Sunday, June 15, 2014

How Many Languages are Spoken on Earth

According this account.  100. 

So why in the hell does everyone assume that all people of some alien planet or species will speak the same language.  ie. Martian.

It's not just the commoners. It's Hollywood. It's every movie involving an alien planet. It's every science fiction book ever written with the possible exception of one I haven't read.  Literally every movie, every Meme, Every inference to an alien plant assumes that everyone on that planet speaks the same language.

Do aliens make the same assumption?  Imagine them landing here in Denmark, decoding the language, then moving on to Russia or China, or the USA and expecting everyone to speak Danish.  They'd be confused.   Am I the first person to notice this?  Yes. I am.  I'm also the first person to use the word libtard and also hildebeast.  If I'm not, I've never heard of any of those terms before I used them.  Que the Johhny Weismiller shout.

Well, if aliens do show up here, the percentages say they are not here to give us presents.  They are here to take our resources at the minimum.  I suggest we all learn to speak Navajo and become code talkers. We need every advantage we can get with creatures able to arrive here from light years distance.  We can't even get to Mars.


  1. Light Years of radio sounds of our different languages to an intelligent people or things, would be enough to learn the gist of
    what we all around the globe speak. Even down to the Brooklyn and other parts of the country here in the good ol USofA's
    dialects. Yes and even the American Indian - different languages. If you believe the science/fiction stories of "Aliens from
    outer space".

    1. TS/WS, Very good point. :) Still, why does everyone seemingly assume all people on some alien planet will speak the same language?
      I don't think anyone is coming here anytime soon though. I've seen an article stating that 'scientists' believe we will be visited in the next 100 years. Based on What ?! The Earth is 4.5 billion years old....

  2. That is a question I have had for a while.
    I tried to ask a astronaut,but he cut me off at the space of distance of the stars.
    So,here goes, if anyone has the answer.
    When we see a shooting star, taking in the distance of light years, are we aseeing
    a star that is allowing us to see 6 million years ago, or 4 billion.

    1. TS/WS However long it took for the light to get here is how fat back in time we are seeing the object in its lifetime.

      If we could flash ourselves out 2014 light years distant, and had a powerful enough telescope we could view Jesus Christ upon the Earth.

  3. Couple of errors in your post, Kid. I am confident you will appreciate my efforts in correcting you:

    1. It's called a 'Tarzan Yell,' not a 'Johnny Weismuller Shout.'
    2. Aliens are not targeting earth for its resources. There are, in Carl Sagan speak, billions and billions of celestial bodies in the Milky Way alone that have a gazillion times the amount of these compounds, elements, etc that earth does that would satisfy even the most desperate alien. Aliens going out of their way to travel to this little backwater to steal our stuff is simply the fantasy of those who are full of themselves and have egos the size of Texas. Our little ball of dirt floating in space is hardly worth the time for any self respecting alien, regardless of the language they speak.

    3. And who sez that aliens use language? Likely they do not, as that assumes that they are like us, who make tissue within our neck vibrate in various pitches to create sounds that other like creatures can hear. I don't like the odds that aliens have such neck structures. Or even necks. Or the odds that other aliens have ears to pick up these noises.

    Your welcome, Kid. No need to thank me for setting you straight.

    1. Fredd,

      1. you're talking about the swinging from tree to tree, I was talking about the nights in the tree house with Jane.
      2. Well then, maybe its food they're after and we're on the menu. Have you noticed how you see so many more fat people around ? They've modified our grain to the point of causing us to gain weight like grain fed beef.
      3. Good point,but "assumption je chenmoH QaQ lang 'ach SoH". That's Klingon

  4. It seems reasonable that once a planetary society matures; eg. instant communication etc, that a single language would occur.
    In any event, the problem reminds me of the old joke about landing on the moon and finding beautiful women that were 20 ft tall and the Lunar linguistics that addressed the problem. :-)

    Lunar linguistics