Monday, July 23, 2012

The Colorado Theater Mass Murderer

He's insane. He was willing to kill young and old, man and woman to get as much attention as the media will give him. Which will be a lot because they're starved for things to talk about as they always are. 

That's it. That's all. That's all there is. 

Somehow I think the media secretly enjoys these events. "Finally...they have something to talk about". In my opinion, there is something about the Roman gladiator events that is inside most people. They can't shake it. They swarm over events like this. I'm not saying that's wrong or a bad thing, but I think it's going to be way over-discussed and over-analyzed. It already is in fact.

 I think evil like this shouldn't get as much attention as it gets, because it fuels the next POS that comes along.  I think it should get as little attention as possible.


  1. Is there a deference between criminal insanity, evil insanity, mental insanity?
    If the perk could think and plan knowing that there is a right and wrong, he was a Major in Neu-ro Science - then he must be criminal and or evil insanity. That would be a passage to the abyss - removed from society, relocated some where in the six foot under zip code.

    1. They Say, Evil inanity. Absolutely.

      imo - Criminal is for profit and Mental is brain cells squirming like ants in an anthill in a rainstorm.

      This is evil and it has to be removed from civil society. Lock it up, or send it 6 feet under, I don't care.

      Next !

  2. you're singing to MY choir. I don't even think he deserves a trial, that's how bad I AM!
    They're still saying ALLEGED KILLER...what the heck proof do they NEED? WHO ELSE KILLED THEM?

    GEEESH. ANd they're already talking about the victims' loved ones HEALING! Are they NUTS? they haven't even really realized their child or husband is DEAD yet on many levels..let them GRIEVE. (a pet peeve of mine is telling people to heal too early..that's SICK)

    I'm 1000% with you. As usual! xx

    1. Thank you Z. The thing you mention.. "they haven't even really realized their child or husband is Dead...."

      That's exactly right. Denial-Anger-Depression-Acceptance. Takes a good amount of time. I've always related to the idea that it takes a year minimum. Then the person surviving says' to themselves.. well, it's been a year and I'm still surviving somehow... It is when they can have that feeling that they can Begin to truly heal IMO (but based on lots of personal experience)

      Yea, I Really Hate when the media start pulling out all the Effing Buzzwords. Healing, Closure, etc. If I were a surviving person who lost a loved one like this there would never be closure !

      Closure for me would be Absolute Belief that ALL the Evil on the Earth was dead and gone.

      Man, I'd be Damned! if I'd talk to any media about this evil if I were a family member. I'd tell them to leave me alone or I'd look into suing them for harassment. It's no one's business. It Might be acceptable to talk about in court if it had any effect on getting a needle into the bastards vein. Otherwise not even then.

  3. Kid, it's beyond ME how loved ones can even SPEAK, literally, after such a sudden and TOTALLY SENSELESS do they DO IT? actually, it gives me the creeps.
    'closure' 'group hug' 'healing', I HATE those nauseating terms.
    I'm with you, BIG time.

    1. Thanks Z, Yea I hate that crap. Let's get some closure on the democrat party and the retarded children who support them.

  4. " I think evil like this shouldn't get as much attention as it gets..."
    AGREE with you!

  5. The media sensationalizes mass murder and because of this we will have more of this in the future. If they treated it like 9-11 and never showed it or talked about it would then become less sensational.