Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The American Dream is Unattainable

As testified to by the very morons that would vote for obama until the moon turns to blue cheese.  Par for the course with libtards.

Young adults, age 18 to 34, are most likely to feel the dream is unattainable, with 63% saying it's impossible.

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  1. The Mayor of Houston, a lesbo-self proclaimed, sworn in with her significant other by her side.
    The Mayor of Houston Purposed to the City Counsel a resolution for Transgenders to pick a bathroom,
    of their choice; the business who denies access to the women's restroom will be fined (Big Fine).
    Well that was a fire starter, and was put on hold for two weeks.
    Then the propaganda took over for the two weeks, and the City Counsel caved when it came up for a vote.
    Now the Black Pastors (who lead the opposition) have 90 days to file a petition for the up coming November ballot.
    Why am I telling this horrible tell of woe? The poor Transgenders will face a repeal of their free choice this November.
    This is a ploy for the DemocRats to increase their turnout for the Mid-Term Elections, and their hope and change of turning Texas Blue.
    The more uninformed voters will pull the lever for a Strait Ticket giving the DemocRats Officies that most have no experience, and or, just dump the Repubs out. This happened in 2008 with BO's first term.
    So the Dem voters will be shooting for their Dream America of pro-choice and a gay haven buy scheming a ploy of putting women in danger from pet-a-files and women attackers (Rapist) by cross-dressing criminals to have a field day while the DemocRats only care of the chance to turn Texas Blue.

    1. TS/WS, I'm Totally on board with that. Texas has had a target on its back for a while. It's easy to see the strategy when you know what is being worked,

      What % of the population do you think people like you and me make up ? Sadly, I think it's pretty low or we wouldn't still be voting between dem and repub.,

  2. This is just one play in one State.
    They would not repeat this one in the other Red States.
    What may seem a wack-o ploy or play in another State will have the same agenda; to turn out the lib voters
    in this upcoming Mid-Term Election which is usually low turnout for the uninformed voters.
    The Liberal American Dream - to take over the Red States and turn them Blue.
    I imagine that Wisconsin and Ohio will be a target this time also.
    Where is the Moth Boy and Grass Man when you need them?

    1. TS/WS, I don't get into election stuff that heavy/deeply. Just don't want to giv eit that much free rent space in my brain. I've already written off this 'low level' stuff until the masses get some clue of how hard they're being pounded. Not happening probably in my lifetime.
      But I certainly agree that the dems/commies have lots of avenues to work and working them they are.

  3. Kid: results from a poll whose members are age 18 - 34 have no meaning whatsoever.

    Sure, these people in this age group say that the American dream is unattainable. But ask them what 'unattainable' means, and they will mostly say that it is another word for 'awesome.'

    Ask these same people who we fought in World War II, and most of these people will say the Taliban.

    Ask these same people who John Boehner is, and most of these people with say he is the bass player for Nirvana.

    You simply must take the audience into consideration before pronouncements of doom and gloom about our future based on a poll of losers. I, too, was once in this age group, and my political knowledge could be summarized by one word: 'duh.' These people will wise up in time. Trust me on this one, Kid.

    1. Fredd, I wasn't making the case that these people were smart :) Just the fact that they vote to be screwed as in 'Yea, let's do THAT' and it doesn't even occur to them that even if they are stupid, if something isn't working, at least try something else.

      And some will wise up and some won't but in either case it won't be soon enough to do anyone any good including them.

  4. I watched the movie Independence Day, and when the aliens destroyed Houston, I stood up and cheered.