Thursday, April 24, 2014

So, Bundy Lied

I'll bet money Bundy was bought by the democrats to pretend to be a right wing/conservative then make an ass of himself by being a 1) liar, and 2) racist.

Just like OWS was financed by the democrats to demonize the "1%" before the 2012 election because they knew they'd be running against Romney who is in the "1%".

Think I'm nuts?  Ask yourself how every liberal voice in America has the same talking point at 5 AM each day.  EVERY frickin one of them.  Mental telepathy ?  The democrats get their marching orders daily (from who?) and they are all on the same page and they are an election Machine since 2006.

By comparison, the repubs look like kids in a playground, some of them doing something worthwhile down to some of them playing with themselves in the corner.

This isn't by accident folks.


  1. Think I'm nuts?

    Oh, good luck getting the Bundy crazy back in the bottle. Even Beck has dropped him.

    1. I never picked him up. I was hoping he'd win the battle if it was righteous.

  2. The democrats get their marching orders daily (from who?)
    We get a morning breifing delivered from he Streisand compound.

  3. No, I think "Media Matters," a Soros financed organization. Is Bundy conservative? He would have to be the ONLY conservative living the State that reelected Harry Reid 47 times. Yes, it's true. Reid is nearly 300 years old.

    1. Sam, I've been describing reid as a homosexual vampire for years now. Hey, could be.

  4. If your theory is correct, that is yet another brilliant move by the Democrats. That's why they are in power. They lie, steal, cheat and know absolutely no depths to which they will not stoop to obtain power.

    I say we start fighting dirty, just like them. I was listening to Buck Sexton a few days ago, who said that while liberals are armed to the teeth with guns, knives and bombs in their fight for power, we can't stoop to their level or we become just another version of them.

    I am inclined to pick up the board with the nail in it, as I am tired of being ruled by a pack of filthy communists. How about you, Kid?

  5. Fredd, I couldn't have said it any better. Nothing happening otherwise. Dealing with the repubs is like shooting dead fish in a barrel. All the bastards have to do is stick a mic in their face and ask them about some social issue. Done.

    Seriously. gore loses, the kerry loses, then the next election with obama, and they've got their act Together as in Couldn't possible have done it by themselves. It is a mobilized army who have declared war on America and I guarantee you 80% ++ of the population thinks it isn't anything more than "politics".

    It's a Nzzi blitz. In fact, most of it parallels with Germany 1930's.