Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So, I'm going to say I don't mind people hounding a doctor who lures a lion
​that has​
​to take care of ​
out of a protected area to kill it.  And
hat is with the bow and arrow?  They had to hunt it for 40 hours after putting an arrow into it and shoot it with a gun anyway.  Shoot it with the gun to start with.
​   One Shot​.  It's a concept that involves being humane to an animal that you're taking even if you're using a gun.

Well, the problem I have with this thing is that there are many more people deserving of hounding and harassing.  
​Some even in your own neighborhoods.​

How about the folks that have a dog tied up outside for days at a time.  People can see the dog as they drive by coming or going from their neighborhood.  The dog will suffer a lot more in total than Cecil did.  
ow about hounding these people?  If you have time to hound a doctor, you can hound these people.
​  Find out where they work, put up signs, "Hey Mr Doofus's Real Name, Why do you keep your dog tied up outside all the time?"  Let his co-workers know about it.​

How about Foie Gras ?  You know they torture the goose by continually stuffing food down it's throat to improve the flavor.  It's like waterboarding.  You are against that right?  Personally, I'll eat an animal, I just won't torture it first.  Like there's not enough other fantastic stuff to eat..

Planned Parenthood?  Huh?  They do nothing that involves parenting, they do abortions.  Have them renamed to Planned Abortions.

How about the babies being aborted then Planned Abortions selling the body parts.
​? ​
As far as I'm concerned abortion is between a woman and her God/her conscience, if it's done early.  Late term abortion based on nothing more than "I changed my mind" is disgusting and should be illegal.  How about post birth abortion?   Well, it's all legal so what can you do about it?  You can demand that you are not forced to pay for it at least. Make it a political issue.  Let the politicians
​ know​
they have no chance of being elected unless they're going to defund Planned Abortions.

How about moslems invading your communities en mass.  They're invaders.  They intend to live under Sharia as soon as their voting block gets big enough to make it happen.  Even outside of that they mostly live on welfare while conspiring against you.  Soon, they will turn American neighborhoods into shitholes like they are doing in all the European countries.
Hound these people - If they live in your neighborhood keep some cheap pork products smoking day in and day out
​ on a backyard grill​
.  Hound your politicians to start putting in restrictions now before it's too late.  Make sharia law illegal according to the Constitution.  They'll at least need to breed you out in 62% of the states to get that changed.

How about the Democrats who created the method to pay single females to pop kids out into zero opportunity, shit for education, drug and crime infested neighborhoods.  It's Slavery engineered as it always has been by the Democrat Party
​ supported​
their media propaganda arm.
​ They t
hen tell you it's your fault these poor people have to live like this.  Grow a brain and turn the spigot off.  Make it a showstopping campaign issue.  

How about politicians ?  Some of them do disgusting stuff like killing Cecils ​
AND​ steal your money.  
​If ​
they get elected while they're worth 100k and 4-6 years later they're worth 8 million, you know they stole your money.  Hound them suckers.  Continually drive by Pelosi's house from midnight to 7 am playing AC/DC and Rap at 140 decibels.  Ditto the rest of them.
The British hunted all the signers of the Declaration of Independence down - the Greatest Document and Proclamation in the History of the World, and killed, them, their families, their properties.  And the signers knew it would happen in advance.  We can't and shouldn't kill today's enemies. Modern enemies of our country, mostly Democrats should at least put up with Ac/DC from 12 am to 7 am at 140 decibels eh?

Now like with other emotional liberal "issues", business are bending over to appease the masses.  Same as when business pretends to be on board with all the other nonsensical libtard hot buttons.  They want your money. Now Top US Carriers are going to ban hunting trophies to be shipped on their planes.  Some of this stuff is perfectly legal, supported by hunting licenses sold by the various levels of Government so why the Ban...  They'll probably make up the plane's cargo shipping space with body parts from aborted fetuses.
I could list a whole bunch more.  We all could.
There is some seriously evil shit going on right here every day that deserves your passion and your activism. 

