Monday, September 7, 2015

Musical - Tommy Playing Classical Gas in His Jammies

With a little Walk Don't Run in the middle.

And he's probably drunk

Ok, he's gotten properly dressed for this next one.  And I think he's sober too.


  1. I'm indebted to you, Kid, for bringing this guy to my attention. He's what-I-call a true artist and a formidable virtuoso on his instrument.

    Even though my main interest in music involves the eight-hundred-year classical tradition that began in The Church, I also enjoy a lot of Jazz, and some of the better stuff from the world of Musical Comedy, I REALLY enjoy listening to TOMMY.

    It doesn't matter WHAT he plays, it's the WAY he does it thats so appealing.

    1. FT, You're quite welcome. I feel he is the best player in the world. He puts a lot of feeling and experience into the songs.

    2. FT, PS, Enjoy exploring Tommy youtubes. There are some complete concerts there and other things that had come out on DVD, ie. Center Stage is a collection of live performances. Anyway I think you'd enjoy most of what you find and if he's in your area, a really wonderful live show. Plays for a couple of hours.

    3. Ed, are you sure about that?

    4. Thanks for all the references. YouTube is one of the greatest friends I've ever met. Incredible amount of magnificent stuff available and all free of charge. INCREDIBLE! One of the few things I like about "modern" life.

    5. FT, I get most of my music for free there. See -

      I also have a MP3 editor which allows me to normalize volume and edit out applause etc form live performance youtubes..

  2. "Ed, are you sure about that?" !!! :-)

    Tommy's a big drinker? I didn't know that.........

  3. Z, No I was just kidding about the drinking. Those may not be jammies either :)