Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dysfunctional, Dictionary > "See Republican Party"

I vowed not to talk about politicians and I'm skirting the subject by a small margin by talking about an entire party so I think I'm safe on that..

I have to say something about these morons.

  • To get to within 2 days of the credit default and publicly say that "you have lots of ideas and opinions but No Plan"  makes you look like incredible fricken Morons.  Right?
  • You realize that the Senate is going to tell you to shove any moronic 'alternate plan' you come up with up your ass. Right?
  • Worst of all, you want to shoot a .22 caliber bullet at the quadrillion ton beast freight train that is obamacare and think it makes as much difference to anyone as pissing into space?? Really?  You know the effect of that would be to hand, on a silver platter to the democrats, the ability for them to blame 100% of the evil and incredible life destroying aspects of obammycare on You the Moron Clowns of the house GOP for all eternity.  You know that right ?

"Stunning" as in Stunned by a Hydrogen Bomb going off next to my ear doesn't even come close.

My fellow Americans - 3rd Party. 



  1. Let us call it the Constitutional Party and get the original intent back in working order--
    Starting w/ the Supreme Court being the least powerful of the three bodies--as stated in the original intent of the Constitution.. and then go from there...
    What do you think!?