Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Different Angle on Mike Brown Phenomenon

Mike Brown was born to a low education woman and a deadbeat dad.  Mike Brown lived with his Grandmother.  I won't say raised by because it's obvious he was never raised by any one other than the street and in his case, the street is a gang banger environment which is typical in welfare neighborhoods..

Who is responsible beyond his parents?  LBJ's [not-so]Great Society   An experiment that began with LBJ stealing a perfectly healthy social security money chest and starting Welfare, while exclaiming "This will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 50 years".   The words are important in quotes.  Social Security today is broke and getting worse right?

This experiment has failed miserably.  Or has it.  Maybe the Democrats got exactly what they wanted since none of them have expressed any interest in changing the situation.  Personally, I view the maintaining of the welfare state almost on a par to genocide.

Mustang has more on this, and it is clear that the Democrats have initiated every anti-black piece of legislation since the party began.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964, was passed by Republican majority vote yet the Democrats take credit for it and people believe them, especially the black folks.

People are born into these zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments, largely because the democrats pay women to become career baby makers. In effect these women are democrat voter breeders, which is why the democrats keep these programs fully funded and going.  WIC is the program that pays them to pop these kids out like pieces of toast and the money is cut if the woman gets married so that ensures that these kids grow up in a single mother environment.  Single women, and certainly not a Grandmother as in Mike Brown's case cannot properly raise anyone successfully.

Destruction of the family unit is the worst possible thing that can happen in any country.   A Mother - Father home is essential to growing healthy minded, responsible people.  Exceptions for everything but we're talking the vast majority of people.  I'll tell you that I never knew a single kid who grew up in a Mother only home that wasn't screwed up in the head.  Seriously.  And these kids grew up in decent neighborhoods. Imagine the kid who doesn't even have anyone in their neighborhood who is responsible. They aren't exposed to any success.

The schools in these neighborhoods do a horrible job of teaching and given the kids have no discipline to start with, the job of teaching them would be impossible even in good schools.  The federal education system started by Jimmy Carter and staffed with Union teachers who have to about murder someone to get fired ensure that the education of these kids is the lowest level it can possibly be.  Remember that Trayvon's  senior high girlfriend could not read cursive.  They don't teach it.  They don't want these kids to have a chance at success.  If you can't read, if you can't communicate, you have Zero chance at success. They need to be kept in these environments in order to breed future Democrats.  This is on a par with moslems not educating women.  It's disgusting.

We're on generation 4 of the WIC mothers and given these women get more money the more kids they have (ask me a about a Detroit woman living in a Buick for 2 years with 8 kids and having the 9th while living in a car...), the female offspring simply don't know anything else and are not educated to be capable of reaching out in some other direction of self-sufficiency.

So, here are the Mike Brown's - uneducated, living in drug and crime infested environments, and given just enough money to keep their nose above water.  Like animals in a cage.  I don't have any problem understanding why they get violent.  I'm not excusing anyone for violence, but I can see where it comes from.  In none of these cases, does Sharpton, or the President of the United States - Obama, or the Federal Attorney General - Eric Holder even whisper to "Their People", that they might want to consider obeying the law and most certainly avoid trying to kill armed people bare-handed like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown attempted to do.

And ask yourself why these communities hate Successful black folks.  In my opinion, they are taught to do so to further discourage the folks from thinking about a successful life.  Wouldn't want to go through life with an Uncle Tom, Cracker Lover label would you.

Who pays for these folks to maintain their Democrat breeder environments?  Working people, who by simple mathematical population % are White people.  We pay everything-house, car, computer, phone, clothes for these people to run around and call us racist.  Extremely Ironic, but then there is nothing about the Democrat Party that isn't.  They created, then maintained the Great Depression for 20 years,  They took over the education system and flushed it down the toilet.  They turned the EPA into a monster more powerful than government itself. Today, they should be destroyed as a threat to National Security.  They've taken over the majority of the media and pump out their progressive/communist message 24/7.  Now they've destroyed Health Care and though the costs of that that are still to come and inflation in general they're causing, they've destroyed the middle class and the American Dream.  The harder you work, the more they will take.  They maintain their climate change scam which will rob you of even more.

