Friday, July 24, 2015

If Athiests Can Protest Religion in the Public Square,

and make hay with it, why can't we protest having this LGBT crap shoved down our throats in the public square, the news media, the TV shows and everywhere else ?

It's the same thing.

Get the jenner pictures OFF of my news feed.  Hey, it's not just in articles where jenner is in the headline.  Those I can avoid, and yes you could make the argument that I just need to change the channel and not click on the article. But, I open an article on the F-35 program and a picture of jenner's ugly puss in a dress is on the right sidebar.  Gotcha.

Conservatives need to stop laying down.  People who are not interested in this lifestyle need to stop laying down.

And here's a tip for any lib progressives.  No one has to like you.  No one has to like LGBT people.  No one has to like or even accept moslem vermin. Got a problem with that?  Fine - convince me you have no problem with white (or even black) Conservatives.  You Love us right?  Yea, thought so.


  1. You can't see me, but I'm standing up and cheering! ("not lying down" is RIGHT!) Great piece.
    See my post tomorrow...great minds :-)

    WHY don't we protest? WHY are good people SO afraid to speak out and let people call us bigots or mean or non-accepting...If we stopped caring and TALKED BACK, we might get our world back; the world that respected people for their opinions, not shut them down....They don't accept OUR lifestyles of church going or patriotism or conservatism...that doesn't mean ANY of those things is wrong, but you'd sure think they were.!
    Your post is absolutely right...........IT IS TIME TO DO stop caring what lefties think...

    1. Thank you Z. We're are letting these people dictate too much.

    2. Why don't 'we' protest LGBT people?

      For the very same reason you and everyone with the possible exception of me refuses to say anything the least bit critical of JEWS, Z. –––– POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

      Those people –– not all but the aggressive, agenda-driven intellectuals, lawyers, media and entertainment moguls, teachers and college professors –– have done FAR more to harm this society than the poor benighted Queers ever did, yet we're not supposed to notice that, or if we do, we're supposed to keep it STRICTLY to ourselves.

      I'm sick and tired of being ruled by BULLSH-T and double standards. You should be too –– but not SELECTIVELY.

    3. I didn't particularly mention protesting LGBT people! I only protest those with agendas that have to be carried out so LOUDLY and so spitting on the priests or french kissing in a church, which happened at an acquaintances church shortly after the Supreme Court ruling....people who never came were suddenly French Kissing in the pews....same sex, of course.

      I'm not SELECTIVE on it..since when did I not TELL MY TRUTH ABOUT THE MEDIA for God's sake??? Or College profs? Or Lib intellectuals? Gad, if anybody knows me at all, they know that.


    4. This would be a good time for me to mention that I don't care what people do as long as I don't have to pay for it. All people should be happy unless they are physically/materially harming others (Golden Rule)
      Enjoy your goat if that's what it is, just don't ask me to celebrate it. Start your own magazine and meet at the Kroger parking lot every night. Just don't get pissed when I don't celebrate whatever it is you're into.

    5. Z, please try to understand that my criticism was not directed at you. Most of my remarks are always addressed to a TOPIC or particular POINT of VIEW not to a particular PERSON. I can see it would have been better if I hadn't addressed you at all. I'm sorry, I just thought I was being polite.

      I STILL say that "we" –– meaning most people not just you and I –– no longer dare call a spade a spade because they have been cowed by PC.

      How any Conservative could disagree with that, I can't imagine, but we're all so sensitized by political rhetoric we've become like a nation of shrinking violets.

      AGAIN by "we" I mean "most people." That is a common definition of the pronoun. The French use "ON" which means, as I'm sure you know, either "We, They, or People" –– whatever the context implies.

  2. All of this nonsense can be laid on the media doorstep. They are the ones who decide what to publish, televise or otherwise shout from the mountain tops. The LGBT push is just the latest. My recommendation is to boycott every left wing media product. I don't watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, etc., and I don't read the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, Newsweek, etc. And NEVER EVER buy any product that is advertised on those outlets.

    I am a Fox guy, a Rush guy and they keep me informed plenty. A pox on all those scumbag mainstream media a-holes.

    1. I'm with you Fredd, except I don't even watch FOX or listen to talk radio. I'm in front of a computer all day and I occasionally hit and scan the headlines. I click on a few and almost none of them have to do with politics or pop culture, etc. I have the page personalized - no pictures display, several sections like sports and entertainment are removed, science, physics, and some other sections added - You can add anything you want with a search term. Interested in food you can add recipe of the day or add dictionary word of the day. put all your usual bookmark stops on one page. I like it. I wish I could filter stuff out as well as in though - no more justy bliebers, or myley cyrus or taylor swift

      Main point being that I'm well informed just doing that and bloggers, and emails with friends. And no commercials.

  3. You guys are missing out on a lot of good stuff by boycotting EVERYTHING the mainstream organs of entertainment and communication and mass entertainment put out.

    Try to remember that GOLD comes in thin squiggly veins imprisoned by tons –– whole mountains –– of solid rock. If you want the gold, you must learn to chisel it away from the dross (waste) with utmost patience. It's a highly labor intensive process

    So is mining the "gold" that may be found in the tons of garbage put out by the media.

    It's all about not throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    1. Not sure where you're going FT, but I look at a lot of it. Even the stuff that appears to not agree with my opinion.
      The smarter a person gets, the more they realize they don't know. I have an open mind.

    2. FT: at some point in time, everyone needs to put their foot down to resist MSM efforts aimed at destroying their lifestyle. If that includes refraining from buying a Big Mac, it's a small price to pay.

