Thursday, November 27, 2014

Man Made Global Warming Thoery is BS

Listen to an interview of an actual scientist who Founded the Weather Channel 

The above is a link in case it doesn't appear to be in your browser.

I'd like to point out some things from the this CNN interview
  •  Mr Coleman is the founder, not the co founder.
  • See it's 98% of climate scientists that are paid from the 1.4 Billion pool of money who agree that man made GW is happening.
  • Again, 31,000 + Actual scientists (presumably who find a way to make money outside of being political slaves) say man made GW is bullshit.
  • The current CEO of the weather channel who came on after Mr Coleman didn't address any of the points, he just did his best attempt to discredit Mr Coleman without the Slightest Evidence to the contrary.  If he tried this in a court of law, he'd have been found in contempt, or the lawyer who brought him to the stand would have..
Mr Coleman. Thank you for appearing and you did a wonderful job verbalizing your position to this young CNN propaganda operative.

In addition to all of this.  Most of the following are links

NASA and NOAA lied about the climate data.  they altered it.

Greenhouse gases have reached a record high

Yet we are not getting warmer, we are getting cooler and we've been getting cooler for the last 15 + years.

Head IPCC DENIES that the globe has been getting cooler the last 20 years.  Now this is the kind of person you tag with the DENIER label.  Temperature records created by Thousands of meterologists all over the world don't lie.

The whole man made climate change warming scam is fraught with Embarrassing Predictions that never came to pass

Let me add that recently, the climate scam scientists have been reporting that sea ice under the surface of the Antarctica Ice continent (where none of us can See It - how convenient) has been withering away due to warming ocean water under said ice.

Well well well, it is only a matter of months that we find out that this claim is also bullshit.  Antarctic Ice Thicker that the scammers tried to tell us.

Note that ice below the surface of the water that melts actually lowers the sea level, since water expands when it freezes and contracts when it thaws and by a very significant amount.  Take a good look at your ice trays when you put them in and take them out.

The original scientist who brought up this issue of global warming has stated that he never meant for this issue to be significant or something that should take center stage.  It was little more than a passing thought.  Keep in mind the Earth has been steadily warmer since the last Ice Age ended 15 to 18,000 years ago. Plants need CO2.  CO2 is bu 4 tenths of one percent of the make up of the atmosphere. Fewer people die and suffer in warm climate than in cold climates.

Then there are These Guys at weather action in the UK, who say that the entire theory of CO2 based GW is bullshit, and as well have predicted as of 3 years ago that North America and Western Europe will experience much colder temperatures over the next 25 years.  So far, they've been right.  N America recently has broken records for cold temperatures this last November.  I can attest to that.  I haven't seen winter temperatures as cold since the 1970's where in Pittsburgh we often had temps in the minus 40 below with wind and actually Never had anything below 20 degrees during the day in fall.  Here in Cincinnati, we've had below 20 degrees during the day in November and single digits at night.  That's February weather, not November.

So, who are you going to go with?  Actual Scientists whose forecast are accurate or a bunch of political scum who haven't scored with a single prediction yet?

Finally, there is the Scientific Method   Stated simply, the Scientific Method requires that the forecasts involved in your theory come true and if they don't your theory is bullshit.
This is Pure Science.  The man made GW theory is Bullshit.


  1. I join with John Coleman in my skepticism of the basis of alleged global warming hocus-pocus. With you, I prefer to see science derived from the scientific method of investigation; so far, all we get to see are leftist talking points from the United Nations Climate Summit, issued quarterly. The deal, it seems, is that if this committee of quacks issues an alarmist report, they receive considerable money form those who are making tens of millions of dollars from climate change gadgetry. Now, if you happen to be a scientist sans bona fides, what you do is sign up to pitch global warming and suddenly, your employment problems are over. Seriously, it is possible to obtain a definitive statement about global warming from someone with a post honorary degree in arachnology —the only problem being, an arachnologist is not qualified to offer opinions about global warming.

    I have only one problem with Mr. Coleman. He claims to be a scientist, and he may well be that ... but there is nothing I can find that indicates that he has advanced degrees in science. In fact, the Wikipedia entry on him refers to Coleman as a “weatherman” and a “meteorologist,” which happens to be on the ho-hum side of the field. One who is qualified to render an opinion about global warming is a climatologist. The problem with this field of study is the absence of definitive records over an extended period –not so much arguing that the earth experiences climate change (we know that it does, and has for its entire existence), but rather that it is caused by human activity. Ergo, I remain a skeptic.

