Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Proof That Libtards Only Care About Their Own Ass

There are reports in the news that drone attacks in Pakistan, that obama often likes to personally pull the trigger on (approve), have killed 174 civilians and 94 children.

It's a Pakistan report, which yea I know, but at the same time, a Hellfire Missile is not a bullet.  It will certainly kill people within a certain radius, and I can easily see, given that the muslim terrorist vermin love to use human shields, that civilians and children would get killed when obama pulls the trigger on one.

The point: So, where are the calls for "Baby Killer !!!" from the libtards ??.  There isn't and there won't be because libtards are sociopaths who only care about their own ass and nothing else.

Take any of their talking points and it's easy to see they are maximum hypocritical, stupid, and/or sociopaths. If it's good with obama and his collection of moron clowns, it's good with them.


  1. If you aren't aware of the liberal criticism of Obama's drone policy then you help confirm my belief that the fringe right lives under a rock.

    Where the hell have you been for the last 5 years?
    You really should be circumspect about calling people morons.

    1. Yeah, I want to see those links, too.

      The objections that I've heard about the most have come from members of the Armed Forces.

  2. Well here's what you do. You go to a good newsstand and pick up a copy of The New York Review of Books, The Nation, The Progressive, Harper's ... there are many out there and you read.

    You read something that represents the left's point of view in this country and drop what AOW calls "stitching and bitching".

    The point that you have not heard the left's objections to his drone policy is an indication that you have not followed the issue and really should try to widen your scope.

    1. Duck, that's not good enough. I want to hear from the population. Not the lip service from the propaganda arm of the democrat party.

      Provide some links that show libtards protesting "obama's use of drones in Pakistan that are killing babies". THAT's what I want to see.

      But hell, I'll even give you 10 points ou of a thousand if you can provide a link to even one of your propaganda rags that Displays Outrage on this issue, that maybe more than 15 people are likely to actually read and that was published in prime time, not at 3:00 am and gone again by morning. All the papers have one line editions.

    2. I'm not your librarian you fucking pimple.

      You either ant to educate yourself or you don't.

    3. Just as I thought Duck, You don't have shit to back up your pathetic claims. Just like every other libtard.

    4. PS - you libtards sure get tantrum-like when you've been outed or when your fantasy starts to dematerialize. Kinda funny to watch as you idiots come apart at the seams. :)

      Plenty more to come.

  3. Kid - it ain't just the drones. Elderly people are getting attacked, raped and murdered by teens all the time, yet all we hear is "I am Trayvon" from the media. Just going through the news this morning I read about three of these incidents, one was a 93 yr old woman who was raped by a 19 yr old wet back. Where's the liberal outrage? Here's one of the links:

    1. Oh yea, Sig, I can't think of much that is going right in this country right now and for the last 5 years and more really.
      It's ALL wrong. And it is what the media does Not report that's more important than the lies they spew out imo.

      This is just one in thousands of important areas where libtards get it 180 wrong.

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    1. AOW, Who's been nominated ? and for what? PS - I thought he was on first base.

    2. Oh, I see. Who nominated me so I can get my questions ?

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    4. Kid,
      Mr. AOW tagged only 2 people, one of whom I had already tagged. Poor Woodsterman! He's been tagged twice. The rules don't say one can't be tagged twice.

      My blog list has gotten pretty small lately with many going dark after the last election.

      Last week, I culled my blogroll as I do every year about this time. So many sites dead now!

    5. AOW, Oh Ok, I'll get to it soon then. Thx.

    6. Kid,
      Participation is optional!

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  5. I knew It would happen. Race Relations have tanked under President Obama. I knew this would happen. What I should have figured is the racist right who constantly try to blame the damages to race relations THEY caused on President Obama.

    Which is both disgusting, hypocritical, and ignorant! Obama makes one comment about some slain black teen and he’s a racist. Yet for five years, one party have written, said, and started the most racist, bigoted rants against the First Black President, and somehow you still have to galls to call yourself respectful patriots?!
    Being a black president, and a Democrat, Obama has so enraged Republicans that they cannot control their display of contempt and hatred of blacks. Their racism has thus become a far more public and contentious issue.