    3. OK, Fredd, I don't disagree entirely, but someone said, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

      What could that mean?

      If we don't stay well informed about what these intellectual termites are doing, we can't fight them effectively. but I know what you mean about the enemedia, BELIEVE me. Even the Home and Garden channel is now ideological and almost completely agenda-driven.

      This is just one of the many ways these crafty, sneaky, devilishly clever bastards worm their way into our consciousness. I can fight as I listen,and still get what-might-be-good out of the programs, and I'm sure you can too, but CHILDREN can't. They just get swept away by it.

      What should we do about that?

  4. As an adult, the liberal propaganda machine will only annoy me, but will not change my thinking. I worry about the children that via the internet are being bombarded with this stuff during their every waking hour. Anyone who thinks the millennials are bad, just wait for the next bunch and the bunch after them.

    1. Cube, Yes, the next batch and the next batch. What is accepted (or perceived to be) by one generation is embraced by the next.

    2. Well, Cube, to state a well-worn cliché: "TIMES CHANGE."

      God was really very kind to give us only three-score and ten years to strut and fret on the Stage of Life.

      Imagine how horrible it would be to live forever and have to live through the endless cycles of Change brought about by Brutality followed by Turmoil, a very short period of Peace, Prosperity, Comfort and relative Ease, and then KABOOM!!! --- MORE change, etc.

    3. FT, Think if we did live forever - medically anyway. I wonder how many of 'us' would be more willing to engage the evil and vanquish it for good.

    4. The best way to deal with evil is not to become PART of it, Kid. That's where Christianity should come in and take charge, but for that to happen, we must be ready and willing to allow it. Christianity is not and never as been about armed force, psychological manipulation, or physical conquest. It's supposed t be about conquest of our vain and selfish impulses through daily purification of our thoughts and voluntary restraint of our worst instincts.

      Once it becomes militant and tries to rule by conquest and coercion, Christianity DIES and becomes just another in a long series of bad moves doomed to end in bloodshed and failure.

    5. FT, I'm going to take the opportunity to say that religion doesn't even have to enter the conversation. One can be an atheist and still be conservative and respectful of everything around them. Once again the left has welded the idea of conservatism to religion - pushing away some number of people who might otherwise be open to conservative ideas. They work this stuff 24/7.

  5. Here's how ludicrous this gender-identity thing has become:

    Calif. students now given six ‘gender identity’ choices on college admissions applications.

    It's Theatre of the Absurd!

    In a 100 years, what will history be saying about this period of the 21st Century?

    As for Jenner, when s/he opens its female mouth, a male voice comes out. Wow. Just wow.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure that there will soon be a special Jenner display at my local public library. The library already has an LBGTQ corner for kids.

    1. AOW, yes, the last I heard facebork had 30+ gender selections. You either have male or female, or sometimes both, plumbing at birth. That's your gender. How you define yourself from there is up to you and I'm Ok with that. If someone wants to call themselves a bisexual lesbian gay dude based on their current sexual Interests, Ok. Has nothing to do with their Gender.
      This isn't really that hard is it ? ;-)

      And again, LGBTO, LGBTQ, LGBTXRFZZ,.,.. I dunno care. Put it in a frickin magazine that people of similar interests can imbibe. The rest of us are not only Not interested, we are offended. Take it out of the public square.

    2. LGBT add a Q
      God knows why
      Not I, do you?

      Cannot make
      A fool of me.

      Frankly, I think
      It's a bore
      We would do best
      To ignore.


    3. FT,
      Nice bit of verse, which made me smile.

    4. FT, I wish we Could ignore it. !

    5. I think we CAN, Kid. It's like dealing with internet trolls. The very best way to take care of a troll is to IGNORE him, her or it.

      Now you and I being blog owners take care of trolls by not allowing them to appear, and I say "Good for us!" ; -)

      BUT in most instances we don't have enough power to stifle or eradicate their nettlesome remarks, so the NEXT best thing is to IGNORE the SOB's. You know the drill: Feed a troll and it thrives, pollutes the entire thread and takes over completely. We see this all the time at our good friend Lisa's place because she, bless her sweet heart, does not believe in censorship.

      The truth IS, however, that most of the so-called "conservatives" that frequent Who's Your Daddy, just LOVE to joust with the trolls, and that is why Lisa's place most often resembles a Public Toilet or the City Dump. It's all-but-impossible to hold a serious conversatiin there.

      My POINT?

      It's the same thing with these media-generated LGBT chimeras. They are the moral equivalent of internet TROLLS preying on society. They are also Attention Hogs. And that's why I say the most effective way we could hoe to deal with them would be NOT to give them the attention they so obviously crave.

      We certainly can't round 'em all up and put em in concentration camps, and even if we could, it would NOT solve the problem. The Nazis tried it with people THEY didn't like, and didn't THAT backfire BIG TIME over the long haul? The very people the Nazis tried to exterminate systematically once freed by the Allies soon recovered, then returned with a vengeance to became more powerful and influential than they ever had been at any time in their prior history.

    6. FT, We gotta send them to another planet. In fact Duh Sci en Tists have found one, and ONLY 1400 light years away. The libtards and moslems should start packing. The moslems can eat the libtards during the trip.

  6. Kid @ FT,
    One can be an atheist and still be conservative and respectful of everything around them. Once again the left has welded the idea of conservatism to religion

    It's not only the Left that has done this. I've seen it from the Right as well -- particularly in some Christian-published textbooks (A Beka, Bob Jones).

    1. AOW, Yea, it's not helpful. I see too many kids on the net who are convinced that in order to be conservative you need to be: racist, homophobic, islamophobic, and Religious. At a minimum.