Wednesday, October 12, 2011


To some African-Americans or anyone else who feels they’ve been economically downtrodden:

I wish I wasn’t born a ‘poor black child’ either. My father and his father worked like slaves and were thankful they had the Opportunity to make a better life for themselves.  My Mother and Father didn’t focus on themselves however. They had 4 kids instead and drove used cars all their lives. We were poor, but I and my brothers and sister didn’t really acknowledge it. We all worked and made our way, cutting grass, shoveling snow, flipping burgers, whatever.

For my 11th birthday, I received a Used green plastic encased transistor radio that must have cost 50 cents back in the day. I put a note on it that said take it back and left it on the living room sofa. My Mom was righteously offended and told me so. I apologized then as I do now and shortly after, I was walking down the street holding it to my left ear listening to the Beatles playing I Want To Hold Your Hand. I was thankful for that radio at that point. I “Heard Music” for the first time in my life. My Father also walked Italy, France and Germany during WWII before I was born of course, and didn’t ask for anything nor got anything special for doing so.

So you know what folks? Suck it up and Shut Up and get busy living and making it for yourself. I nor anyone else Owes You Jack.  Opportunity is what America provides you, not a guarantee you can be as well off as whoever you're focusing on.

To the folks who were born as something they really don’t want to be – wrong Gender, wrong color, wrong height, weight, or physical/mental abilities:

Guess what? I wish I' had been born an offspring to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Martin Sheen, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, or any of the other folks who would have paved a way for me to waltz into acting after having studied the craft and now be making so much money I couldn’t stand it for doing Practically Freakin Nothing !

So you know what folks? Suck it up and Shut Up and get busy living and making it for yourself. I nor anyone else Owes You Jack.

Gay and feel bad that there’s some people in America who don’t like you?

Suck it up and Shut Up and get busy living and making it for yourself. I nor  anyone else Owes You Jack.
Think the world owes you something for any reason at all? 

We Don't !  Shut up and Suck it Up !

I'm white, over 21 and good looking! No one ever gave me a Dime so shut the hell up !



  1. The sad part, most people do not listen to the words of that song. Your average brain dead Marxist want to be would hear that and think it's calling for a revolution.

  2. Trestin, yea, you're probably right.

    Speaking of mistranslations... One of the most famous ones is when the Beatles were on some talk show in the late 60's, and John Lennon said that the Beatles were more well known (or was it popular) than Jesus Christ. He got slaughtered for it, but it was obvious even at the time, he was saying it from the context of "And isn't that a damn sad thing".

    He probably should have added that at the time.

  3. an heads up-
    HR 1505-dangerous bill-posted on it Thurs...

  4. What happened to John, for saying something that was so close to the wake up moment; happens all the time to Ron Paul. He starts to hit on the meat of the matter, and will be interrupted and throw him off and try to stop what he was saying and answer the question-sounding way off.
    Trying to make it happen to Rick Perry too. By the wey, anyone see what happened to Bachman after Perry jumped in. She was up on Romnie, just happened to slow everyone down and make it a Perry Romnie, and this is just the first turn-we haven't even started down the back stretch-not yet. Cain and Newt could be gaining ground as we turn into the back stretch.
    Even heard some callers call Rush and Hannity, thought they were tricky enough to pull out of the two talk host a decisive pick.
    Are they trying to subvert the elections through psychological mind benders? uh Yeaaa.
    This begging for sleeping bags-is one tell-the main movement is training the young to want for Gov. handouts.

  5. I hear ya, I am also good looking!

  6. Nice!

    You might as well be speaking Russian to some inbred monkeys. That is about the level of their understanding after being bred to receive rather than give.

  7. me too- white and good looking that is... :)


  8. Carol-CS, yea, that's the pure nasty right there, just like oblabbercare is.

  9. They Say, Yes sir, they mount their main attacks on Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann. That should tell anyone with half a brain that one of these two is who we want.

  10. Thanks Admiral, yea, I'd be willing to bet that less than 1% of these idiots even knows how government is supposed to work.

    Like letting your 5 year old drive the car.

  11. Carol-CS, Yes, you do look fantastic!

  12. Mark Knopfler said it best, as far as I'm concerned:

    'I shoulda learned to play the guitar.

    I shoulda learned to play them drums.

    Ah, that ain't workin, that's the way you do it.

    Money for nothing and your chicks for free.'

    I suspect those dirty, scuzzy bozos on the sidewalks of Wall Street this morning are still waiting for those chicks (for free!).

    'Course, they aren't nearly as easy on the eye as you are, Kid...

  13. Freed, Aw shucks man. I'm quite sure the ladies would classify you as a looker.

    That's a great tune. Here's one Mark did with Chet Atkins, sort of a country version of MTV..

  14. Well said, Kid!
    I'm good looking too ;-) I would venture to say most conservatives are, esp. the women.

    Anyone who has eyes, can tell the lefties, ESP. the women, are butt ugly! Hideous in fact. That is why the lefties are so evil and disagreeable. They are just mad they weren't born with good looks. They could help themselves, but they choose to take the other way.

    We can't help how, or to whom we were born, but we CAN decide how we want to live, and what we need to do to try and achieve our goals!

  15. Bunni, Thank you.

    You ARE extremely attractive. And you're right.

    There Is Something going on with the unattractiveness of the Dems and the majority of their supporters. Not sure what it is.

    How about their latest parasite offering - Elizabeth Warren... Ok, sorry I brought that one up.

    I think many of them could look better on the inside as well as the outside. There's something there Bunni, and most of it is mental.

  16. Woman, thank you for a great compliment.