Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here Are Your Domestic Terrorists Janet (You Pea brain)

Undercover agents allegedly heard Crawford, a self-described member of the Ku Klux Klan, state that he "harbors animosity towards individuals and groups that he perceives as hostile to the interests of the United States" and refers to them as "medical waste." He specifically identified Muslims as belonging to this group, according to the criminal complaint.

Click the picture for the story.  Yes, they're all democrats.


  1. She will never get it. She is rotten to the core.

    1. Admiral, Nope, it's not even on the to do list.

  2. Well virtually everyone in the South was a Democrat in those days.
    Of course, the Republicans were still knuckle draggers and southern Republicanss
    who supported reconstruction were known as "scalawags" (RINO today).

    There is also the Radical Republican movement.
    The coalition of Southern and Northern democrats around the New Deal.
    The desertion of the Democratic Party by the southern Dems after the
    civil rights act (the Republican Party of Jesse Helms).

    Anyhow, when I come upon one of these fringe right wing sites pushing the line about
    southerners and the Democratic party I try to remind them that their knowledge of American
    political history is extremely superficial.

    Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

    1. Duck, Gee, I'm having a hard time reading this stuff... Can you tell me which party voted Much More in Favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 AND the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Things are kinda hazy for me today Lol.



  3. I'm sorry you can't read, kid.

    Your implications in your lead article about the two dipsticks who tried to peddle a
    death ray implies a couple points:

    1. You imply that the republican party in the south was opposed to the Klan.
    That's the pure stinky cheese.
    2. You imply that the pre-war Democratic party was homogeneous.

    s for the vote on he civil rights act, the Jim Crow wing voted against it and immediately joined today's Republican clown show. The Dixiecrats would have blocked the bill without some very clever maneuvering by the democratic leadership (Northern).

    Point is that SOUTHERNERS opposed the bill. D or R but SOUTHERNERS opposed it and their lineage is in the current Republican clown show.

    Study up a little and come back.
    Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind and stop you from embarrassing
    with your cliched shallow talking points.

    Tip 1: Stop listening to Rush and the rest of those morons. They make you dumb.

    Hey Fort George Meade, what's shakin' you fascists.

    1. Duck, Just because I rail on the racist democrats does NOT mean that I give an inch to the repubs. The repubs are worthless. Just because one (the dems) are evil does not mean the other (repubs) are worth a shit. That was YOUR assumption and not based on anything I said, other than the repubs (non-dems) voted much more in favor of giving equal rights to the blacks than the democrats did. That's a fact. Too bad you don't like it.

      Your # 2 point is all yours. I made no comment about pre-war democrat party and do not now either.

      The rest of your diatribe is yours alone. I won't even respond to it as it has NOTHING to do with what I said. Other than RUSH. Holy Fuck, The day I listen to Rush (or any of them) is the day you can put a bullet in my head with my own gun. K ?