Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This Just In

Global Warming caused by anti-Muslum videos.

Anti-muslum videos caused by climate change

Climate change caused by junk science

Junk science caused by libtards

Libtards caused by genetic disorder

Genetic disorder caused by hippies

That is all.

Well, if you really want to know what causes climate changes, here is the main culprit. Click the picture for a description.


  1. Yea ---how can an computer model show (predict) ten or twenty years out, the solar flares and or hot spots?
    By predicting another collision of an asteroid and Jupiter -refueling the Sun?
    In the 1990's solar flairs (twister) across the Sun's surface were used to predict with 99 percent accuracy, the Super Cell Tornadoes that hit Tennessee, Texas, Missouri... ---without computer models!

    1. TS/WS, Well, a couple thoughts come to mind

      - we aren't breaking climate records and most of those records go back prior to the industrial age.
      - I've never seen a prediction that was even 10 years out that came to pass. Ever. Or heard of one.
      - 'duh climate sci en tists' have now backed off and are predicting the dire consequences 100 years out now. Yea.
      - there are so many variables right here on Earth, such as volcanoes and a million other things that affect all this, there is no way I would trust a collection of self-serving assholes to get it right.
      - In the news - greenhouse gases at highest measured in modern times.... Earth cooling the last 15 yrs. = man made climate theory is Bull Shit.
      We are living in the zombie apocolypse. Good God they're stupid.

  2. I agree that libtards are stupid, but I have to give credit where credit is due. If we are honest, we have to admit that while libtards are stupid, they’ve been working hard at it for a long time now—proving once again that you can achieve anything if you work at it long enough. It is somewhat like when libtards lie ... if they do it often enough, and they most assuredly do, the lie eventually becomes the truth.

    I have a solution to the Muslims problem, but so far I can’t get anyone to buy into it. Which is why we still have so many of them ...

    1. Mustang, I agree, one thing about losers is they'll work twice as hard to maintain their loser lifestyle than if they just went and got an education and a job. Sometimes three times as hard.

      Count me in on that other deal there.

    2. Well, the thing we have to do is convince Shi'ites and Sunnis are not only tasty, but nutritious ... while at the same time convince Sunnis that Shi'ites, when made in to cookies, will allow them to live for 200 years. Given their previous experience with distributing Spanish language pamphlets explaining to Mexicans how to rip off the American people in obtaining food stamps, I figure we can get the USDA to help us with our project. Afterwards, we just sit back and watch the show. I’m glad to have your support since no one at the White House seems interested in my ideas.

    3. Having them eat each other is a wonderful idea. They're only this far away from doing that now anyway. How about one extra virgin for every muslum eaten ? God Willing.