Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Take on "Wall Street Protesters"

The fact that the wall street 'protesters' are occupying 'Wall Street' illuminates their mindless fascination with cheap parlor tricks. It was Washington DC who gave all of Our money, Present and Future - to Wall Street, and the Banks, Foreign and Domestic.  Wall Street Did Not Steal It, It was Given To Them by the Political. (30 Trillion as of a few years ago through the means of Bernanke buying their worthless mortgage paper and putting it on the Fed's balance sheet.  When the heat is off in a decade or so, it will be flushed because it will never be worth anything.  And this is a long way from over.  Europe is just getting started and we are all connected at the hip bone.)

Anyway, I don't include Past money, as we each had the opportunity to protect that money.  This is hardball after all and if you don't know that, please know it now.  No one other than you and maybe your Mother and Father are interested in the Protection of your money.  Everyone else will do anything and everything to get it. And no-one in Washington DC even cares if you die tomorrow.  Most of them like that idea actually, especially if your estate is valued in the realm where they have decided it is reasonable for them to take 50+ percent of it.  Money and assets that have already been taxed. Supposedly not possible to tax money that has already been taxed, but hey, we're dealing with Coke Addicts here.

These protester idiots should be surrounding the capitol building and the Federal Reserve, but like the children they are, they gravitate to the 'shiny thing' the magician holds to the side to capture their attention - Wall Street and Broad. Personally, I'd say most of those [wall street] people are just like us - out there trying to make a living for themselves and family with the occasional Madoff CSer tossed in, but certainly those Madoff bastards are in the minority.  Pathetic.  But these [protesters] Are children after all.

Let's forget my judgement and opinion.  Let's say the 'wall street protesters' are righteous, intelligent, well informed folks on a righteous mission.  They won't accomplish anything.  The big money runs the world.  It is the way it is.  You aren't going to get Loyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman) to resign.  At the end of the day, Goldman Sacs will still have their super computer(s) sitting within inches of the exchange computers so they can siphon off large sums of money each and every trading day because they have the advantage of beating out electrons coming from much further than a few feet away.  It's called High Frequency Trading if you didn't know and want to check it out.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, the big banks will still be around because selling houses is the main driver of the economy. And since few of us can swing buying a house without a mortgage, those people will always be around. 
As usual with 'protesters' - their 15 minutes of fame will dry up and this rock will be same as it ever was.  Same as it ever was.

Oh, catch my last post if you haven't yet.  Pretty cool stuff on robots.


  1. These protester have been played to the emotion state of mind (Numbed Robots), the goal is to make the power players' lesser branch of their club take the arrows- the goal must be met. Maybe it something as sinister as collapsing wallstreet. It's time for the Amero. Just as the "Fast and Furyis" Bad Idea cost the Mexico side, people's love ones are gone forever. And if they have a hand in it it was on a condition--maybe escalate the New Choke (wad of money), The Amero.

  2. Don't let this one slide--turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.
    This jobs bill says if you want a job---rights have to be surrendered. Yes in print! Starting with States and the people respectively.

  3. Amero. Could happen. Especially of the current fiat money system collapses.

  4. They Say, I'm not surprised.

  5. A spoiled generation with no hard life experiences to grow up with has made them unwitting tools of a destructive ideology.

    In this you can see all you need to see about the democrat party.

  6. Armiral, that says it all. seriously.

  7. Well said, Kid.
    These protests accomplish nothing but setting the stage for total anarchy o & co want to try and subvert the elections. These "kids" would protest a ham sandwich if someone told them to show up there and do it. It's beyond insane. It's also orchestrated by soros and now that the unions are showing up, ICK.

    I did a post about this today too, and it links to a good read from a Conservative reporter on the ground in disguise. I'm glad he made it out alive. I wouldn't go down amongst that filthy rabble for all the tea in china ;-)

  8. Hi Bunni ! Just checked it out. Great post of your as always.

    Have a great Sunday :)

  9. getting really tired of the communist - marxists--sent out by certain leftist supporters to "protest"--

    traitors all!

    took a few days off from the blog world--and the 'stuff'--

    Great post - Kid-

  10. Yeah, our financial system is iffy at best these days. Maybe we should all buy gold, like Glenn Beck suggests. And G. Gordo Liddy.

    But just wait until Nov 2012, when the conservatives are swept into power. When that happens, milk and honey will flow from our taps, his and hers Land Rovers will instantly appear in our garages, to be driven on the streets that will instantly get paved with that stuff Glenn Beck loves so much.

    Ah, to dream of things to come.

    (fingers snapping here, face slaps...WAKE UP FREDD!!) Huh, wha....? Is it morning already? Is Obama still in the White House? Oh crap.

  11. You're right about protests not affecting these traitorous $%#$#s that have sold us out.

    As that mining community in Colorado what happened when they "protested" the Rockefellers and their treatment of the workers. Shot to death were they?

    linked, btw:

  12. Carol-CS, yes this is what bothers me the most, not the evil, but the number of our children and others who have been made to buy into that evil. It's always been there, it always will, but up until 20 years ago(?) we've simply laughed it off the stage.

    It's one thing to protest the Vietnam war and quite another to protest the American Way of Life !

    We're in dire straights here. (Geez another post in the making :)

    and Thank you.

  13. Fredd, Lol. Yes sir, that also says it all.

    Another year Fredd, then Hopefully Not, but probably it will be: Meet the New Boss ! Same as the Old Boss !

    Though it seems anyone will be easier to take than oblabber. he's such a freakin baby/brat for a stuttering cluster of a miserable Failure isn't he?

    And his wife, who with 22 assistants, cannot possibly figure out a way to be popular with anyone outside of the rabid black community.

    Jumpin Catfish Andy !

  14. Republican Mother - Geez, thank you for the compliment and thank you again.

    Yes, the government will play its games with the populous, but when something is happening that points the needle of the Government Gauge to 'Important for our slimey government asses', then it's no holds barred and citizen life becomes REAL CHEAP all of a sudden.

    TSA, Nuclear Testing, Normandy Beaches because FDR was playing political with Joe Stalin of all freakin people, there are many examples, and you know more than I do I'm sure.

    Thank you.

  15. I agree, the Occupy Wall Street protest will get nowhere! At least, thats what common sense tells me, but in todays world often that is not the case and all revolutions begin with that first protest---good or bad.

  16. Mr Russell, the first thing that occurs to me is "Protesting the Vietnam war is one thing and Protesting the American Way of Life (Capitalism) is another".

    I Don't think the big banks are going to be swayed and give in to their demands, but on a positive note, it might just get the kids thinking and eventually recognizing that the government - by empowering the banks - is the real problem.

    In the abstract, the banks don't have a military eh? If they are no longer empowered, we can tell Them where to get off and go back to a barter system if need be. Keep your paper and your absurd casino.