have concluded that paying them to leave is far cheaper than paying them for life.
You cannot pussyfoot around with these kinds of people trying to sort out the good from the bad, putting them on watch lists, no fly lists, etc.  This tactic only serves to grossly harrass your own local populations.

Can you think of any other group of people - massive numbers of them - who behave like this?
I can't.  This isn't a phobia, it is a recognition of the fact that moslems cannot behave like civilized human beings and do not belong in civilized countries.
They all need to go back to their homelands.  If some of them truly want reform of islam, it ain't going to happen if those moslems go and hide in other countries.  They need to have their civil war and who wins wins.  We'll have the option to proceed from that point.

fwiw - I was singing Go Little Honda by the Beach Boys to myself as I wrote this.  No hate here, No phobia, just a simple recognition that the world is committing suicide by moslem.


  1. "no one is going to tell them they can only have one wife"
    And their trick is...multiple litters...who then collect welfare for the broods they hatch.

    In the 14 years since Muslims killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, this country has admitted another 1.5 million Muslims. So we’re xenophobic, bigoted racists if we don’t make it 2 million? Three million? When will we have enough? How many murdered Americans is an acceptable number before we can shut off the spigot of Muslim immigration?

    Foreigners aren’t the descendants of American slaves! The rest of the world does not have a civil right to move here. We’re under no moral imperative to allow any immigration at all. We don’t owe citizens of other countries anything.

    Angry Muslims have been popping up all over TV to denounce Trump and complain about anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S. If they’d prefer a country with a larger Muslim population and no white devil oppressors, low-rent mud huts are available in any of about 50 Muslim countries around the world. First month free; after that, two goats a month.

    We want remarkable Americans, not immigrants whose selling point is: “hasn’t blown anything up yet.” What’s the upside of admitting 250,000 poor, culturally backward, non-English-speaking Muslims every year? When are we allowed to talk about what’s good for America?

    How else have the 1.5 million Muslims admitted since 9/11 made our country better? Their massive welfare use? Overburdening our schools and hospitals? The machete attacks? The clitorectomies? The honor killings? The occasional terrorist attack?

    Currently, there are more than a thousand active investigations of ISIS in all 50 states. Here’s an idea: Instead of paying for an ever-expanding federal workforce to track, wiretap and investigate immigrants with possible terrorist sympathies, let’s stop bringing them in!

    HT Amren.

    1. IMP, Yea, the economic drain is exponential as they breed.
      Exactly, we don't owe anyone shit. We don't even owe black Americans anything (let alone foreigners!) because none of them are old enough to have been slaves. It's Over. It's History. It's Done. Get educated, Get a job and move on.

      Yes, let's stop bringing them in and let's rename Watch list to Deport list.
      If people are not natural born American Citizens (and I see the logic problem with people like farook), then guess what moslem or Mexican or whatever - you better be on your Best Behavior because you are on probation here. One slip up and Wham, you find yourself on the end of a parachute drifting down toward the expanse of brown known as Libya or some other moslem hell hole. Your DNA and Fingerprints have been collected and if you try to re-enter you are shot.
      And that's being nice.

    2. I completely agree with all of this. The left would accordingly label me as a hater. I consider the left's scorn as a badge of honor, as I must be doing something right since the left is so wrong on everything, absolutely everything.

      Back in the day, we allowed the Irish and Chinese to immigrate with the condition that they work and make something of themselves and their families. And they certainly did.

      These filthy moslems only want to come here to breed more killers, and sponge off of the social welfare systems as long as they possibly can. Ask them to be productive, and they threaten to wipe you and your family out.

      A pox on all of them and their evil cult.

    3. Thanks Fredd. Yes, the Chinese even gave their children American/English/Christian names.

      Politicians will never solve this, it will end up being up to the population of America, probably the millennials, who have been brainwashed into hating guns and believe everyone is Ok. It will be a turkey shoot for the moslems who will be at critical mass by then.

  2. I don't trust 'em. On the issue of a moratorium on Islamic migration to the US, I completely support Trump's notion. And he's right. The issue isn't about religion; the issue is security for the American people. But on the issue of religion, I don't see any other religious group behaving as depraved barbarians. None--only Moslems.

    A true leader would never denounce Trump's proposal. To me, it is only common sense that elected officials should want to protect Americans more than kiss Moslem ass for the sake of political correctness.

    Every day, I grow more ashamed of what America has become.

    1. Mustang, There it is right there. It's pure statistics. moslems are killing non-moslems, and the FBI openly says they can't tell you whether a syrian migrant is ISIS or not. What is so hard about that? Oh, ok it's the election season.

    2. The only way we can accomplish that is to block ALL immigration for two-five years...which I'm TOTALLY for, and was for even before this awful muslim influx the Jerk in Chief is shoving down our throats.
      What's the down side of cutting ALL immigration off?
      Germans have to wait FIVE YEARS, and those are people with excellent educations and jobs.
      Latinos sneak in with no education and take jobs from poor whites and blacks...what sense does THAT make?
      The happiest part of that is it'll stop muslims, too

    3. Z, Why not reconfigure the immigration laws so that people allowed to come here are those with skills that will add to America, rather than be drain on welfare and other free hand-out systems? That's the point I'd like to start from. There are other countries that do it this way so it's not a new deal.

      Otherwise, time limits aside, I really don't want moslems here. They share nothing about American values. 80% of the mosques are paid for and supported by S. Arabia, who tell their children from the word go that America is the great satan. Why give that an inch? Be Gone moslems ! :)

    4. DIDADIN is the answer, but no one wants to admit it for fear of being called names, so it will not happen, and we will remain ripe for the plucking.


  3. Trump is correct when he says we are being governed by Stupid people and this just makes left wingers foam at the mouth especially since he is running on the "R" ticket.
    I find it amazing how many people have blinders to not even see this cancer that is spreading.

    1. Lisa, Yes, the politicians and federal dept 'workers' are vastly only interested in themselves. It's all about getting re-elected so they can continue stealing money. They'd import any piece of homicidal maniac shit that they think would vote for them.

      Most are not informed Lisa. This is my belief. The vast majority, if they even watch anything beside ESPN, watch wolfey blitzkreig's romper room and read the NYT and think they are at the pinnacle of being informed.
      And it's getting worse. Take care of your own and have some dang fun !

  4. The worms are turning:

    1. IMP - Good stuff. That will get some attention. Combine that with a couple burka clad bozo's blowing themselves and many others up in a public place in Gary, Indiana and maybe even a few more of them will start seeing the light.

    2. Well Kid..I hate to say it...but it'll happen again. Maybe when it really hits the elites they'll have a wakeup, rather than so willingly sacrifice our lives, our safety for some clown in pajamas and hag bags. PC must die....and ISIS must be obliterated by whatever means necessary. One boomer / sub and it's all over with.

    3. IMP, the events are going exponential. Seems like one a day now. I'd put some money on a bubbling burka blowup in the next year.

      Did you see El Chappo is promising to obliterate ISIS all by his own drug cartel network? And Putin suggesting nukes are not off the table as far as these pukes go? I don't see it all fading into the woodwork this time. I think it gets serious - but with barry as an observer - thumb up his ass and wonderful islamic morning calls to prayer reverberating through his imbecilic skull as it all goes down.

  5. Replies
    1. IMP, I don't see why not. The pussies in Congress don't know anything about the constitution let alone have the balls to try and enforce any of it. Hell, a voodoo queen from Haiti could run and win as long as she promised enough free stuff.