Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogger Word Verification Setting

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I figured out how to do mine.  Click on Design.  Instead of clicking on the gear on the right, I clicked on the Big B in the orange box on the left - The Blogger Icon.  This took me to a page where in the upper right was a Checkbox labeled 'Make Blogger in Draft My Default'  I unchecked that, then closed the tab and brought up my blog page again and it came up under the old blogger, where I was able to see the Word Verification On or Off Checkbox.


  1. I think I just did it also. Went to the old designer like you said by clicking on the Big B (orange) left side and then settings, then comments, and found show word verification, and clicked no.

  2. Hey Kid - that works....awesome!

  3. DeanO, I am Humbled to have been of service.

  4. tried it - now I have no dashboard-
    I have a funny looking page-w/such as
    Number of views etc etc ..
    time for me to change to Wordpress


  5. Carol-CS. That's odd, try it again.


    Click on the big white B in the orange box on the left top.

    Uncheck the checkbox labeled 'Make Blogger in Draft My Default'

    You should get a confirmation page with google asking you why in the world you'd want to go back to the old blogger.

    type in "cause the new one sucks"

    Then close it and restart and navigate to you blog page.

    Click on Design.

    Click on the Comment Tab

    You should be good to go from there

  6. You're on Blogger and you did this and it worked? Sure isn't what I did...I'm just so sad to see good blogs with the most muddled letters ....when Blogger went to using TWO word verifications (WHY?), it was rough to read them, but now, only days since they did that, it seems even harder to read them...the letters seem to have become more indistinguishable. Why would Blogger do this?
    I'm glad you figured out how to work it on your computer, Kid!!


  7. Z, Odd to be sure. I'm glad you got yours, but it seems the same strategy doesn't work for everyone. Some did it as you did, some did it as I did. As long as we all got it done. I'm happy.

    Did you notice my latest post? It's about your purse.

  8. Z, PS. Capcha code was invented to go the extra mile into thwarting the robot programs that can actually read text on a web page and enter it.

    Literally, a robot computer program would read the word in word verification, enter it as a human would and then post their stupid viagra spam comments on one or all of our beautiful blogs.

    I hate spammers.

    I hate hackers.