    1. Well stated Mustang. To clarify my thoughts further - To me, whether Mr Coleman is a climate scientist or not is meaningless, because I don't believe competent 'climate science' exists any more than does competent 'Earthquake prediction science' or 'Female mood prediction science'. Given this, the GW theory is a beautiful scam, especially now that they've back peddled on significant effects being 100 years out. No one alive today will have any means to evaluate the theory. The population has been made impotent or as impotent as can be to fight the scam. It is just as difficult to disprove as to prove and therefore I say What.A.Scam. It is about like me declaring that aliens are on the way here from the Vega system to arrive in 100 years time and prove me wrong...

  2. Leftists need a bogeyman towards whom they can channel fear and hate. This bogeyman needs to be large, wide spread and dangerous enough that it will take the concerted efforts of all the citizens to wipe it out and save society. They make sure everybody knows the perils that this bogeyman presents by pounding and pounding on their message. Over and over.

    The one thing leftists haven't figured out yet is how to flesh in their non-existent bogeymen. These loathsome bogeymen always seem to be off in the distance, up in the sky or deep in the ground. Never right in your face, smashing your nose with their ham-sized fists.

    The dreaded bourgeoisie, scourge of the proletariat was often nebulous and hard to pin down, but it worked for leftists Lenin and Mao well enough but in time faded. Leftist Hitler had his population believing that evil Jews were under every rock, eating everyone's babies. Again, that bogeyman proved to be a false one, but only after a world war was fought to expose the truth. We will likely see quite a bit of turmoil created by reaction of the ignorant masses to this non-existent threat, and in the end people will wake up.

    But it may take awhile. Unfortunately.

    1. Fredd, Yes given the 100 year prediction for significant effects, it may take to infinity and beyond as each generation hears 100 years.... 100 years, that last volcano spewing ash delayed this by 40 years. But don't you worry, its coming. You must pay. You must use less resources (you cretins, you meaningless din of society) so that there is plenty for me (the rich bastards)

      I can only remember the scams perpetrated on me as well over the years when I read your words that 'the bogeyman is never easy to see. Like the Yedi.
      There is supposedly a pile of plastic trash the size of Texas in the North Pacific. Geee, come to find it consists of micro-sized particles "just beneath the surface of the ocean'..
      Remember when all the frogs were going to die?
      Ditto the Honeybees
      How about the Ozone? The hole in the Ozone was caused by cloro-florocarbons used as propellent in hair spray and Freon that actually worked quite well to chill down house and auto environments. We got rid of all that but I see lately the Ozone bogeyman is back.
      Radon gas. ANyone know of any detection businesses still in business?

      It's all a scam. It's all snake oil. Snake oil is still the biggest most profitable business in the world.

      On top of this all, I figure all of this is meant to make your average idiot feel guilty for destroying the Earth and it's wildlife by having the sociopathic Gaul to try to make their environment a little more comfortable, and as a result THEY MUST PAY - politicians, dictators, the UN, and other evil entities who will spend the money on cocaine and hookers.

  3. Ah, the typical belittling and smirking at the man who tries so hard to fight the forces of leftwingers and their agendas.
    Coleman definitely had his hackles up from having been downplayed for many years.
    I was a little stunned that he was only associated with the Weather Channel for, apparently, one year, after he founded it (according to the Weather Channel guy) and wonder what he's been doing since.

    The problem with ALL of this, in my opinion, is that the left's almost rejoicing in the problems as if it's a free ticket to further destroying our (and ours, only) economy, while China and India make lame promises and they're spewing into the atmosphere horribly, day in and day out, and people on the left might have forgotten that their spewing affects US. Obama's now set an absurdly high water mark for US to comply to, while they're laughing and saying "maybe in 2020?" Meanwhile, the Exec order will soon be signed that will close more and more American businesses......
    THAT's the trouble..nobody wants dirty air and water (another ridiculous thing the Left forgets to mention when slamming those who question their global climate change tactics.
    I'm rambling on a subject I"m not as up on as some of you, tho Mr. Z kind of made this a hobby and did tons of research on it and was totally on Coleman's side. So, I'll say THANKS for this article, I'll say I'm sorry Coleman's not a young man because we need more young thinkers open to the idea to "Beware of money pushing our agendas" and that the RELIABLE SOURCES interviewer was a pig.