Where do Mike Brown's come from?  The Democrat Party.  Where do all the life sucking problems we are faced with today come from?  The Democrat Party.  Does this mean the Republicans are Great?  Of Course not.  That's why both of these parties need to be replaced by a political party that puts America and American's above their own lust for power and money.  A government For an By the people. It's still possible. In the meantime, I hope people will realize that The Democrats are full throttle destruction of America.

Finally, I read where "the Millennials" have no interest in marriage.  To them I say "You will be bred out of existence by the welfare state, the illegal immigrants and worse yet, the moslems who will turn this country into a hellhole like they are currently doing all over Europe.  They're all on welfare in Germany and they march down the street with banners talking about cutting German heads off.  Yea..


  1. Can't disagree with a thing here, Kid. Unfortunately. And now what are the black leaders up to? Leading their flock out of the bondage of low expectations? Nope. Far from it. Al Sharpton is leading mobs in New York who yell "What do we want? DEAD COPS. When do we want it? NOW."

    You tell 'em, Al.

    1. Thanks Fredd. I corrected some stuff. Thanks for reading the intention. :)

      Yes, Unreal isn't it? Someone who has been invited to the white house 85 times and counting talking about killing cops.

    2. If turds had faces and were able to speak, they would look and sound exactly like Al Sharpton.

  2. Good article, Kid. Here are a few things I question and think may deserve further discussion:

    ” ... LBJ stealing a perfectly healthy social security money chest and starting Welfare, while exclaiming "This will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 50 years"

    Two things, Kid: First, I wouldn’t credit LBJ with “starting Welfare.” The concept had been in place a long time before LBJ. I’d rather blame the “Progressives” and certainly FDR and his beautiful buck-toothed bride for saddling us with that mentality. Welfare on the federal level, however, grew exponentially under LBJ's influence. Second, unless we have easy access to an authenticated copy of LBJ saying that on videotape, it might not be a good idea to spread those inflammatory words around, though I have no doubt he was capable of that base a level of hypocrisy.

    ” ... I view the maintaining of the welfare state almost on a par with genocide.”

    I hadn’t thought of it like that before. Congratulations on producing an original thought, Kid. I think you’re really onto something.

    ” ... This [deliberate cultivation of permanent dependency on government handouts] is on a par with moslems not educating women. ...”

    Another original observation that makes good sense to me.

    ” ...[The Democrats] created, then maintained the Great Depression for 20 years ...”

    Here I have to disagree. The Depression began under during a Republican administration. Then, as now, the “fat cats” and “high rollers” on Wall Street abused their power and sold John Q. Public on get-rich-quick schemes -- buying in margin with money you didn’t have, which caused ruination of small investors when stocks either died or failed to make a profit. The high rollers of the day were drunk on success, took unnecessary risks money they invested on their own or were entrusted to invest for others. The Crash of 1929 was the result. The ensuing panic gave the Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Statist types the opportunity to move in and take over. The result was the New Deal -- a deadly dangerous move to the Left from which we’ve never really recovered.

    ” ... the moslems who will turn this country into a hellhole like they are currently doing all over Europe ...”

    Most British and European socialists would deny or dispute this claim. They cannot -- or will not -- see the Handwriting on the Wall, and would tell you this claim is highly exaggerated. I don't live across the Atlantic, so I don' honestly know. I do have a friend from college days who has lived in France since 1967. I don't know him anymore. He came from money and privilege, but now hates our country and thinks people like us are crazy. Go figger.

    1. FT, Thank you. Well, yes America always had some sort of safety net programs - as civilized nations do - but I will defend that LBJ created the welfare system that paid black folks to sit at home in projects while white boys came by to cut the grass. It was an absolute buy the vote program and departed completely from helping people in need. As far as the quote, there are many people who agree this was said. I believe it, and of course you will Never find something like this in a filing cabinet, just as you wont' find anything about obama money laundering 500 Mil through Solyndra in a filing cabinet.

      Thank you on the genocide comment. I actually view this as worse, there Are things worse than death. Think generation after generation of N Koreans forced to eat grass to stay alive and should we have used the Nuke in the Korean war? I would say yes.

      Thank you on the devolution of education especially in these environments.

      I won't come down on you on the depression. I personally believe the depression caused the stock market crash, not the other way around. I also believe, that given the Fed was created in 1913, that the big banks are actually to blame. Therefore my comment on the length of time that the depression carried on was FDR's explosion of tax rates and the increase of tariffs on imports which put a strangle hold on American business. I think a "capitalist" solution would have brought us out of the depression far sooner. But this is one subject with plenty of opinions and I take yours respectfully.