    That right-wing refutation has been found on the fringes of the conservative movement for years, if not decades. And skeptics have often tried to downplay the significance of the problem, insisting that liberals use the issue to attack their political opponents. But in recent weeks, much the way the denial of global warming has become a conservative cornerstone, the blanket denial of the existence of racism has been mainstreamed and embraced as an empirical far-right truth: Racism against minorities has been relegated to America’s past. It’s now filed under “archeology,” as Rubin put it, something historians and academics might study one day claim that racism in America no longer exist often comes from the same right-wing sites whose comment sections for years have functioned as cauldrons of openly racist commentary and insults.
    he has faced constant, unrelenting, mean-spirited, dishonest criticism since before he took office and every day since. His patriotism has been questioned by every member of the right-wing echo chamber especially FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh, every single day he has served. He has been called a socialist, communist, Nazi, Marxist, traitor, foreign, un-American, liar, magic negro, halfrican and worse. He has suffered innumerable lies about his ideology, religion, family and even his place of birth. No other president in the history of this country has faced such unfounded open hostility and disrespect. No other president has ever been called a liar by a member of congress during a State of the Union, no other president has had to show his birth certificate…repeatedly.
    He never had an apology tour, and if he had, it does not amount to a high crime or misdemeanor.
    No, he is not a Marxist. You only keep asking that because you have no idea what a Marxist is.
    No, he is not a Communist. Same reason as above.
    No, he is not destroying America.
    No, he did not use the IRS, EPA, or DOJ! Feel free to prove it. Darrell Issa hasn’t been able to, even after millions of taxpayer dollars being spent to try.
    No, he is not a pathological liar.
    No, he is not a Muslim.
    Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…..Bengahzi, My butt. It’s a tired old, and disgusting attempt to use the dead the demean Obama. Maybe is Obama send those men to look for WMD and oil, you wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder!

    It’s just as retarded and ignorant to call out someone you don’t know a thing about as a racist as it is to publish an ugly, foul language, filled diatribe, as it is to fly a flag with “history” to it. You are already considering you and “your class of people”, AKA conservatives”better” than those who wouldn’t on the grounds of those who disagree with you being bigoted cavemen. You are already literally doing that. Meanwhile you are calling everyone who disagrees with you is a racist bigot in the making, and literally equating them to racists based on a few words by someone on the internet. You wouldn’t know a racist rant if it bit you. Obviously by your retarded logic, Mel Gibson is a Patriot, right? Give it a rest already.

    1. Hey Qman, In an effort to get you to post something worthwhile, maybe you can help me out. We boguht some frozen Cod filets a Costco yesterday but we're not sure how to prepare them. I know you brothers have some great recipes for fish, care to share one?


  6. Gah!

    I see that Question Man is out and about today -- and spamming all over the blogs.

  7. Hey Question Man,
    Read Obama's Book "Dreams of My Fathers".
    He clearly states he is a Muslum,
    He clearly states that his father's taught him to HATE the UK and The USA.
    He clearly states that his father's taught him with Frank Marshal to do what
    he can to bring down the UK and The USA.
    He clearly states that he was adopted in Indonesia. To do that he had to drop his
    USA Citizenship.
    He is the Indonesian "StepChild" who loves the Muslum Call To Prayer Singing

    1. Lucifer's "kids" - the Dark Side- always state what they are- state their plans- and they follow through with their plans- EX: Dewey - wrote-stated-and followed through on the his communist/progressive plan to take over the once excellent ed system of the U.S. --
      and the D Side also coalesce-
      What are we going to do>>
      I say- we write-state-and follow through on a plan to return the U.S. to its Constitutional model--

    2. Carol-CS, If we had a voting majority, all things considered with the electorate system, etc. there wouldn't be a problem. Simply stated, losers and dumbasses will vote for anything that offers them their fantasy. We're not going anywhere until the kids feel the pain.