    1. Z, well see my two comments tonight to Mustang and Fredd, and then what I've saved for you is this.
      I believe pollution is bad for our health. No question. Maybe if they came out and said, pollution is killing you we must change and then starting building the safe nuke plants, etc.
      Would this admission cause the lawyers to sue every polluter out of business with class action lawsuits from everyone who has contracted cancers and various respiratory diseases? It might. I know more people would be on board with it so what not go that route?
      Possibly there are fewer avenues to launder money to the worthless bastards they are currently laundering money to - cliiiimate scientists...foreign entities. I believe it's all about the money. Nothing but stealing money from dumbasses who they make feel guilty for Breathing and putting out CO2. Lol.. kinda.

      Then there is the fact that governments don't give a rats ass about the populations other than keep them alive enough to steal from them and their daily efforts.

      Well China will do nothing but get worse by 2020. They stated it will be many decades before they even begin to turn the corner.

  4. Man Made Global Warming Theory is BS

    1. Well, this is embarrassing. I thought that link would behave differently.

    2. Ed, No problem, we've all done it. I look forward to what you were intending to reference.

  5. Ed: Sorry I am late to the party, but I must correct a couple of pieces of information. If there is a global warming skeptic, it is me. However, being an engineer, I do look at the data, To me the story has been muddled and abused by both sides.

    1. Greenhouse gas warming does exist, and it is a primary driver of climate. However, we have seen that Carbon Dioxide is not as powerful as once thought, and there is also a positive side to increased CO2 and a warmer climate. CO2 is a plant fertilizer and necessary for life on planet earth. Warmer climate and more CO2 mean more abundant crops and less famine.

    2. The Arctic Ice Pack is on average getting smaller because of global warming. This has happened before in the last century. For example, Roald Amundsen sailed the Northwest Passage (1903 - 1906); US and British nuclear submarines surfaced in clear water at the North Pole (1959-1960); and there are press and anecdotal reports of similar happenings in the nineteenth century.

    However, the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at increased rates. The Antarctic sea ice extent has been increasing in the last few years, but there are studies that report that the mainland Antarctic ice mass is decreasing. This last was supposedly determined by satellite gravimetric and other measurements. I don't know how accurate this data is, but it is there.

    To sum it up, we have greenhouse gas related, and mankind related, global warming, but it is not a big deal, yet.

    Will the glaciers melt enough to raise sea levels? Yes, but not very quickly. Alarmist would have us believe that people all over the world are too stupid to get out of the way of slowly rising sea levels. By the way, sea levels during the Medieval Warm Period were probably higher than today.

    Will any of the carbon taxing schemes make any difference in the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere? NO. This is all political. Taxing carbon stabs at the very heart of Western economies. Those who hate capitalism love the idea of killing the West.

  6. Oh, you are absolutely correct that NOAA and NASA have been lying about the temperature records. In you link to Steve Goddards page there is a GIF that alternates in showing supposedly the same temperature data but it also shows a second trace where the data has been changed. The government scientists simple changed the data and make no note of their crime.

    1. Thanks for testifying Bob. When there is this much lying going on,one has to turn up the dial of doubt and skepticism.

      I also notice the constant cherry picking. Just Friday I read where West Antarctic ice was on the decline. Ok, if that's even true, what about the East Antarctic ice ? On the rise? :) I see this one sided ledger stuff all the time - even from 'scientific' sources. I read and linked an article back around 2003 where a 2500 sq mile piece of the Ross Ice Shelf came off (as it has been routinely doing for hundreds of years) and the only concern was to shipping.

      You're right that it cannot be dis-proven (what a beautiful scam) but I'm going to my grave calling BS.

      Regards your comment to Ed - I wholly agree. The USA is the only country that even has to resources to be taxed for this nonsense. I see it as failed socialism around the world trying to stick a straw in the US as an attempt to stay alive a while longer. We'd be so much better off to tell them to go to hell, change you economic system and be part of the solution. That's what really gets me about this.

    2. Bob, I also read but couldn't link it, where the original scientist that brought this subject to light thinks about the same way you do about it. It might happen, but it's no big deal. He never intended for this to turn into something that needed action on anyone's part. And For God's sake yes, a warmer Earth would be a very good thing considering the predicted population rise over the next 50 years. And more people have already had their food reduced with these silly attempts at bio fuels that doubled the price of corn in one season. For these reasons, these people are all guilty of genocide and should be in jail.

    3. I don't think there's much daylight between your opinion and mine. It's just a matter of degree. Most of this stuff is probably lost in the noise, anyway.

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