      Moslems. Go to youtube and enter "muslim protests in Germany". You'll see moslems with their violent themed marches and an incredible number of German citizens marching as well who want them the hell out of their country. You decide.
      They're saying that the rule of thumb is that when moslems start moving into your country it's all peace and beauty and let's get along, then when they get to a certain population level, say 16%, they start making demands. They've been making demands here. Then when they get to the next pop% level 25+%? they bring out the violence. I don't think we're far from that. We'll see. Do you think American law is being enforced in Dearborn-istan? I don't. sharia in America.
      Further, about 7 years ago, I read that he bank of England predicts England will be under shaira law in 30 years.
      I know people in Sweden who testify the moslems are out of control there and if you complain, you are accused of a hate crime. PC will kill us. Multi-culturalism will kill us.

    2. Hello, again, Kid. you're right about the bad things that happened under Wilson in 1913, [the year my mother was born it so happens ;-], but I thought I covered that, if thinly, when I blamed "Progressives" for laying the foundation for the Welfare State, etc.

      The way I see it Big Business realized it had to defend its interests and try to maintain is advantages after it was attacked by trust busting TR, who may have called himself a Republican, but was in fact our first "Progressive" president. Corporate magnates along with the international bankers and financiers saw the Handwriting on the Wall, and quickly realized the best way to "beat" Big Government would be to JOIN it. And so we saw the beginning of Crony Capitalism's stranglehold on average Americans and the subsequent destruction of the USA as "The Land of Opportunity."

      It took nearly a century for the evil geniuses ---- greatly aided and abetted by the intellectual aggressors from The Frankfurt School, who initiated the evil we call Cultural Marxism ---- to complete their work, but they pretty well have us by the short hairs now.

      It seems obvious to me that both R's and D's play all ends against the Middle (Class) for greater political leverage while enriching themselves with the financial advantages they've gained by screwing the American Public out of any hope of achieving The American Dream through excessive taxation. They've done this very cleverly by exacerbating existing tensions and thus pitting every identifiable faction against the others -- the old Divide and Conquer routine.

      Still, it's really "our" fault for letting ourselves be seduced by the false promises of Keynsian Economics, and the foolish notion that an all-powerful, all-wise central government could create an earthly paradise where everyone could live well without risk and with minimal effort.

      In short, I don't think we're not in much disagreement at all. ;-)

      Have a good Christmas.

    3. FT, Absolutely, absolutely. It boggles the mind how many people look to the federal government for solutions.

      Have a good Christmas sir.

    4. FT, I especially liked this part. "They've done this very cleverly by exacerbating existing tensions and thus pitting every identifiable faction against the others -- the old Divide and Conquer routine"

  3. This Country had a worse CRASH in the early 1900's. The Gov did nothing more than the minimum involvement.
    The Country came out of that Depression rapidly and that is what heaved the Roaring '20's mindset.
    And that is why the "Margins Buy" was sold to the Investor--pie in the sky--then the blind side --'29 crash.
    It was all planned by the Knight's Templar (Bankers/Federal Reserve). With Mason FDR at the Helm to throw all of the GOV
    fingers in the pie - was the strategy to prolong the rut, and drag out the Depression as long as the people would let dependency
    on Uncle Sam to guide the Country.
    FDR said, "Nothing in politics happens by accident".
    And I'm not to happy with My Grand Parents Generation for letting FDR outlaw "GOLD" and forcing everyone to turn in their "Gold"!
    Not happy at all.

    1. TS/WS, yes the Big Banks are the problem. And yes, exchanging Gold for worthless paper was the first biggest scam on the public. Then in 1965, they removed silver from the coinage currency. If one pulls back the lens it is easy to see that things are not getting better at all. Things are getting ready to suck on a major scale.

      Hell yes, nothing in politics happens by accident !
      Thank you for coming by,

  4. Reagan was a accident. They tried to correct that the First year of Reagan's First term.
    Now, you see the line up for The 2016 Presidential Race.
    We do not have a chance. They are dragging out any fix for the Country (The Budget thingy we just saw), waiting for our Generation (Viet Nam Vets) to die out;
    the WWII Vets in Numbers are already fading fast.

