Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Note to obama Regards Being Elected A 3rd Time

That's right, you could be elected a 3rd time.  But you'd be elected by a majority of losers.  People who are paid via the Welfare system created by LBJ to enslave the black people for another 200 years, people who are enslaved by the public and private unions who would likely take a huge pay cut and/or have to put a lot more effort into the weekly paycheck and are parasites upon the valuable people of America who work hard and pay taxes, people who are paid to immigrate here from Mexico and the Middle East and also live off of the taxpayers, and people who have been uneducated in the communist public school indoctrination system created by another imbecile - Jimmy Carter and who are imbeciles as well.

So, yea, you could be elected a 3rd time.  Not by America though.  Dig it ?

Thank God for the Constitution.


  1. Man, couldn't have that whole sentiment put any better than that, Kid. Great job.
    Sad, but a great job.
    Yes, Americans who really love this country, the hard working, self reliant good people wouldn't vote for this loser ..... would that we were in the majority again

  2. Not by America is spot on. The absolute gall of this jerk saying something to this effect is pretty much all he does, Lie, spin and repeat.

  3. I'm not all that sure that Barry could win a third term. Too much damage has been done to his consitutent's interests, it's possible that the losers will not want to get up off the couch and waddle down to the elementary school gym and cast a vote. Namely scumbags like that pathetic pig gal who was so stoked about her Obama phone (in Cleveland, remember her?).

    1. I remember her well, Fredd. Here's the sing she wrote after that TV appearance:

      Obama gonna pay my bills
      Obama gonna cure my ills

      Obama gonna give to me
      Everything I want for free.

      On me and mine Obama dotes
      Dat's why he's gonna get our votes.

      We's gonna suck da white man dry
      And laugh to see him sit and cry.

      We laugh and laugh 'cause its so funny
      Dat our bills be paid wiff white man's money.

      ~ Ima Mauron

    2. Fredd, Yea, that girl was paid 11 bucks an hour to do that vid btw if you didn't know. No, I think there are even more Losers (and conservative perfectionists who would stay home) today to assure another obama win. I do my friend.

      Watch what happens in 16. it's going to be disgusting to the max.

    3. Pretty good FT.

      Well based on people I actually know my poem would go like this.

      I'm a union man
      I think obama is the worst president ever,
      but I'm gonna vote for the sumbich anyway.

    4. I still think all those dead people will show up at the pols, a few times each and pull the "d".

    5. Ed, Gar An Teeed in the swing states.

  4. If obola keeps loading up the country with illegals and plying them with free stuff, he might very well be elected by the brand-spanking new crop of democrats. I don't see anybody standing up for the Constitution.

    1. Cube I sure don't see anyone guarding the Constitution either. Worse yet, I see fewer people in the poplulation even interested in defending the Constitution. I've ran into some seemingly smart 30-45 year olds who think it's an old rag that needs to be tossed and replaced. I've implored them to read the thing, especially the Bill of Rights.

      I've had the same opinion for more than 7 years now - the kids are going to have to feel a sufficient amount of pain to get them to focus hard enough to begin to understand what is going on.

  5. Hi Kid! Trying to get in touch but couldn't find an email. Could you send a message my way when you get a spare moment? Thanks! - Julie (julie on politics at gmail!)

    1. Hi Julie! Heck Yea, it's IhateSpammers@Bullshit.com. Write soon !