Sunday, July 15, 2012

That Gold You Have Came From Colliding Neutron Stars

Then was delivered to Earth after it's formation by comets, meteors, and asteroids. How Romantic eh?  

Diamonds are created right here on Earth through the pressure and heat inside the Earth, then brought to the surface by Kimberlite pipes, which is impressive, but not nearly as romantic and sexy as something created in the intimate merging of a couple Neutron Stars.

Plus, it's unlikely we're going to get any more gold delivered since the heavy comet, meteor, and asteroid bombardment phase is well behind us by a few billion years. Plus, the asteroids that do happen by are little more than loose collections of dust and rocks, no doubt picked clean by Alien species.

Your new bride should be clamoring for Gold, not Diamonds. And incredibly, it's even less expensive.

Click the image for the whole story.


  1. and the atheists try to tell me that this complicated system is all 'by accident' and not created--
    thanks Kid

    1. Carol-CS. Einstein said "Religion without science is lame, Science without religion is Blind."

  2. And all along I thought volcanoes and the plates shifting were signs of the earth replenishing itself.
    Must be silver is the hotter part of the explosion - it's still shinny, and raining down on the earth fallen in the cracks then running together drawn like some cosmic magnetism forming some river running through the mines like a vein. A vein of gold - silver. Ha Ha just had to

  3. Keep the meteors, asteroids, and bombardments, and give me diamonds! :-)

    1. Z, how do you know they're not fake ? (But my comparison to diamonds was just for fun.)

  4. never joke about diamonds!! :-)

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