    1. TS/WS, Damn I agree with you on Reagan. I've thought about that situation/election a lot lately and there is No Way in Hell Reagan gets elected if not for gasoline rationing and interest rates in double digits. This is what separates Carter getting the boot from obama getting the boot. No one was really hurting when the 2012 elections came around. You have to put the hurt on the hourly workers to have any effect. The Dems put the unemployed on unlimited UE benefits and that was all she wrote.

    2. I agree. Mr. Reagan's election was a glorious kind of fluke too -- definitely not part of the schemes perpetrated by The Oligarchs, as I call them. Once George H.W. Bush took over, I soon realized how badly we'd been hoodwinked. The Bushes must be part of The oligarchy that's truly in command -- Skull & Bones, CFR, the Bohemian Grove, the Bilderbergers, Davos, and all that. Then look how quickly they clasped that clever, shameless, degenerate hayseed, Bill Clinton, to their bosoms and made him one of them. I'm sure the improbable, despicable, still-far-too-mysterious Barry-O is just another part of their Grand Scheme to achieve worldwide, Centrally-Planned Socialist-Style tyranny.

      This is the only explanation that makes sense to me. As you said, In Politics Nothing Happens by Accident.

    3. FT, Yes things like the welfare state don't go on without government (In this case Democrat) approval. Once something like that gets started it is impossible to cancel. I'd say the Bush's are connected. There is no question barry is a product - a fake person. I'm thinking the muslims put him up, but generally I think the big banks are running things. Just an opinion...

    4. I'm morally certain it is the international banksters who are responsible for most of the turmoil. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they weren't funding ISIS as a matter of fact. If I've been told the truth, the Internationalists funded the Russian Revolution, and BOTH sides in each of the two world wars. They are apart from, and consider themselves far above the rest of humanity. George Soros was recently quoted saying he thinks of himself "almost as a god." Controlling the value and destabilization of currencies along with endless exacerbation of racial, ethnic, class and religious tensions is how they weaken, destroy and eventually make it possible for them to move in and take control of entire nations.

      Did you ever look at The Thing from Jekyll Island? It's the story of the founding of the Federal Reserve. Enough to give you a bad case of the chills.

    5. FT, Spot on. I don't remember the thing specifically, but I do remember learning lots of the goings on when the Fed was created - JP Morgan, etc. No question they have No morals.

  5. Oh, I'm not correcting Free Thinkee, Masons/Knight's Templar/Fabians/and many more clubs, are Branches of the same Tree.

  6. Obama has a strange way of loving America. I'll be so happy when that Jerk-off is out of our White House so we can fumigate it.

    1. Conv.. We know obama hates America and Americans. I only hope the place will be worth fumigating after the next election.

  7. I agree with nearly everything you I've been saying at GeeeZ, "what chance does a Michael Brown HAVE with the way he was 'raised' and the environment he lived in?" NO chance. There are some who escape that situation somehow....and well, but that's very rare.
    I'll go one worse on Sharpton "Someone who's visited the WH 85 times and most people aren't aware of that." Plus, remember how he was absolutely ABSENT from the elections of Obama? I remember, so many times,wondering "Gee, where are Sharpton and Jesse?" Apparently, the WH knew nobody'd go for them surrounding or advising the president of the US...but they sure were brought in afterwards.

    we're sunk

    1. I do not think the Democrats want anyone resembling Michael Brown or Treyvon Martin to succeed in life; these disaffected morons are far more useful to the progressive movement attacking cops and burning down other people’s property. It really is remarkable to observe people burning their own communities to the ground. Could there be anything dopier than this?

    2. Z, Thanks so much. Yes, what a list of people that would go on an obama associates list. sharpton, jackson wright, ayers, moslems up the wazoo, communists. Unreal isn't it?

  8. You are correct to argue that the so-called Great Depression began long before the Stock Market Crash of 1929. It was begun with the cycle of over production, under-consumption, and human greed to make a large profit in the stock market, even if that meant borrowing money with which to invest in foreign opportunities in the wake of World War I. We should not, therefore, attach these phenomena to Republican administrations. For all of those who criticize laissez-faire economic policy, I wonder if they can point to a single instance where government intrusion into the normal flow of market forces has produced a good result. What we can say, however, is that government did hand over to a consortium of bankers, the entire economy of the United States. We can only hope that Woodrow Wilson is burning in hell.