Cecil the Lion.  Geeez.  Show the world you have the capacity to extend your ability to react to all sorts o
 scumbags, douches, ass clowns, and all other forms of human garbage.​


  1. First, leave my FOIE GRAS out of this ;-)
    Having said that....isn't it AWFUL that they used a bow and arrow on that magnificent animal and made it suffer that long? How inhumane does it get?

    Your points are SO WELL TAKEN....
    Funny you'd mention the US CARRIERS situation...when I saw that yesterday, I thought "that is SO PANDERING...." and it IS.

    Oh, sure..the world's falling apart but a lion's death is first and foremost in the minds of the world.....BELIEVE ME, I feel terrible for that beautiful lion, but REALLY?

    1. Z, Not that I want to control anyone. Just my personal taste.

      Yes, the bow and arrow thing, Personally, I think it is a punk ass way for a punk to try to appear as a man. Look, I killed this beast with an arrow. It's punk ass bullshit and so is this guy.

      I'm happy you see my point so clearly, but then you're a genius....

  2. You tell 'em, Kid. Most of us, however, have jobs and responsibilities that preclude becoming activists. What we have to do is work behind the scenes, and not become like the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and paint targets on ourselves.

    I keep suggesting that the way conservatives win is to just refuse to support liberal horse shit wherever we see it: if you are an employer, and know of a liberal employee, cashier them in any way deemed reasonable. If you know of a liberal business, do not patronize the place. If you have a liberal member of your family, simply avoid them at Thanksgiving. Let them hang with themselves, and not poison our conservative circles. In this manner, they will slowly wither on the vine.

    1. Fredd, I agree 100% Let the libtards dwell in their myopic leper colonies. As far as smart people having to work, I would draw your attention to the upcoming baby boomer exodus from Corporate America. We'll have some time on our hands my friend. You and I may meet up in DC someday carrying torches and pitchforks. These people descend on the Triple D joints like a plague of locusts, no reason they can't do the same with the assholes.

  3. ALL LIVES MATTER to me. However, I think the brouhaha over Cecil the Lion (really a consciousness-raising ploy to start a movement end Trophy Hunting once and for all I suspect) is legitimate in itself. There is no true equivalence –– moral or otherwise –– with aborting infants in the womb, HOWEVER, the TRUE point at issue with this rather foolish comparison is the ENEMEDIA'S persistent refusal to expose and denounce the barbaric practices espoused and implemented by Planned Parenthood and the Medical Establishment in general.

    BUT, let's not confuse or conflate the the issue of Animal Rights and the UGLINESS and sheer STUPIDITY of grown men wasting their money, time, and energy to HUNT DOWN and KILL innocent wildlife for no good reason at all.

    What seemed good for Teddy Roosevelt and all sorts of upper-class British adventurers and "sportsmen" a hundred or more years ago is now recognized as wanton cruelty, unjustified satisfaction of bloodlust. Not only that it is, and always has been, MORONIC.

    There are only two legitimate reasons for killing animals not normally regarded as vermin.

    1. To provide FOOD when needed.

    2. To DEFEND yourself or others from BEING attacked and either maimed or killed.

    1. FT, Agree. I think England even has banned The Fox Hunt.

  4. Is Obama as concerned about the slain Christians in the Middle East?

    What about his concern for the slain Christians in Nigeria and other Africa countries?


    The story of Cecil plays upon the heartstrings. No doubt about it. But what I want to know is what will be done with the safari guides? It seems to me that they are just as guilty as the dentist -- if not more so.

    1. AOW, As always, obama doesn't display any concern for anything righteous from the civilized world (big subject). I don't believe he understands anything about how civilized people crafted out an environment for themselves and separated themselves from the savages. I don't believes he understands civilization. At all. We know he never earned an honest dollar so how could he possibly.

  5. Obola only cares about obola and his own power base. The American people are on their own, but it's on them... they voted him into power not once, but twice. How stupid can you be. Srly.

    1. Cube, Exactly. There will always be obamas and clintons. This is all on the voters.

  6. If I had a pussy it would look like Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!