Sunday, May 25, 2014

Psychiatric Drugs Common Denominator in Mass Murder Events The Last 15 Years +

It was either this link or one with a video of michael moore talking.  Nolo Contendre eh?

PS - And why didn't we have sexy teachers when I went to school?  One in 12 years.  Seriously.

Random Thought, just for fun from This Page

Leaders of WWII:

Il Duce



  1. "And why didn't we have sexy teachers when I went to school?"

    This is something I've wondered about for hers now, ever since teacher-student sex scandals started being media bait. Even looking back in hindsight, none of my teachers were remotely attractive. It also seems as if the attractiveness of school teachers started to rise right about the same time that the attractiveness of airline stewardesses ["flight attendants"] began to decline Coincidence?

    1. You may have something there CI. Just for laughs I saw a couple headlines as I was putting this post together about how teachers at some school(s) are 'required' to wear underwear now.. haha The times they are a changed.

    2. That'd be female teachers btw

    3. All my teachers wore black habits.

    4. Ed, Mine too through 8th grade and that's where the one sexy one was. 3rd grade.

  2. Posted on this back way back when

    And - Posted on this way back when

    Every time there is a sad time in this country, can be timed by the nut jobs that want a one world Gov., cause they have to un-arm us before they can make headway.
    Hilerory just signed the U.N. small arms reduction Treaty - then - Sandy Hook.
    Colorado school tragedy right after the parental notification bill passed. And why Senator Coverdale suddenly had a massive heart attack----and Tom Delay was targeted - but his security guard dropped the nut at his office doorway.
    Other school tragedy's can be linked to bills passed and or treaties.
    Been linking since they were reported, way back in the 1990's.
    Want to see more - just try to vote these power hungry ego hungry Politicians out of Office,
    and try to stop the gun control enemies of our country pass their agenda bills; and try to pass pro-life bills.
    It's a given - like I said I've been tracking since I become aware of the evil ways of the One Worlders, and yes the program agenda started from the beginning of this Country---------The Dictators of the World HATE OUR FORM OF BY THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE

    1. TS/WS, I'm completely on board with that. Count the democrats in with the dictators.

  3. And I meant to tell, the drugs are just a tool for these agenda driven nut jobs - the White Coat Doc's (are one link in the play) find and target these unsuspecting young uns to carryout the deeds. The most powerful weapon known to man is the power of suggestion. Any wonder why it works so well with the White Coats and their drugs.

    1. TS/WS, and all it takes is one. Monkey see, monkey do will take it from there with the number of kids in school on forced drugs and screwed up personalities. After all, how many insecure bullied kids haven't wanted to walk into their school and start blasting away and it's just that most of them are are sane and realize that response would be a little strong.