    Democrats have managed to instill some horrific situations in our America since they all became rabid communists, including the notion of victimization. All of us are born with nothing; many (maybe even most) of us are born into unhappy households. What distinguishes between haves and have-nots is the desire to change one’s circumstances, and then get off one’s dead ass and do it. However, Democrats gave us victimhood, which many (both black and white) wear as a badge of honor; it is in this way that the progressive movement has done the most harm—and they know it. They revel in it.

    Public education has nothing whatever to do with educating our children. It is an important part of the brainwashing program of the liberal/progressive movement. Everyone must dress the same; everyone must progress exactly the same way, and of course, the result is that everyone is equally stupid, equally angry, with an equal measure of despondency.

    As we observe the opening salvo of a new racial war in America, thanks to Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton, there is only one thing that surprises me: that it has taken them six years to create the spark, which was Ferguson. It is far from over. As you say, “normal” America is gone forever and we can only thank the Progressives. They could not possibly have done a better job destroying the world’s last great hope.

    1. Much appreciated Mustang. Yes, there is the element that a lot of people are inherently lazy and without purpose. Not just blacks of course. Which is why it's that much worse when they have things handed to them.

      I'd just add the note that it was Bush who added the no child left behind concept that ensures smart kids are tortured into mediocrity or worse by bringing the classroom down to the lowest level for everyone.

      Frankly, I can't imagine what would turn the country around given that a large number of people haven't gotten any of this with these clowns running things for 6 years and of course never will.

      My only political goal, dare I have one, is that I won't have to be tortured with the hildebeast cackling from the white house for 4 or 8 years.

    2. Mustang - PS, Racial war. Oh yes it's coming.

  9. " beautiful buck-toothed bride"....Now I think I know how / where the dems gave their donkey mascot a face?

    Excellent post Kid.

    1. Thank you Imp.. That was a good line from FT. :)

  10. See, the problem with this kind of thinking is that it is too rational and it makes sense. That is precisely the reason that progs will never come to these conclusions and attempt one failed social program after another to bring about the Great Society. The whole of progressive dogma is based on a lie.

    1. Euripides. Very kind of you. I agree on the progs. If they had brains they wouldn't be progs.

    2. Didn't we used to dissect prog brains in high school? We never did figure out how them suckers worked.

    3. No that was frog brains :)

  11. Extreme Nationalism. Fascism is highly nationalistic. It tries to identify its principals with the country, so that disagreement will look like treason. Some other country, or some other group within the country, is usually picked out to serve as "the enemy" and made to appear as the cause of all evils or misfortunes. Sometimes it combines racial and religious bigotry.

    The police state is used to crush opposition or dissent. Secret police spy on the whole population, and remarks against the leaders leads to swift and severe punishment. Opposition parties are dissolved. Tea Party (Conservatives) -- anyone?

    To work well, fascism needs the sincere consent of a large part of the population. To maintain this consent, the fascist must cut off the people from any information which might cause them to doubt the complete truth of fascist principals. Newspapers, radio, television, and other means of communication must be censored so the public will get only those facts the leaders want known. Freedom of speech and assembly must be suppressed. Tea Party -- Anyone?

    Dhimmitude is the status that Islamic law, the Sharia, mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Dhimmis, “protected” or “guilty” people, are free to practice their religion in a Sharia regime, but are made subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur'an's command that they "feel themselves subdued" (Sura 9:29). This denial of equality of rights and dignity remains part of the Sharia, and, as such, are part of the legal superstructure that global jihadists are laboring through violence to restore everywhere in the Islamic world, and wish ultimately to impose on the entire human race.

    Charlie Manson must be jumping with joy in his jail cell---he said Helter Scelter was his scheme to start a race war.
    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Bubba went to England to the College there (Cambridge) (and not very long) where he was inducted to Be A Fabian-
    Rhodes Scholar is a code word - and now so is Chelsey. Look to see her in politics down the road or at least a part of some Administration-----maybe mamma Hilary's.
    What we talked about - the bankers and the good ole boys clubs is in the topic of this post - having their hand in social and economic transforming of the Country.

    1. TS/WS. Thanks. Pure Poetry.


    2. [The World Book Encyclopedia]----------Fascism
      Forgot to give the sources.

  12. Wow Kid everything you posted here is so profound and spot on . And the left has people believing that faith is the problem
    Good Job

    1. Lisa, Very much appreciated. I wonder if it's even possible to have an honest conversation in America - in public - anymore.

      Merry Christmas.

  13. Who pays for these folks to maintain their Democrat breeder environments? Working people, who by simple mathematical population % are White people.

    Reparations, of course! Pfffft.

    1. AOW, I've been referring to welfare as reparations for a good while now.

  14. The hypocrisy is in Gracie Mansion, the newly illegally built FENCED IN home of the "progressive" leadership of New York City.
    Where the CO- leadership of New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Buffoon Al Sharpton run the City.!

    Sound familiar?

    Remember the famous words, "the cops acted stupidly".
    Well now New York City has a mayor who basically threw his entire police force under the bus!
    I'd bet that if they had the chance they'd have the Black Panthers patrol the city.
    Maybe Dante de Blasio would feel safer then!

    Bill de Blasio aka (Big Bird) needs to go. You can't have a Mayor that doesn't support the City's Police department. He is culpable and should GO

    The wicked Queen of Progressives Said:
    " ..Killing two cops, randomly, after killing your girlfriend and posting your motives on social media is not something a mentally healthy person does.

    Killing for "revenge" does nothing for Eric Garner's nor Michael Brown's families' causes. It's insane and it only makes the tetes de merde on the right more incensed and unhinged, hopping around like demented baboons on meth and thinking people care about their marinated-in- swamp-sludge rants."

    1. Nice rant Mr Corleone.

      The democrats have been putting it to the populations for decades all the while pointing at their opposition and telling the kids these are the people **ing you, Amazingly the kids believe it. Enough of the population is now stupified, uneducated and propagandized that the dems and their media have no problem saying or doing anything and readily proclaim it on Natl TV.

      Well a new race war as well as other group based wars are exactly what these guys want. They're lovin it.

  15. Hey, Kid! It's Christmas Day. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, and to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    1. FT, I hope you and yours have a great Christmas. Thanks.

  16. Replies
    1. Carol-CS, Thanks. I hope yours is wonderful.

  17. It is absurd to suggest, as Rudy Giuliani did, that the New York City Police officers murders are a result of statements from President Obama and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio after non-indictments in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner
    Rudy Giuliani, and Bernard Kerik Should Have Their Jaws Wired Shut

    Bernie Kerik is an EX CON and Rudy Guliani is the one who him nominated for head of Homeland Security, so why would anyone even listen to them?

    1. That's rather fascist of you. Free speech much?

      obama, holder, and the democrat party have set race relations back at least 6 decades.

  18. "Stay the Course" and ”Protest, Protest, Protest”....Obama wants to create a racial-divide so that we would have even more chaos, that was the whole plan right from the beginning. Obama wants conflict and chaos.
    Ignore all of the babbling and focus on the main word and message that is peppered throughout it…"stay the course" and ”protest, protest, protest."

    What kind of leader sends representation to attend the funeral of a thug accused of trying to kill a police officer? The answer is a racist who pre-judges without any facts based on race and dislike of the police alone. He did the same thing with his buddy the Professor from Cambridge, Henry Gates at Harvard and with the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin case.

    I would hope that our own President did not say "stay the course" considering the fact that the "course" has been one of violence, looting and destruction of property against innocent citizens...but honestly it would not surprise me in the least if he did. If he didn't give words of support to this hate group then he needs to PUBLICLY correct what Sharpen has said, I would not put it past either of them to lie.

    1. Grouchy, Agreed is the short answer. Have any of these enemies of America even said squat about black thugs killing white people on the street for no reason what so ever? How about the mother who didn't have enough money so the bastards shot her 2 year old in the face. It's an everyday occurrence that largely goes unreported. Know any groups of white kids running around doing knockout games on old black people?

      Not a one of the obama,holder,sharpton,jackson gang even whispers to 'their people' to maybe try obeying the law and see how that works.

      And to top it off, obama has invited sharpton to the white house 85 times and counting. A person who openly calls for dead white cops. wtf is the only thing a thinking person can say.

      As you say, they want it. It wouldn't be happening if they didn't.