Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thomas Sowell, Quotes to Last a Lifetime

Enjoy,  H/T - Email From a Conservative.


  1. Excellent quotes all. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Sowell- one of the most profound thinkers of our time- (my opinion)
    Thank you for the list- of quotes-

  3. All of the quotations above omit the basic truth behind them: those who would take the fruits of labor from one American using the ham fisted power of government and give it to another American in exchange for political advantage are evil, pure and simple. Dr. Sowell is just too polite to say so, and in avoiding the term 'evil,' this is much like uttering the name 'Hitler' in any argument - once Der Fuhrer comes up, your argument is dismissed.

    1. Fredd, the only difference between obama and hitler was that one of them loved his country.

    2. Kid:

      I'm no day trader, but I am OK with making a little dough betting on the way things are going with the culture.

      Pot: used to do it, a LOT. No more, it makes me dumber than I already am, and that's saying something. That, and I am a law and order kind of guy in my old age, and blazing up is not my style, not anymore.

      But your track record with me is 1 and 0, with DUST kicking some serious Glenn Beck butt for me.

      Please pick ONE weed stock, I will put $1000 and let it ride, for better or for worse. I don't want to research it, check it out, or any of that. It's enough for me that YOU did that already.

      My long term gut is that these referendums allowing pot in some states for recreational use but still crimes with the feds, I am thinking that these laws will in time wither on the vine in their test states (WA and CO, maybe Oregon will jump on the band wagon).

      Grown ups will replace the devil-may-care liberals in Congress at some point in my lifetime, and the child's play will come to an end, along with the unsustainable deficit spending we are doing that will seal our doom.

      We'll see, though, please pick the strongest doobie stock for me, and I'll go with it at least in the medium term.

      Again, you are on a winning streak with me, Kid. Keep it up.

    3. PS, I assume you're up more than 1k on DUST, so if this goes total bust, I won't be on your hit list.

      Yea, I did my share of one toke over the line myself. Been a Long while and no interest anymore. I don't have any trouble going to sleep these days.

      PPS - DUST and NUGT are looking like suckers games for months now. I'd steer clear.

    4. Those gold stocks you recommended were different: I had serious philosophical buy in on the FACT that gold was bound to dip from those heady highs of 1800/oz. You first recommended a double short of DZZ, then later DUST, and I had wholeheartedly agreed with your recommendations: after the 'dust' settled (pun intended), I am up 5 figures with both stocks.

      This PHOT, I don't have a feel for how our nation will go on legalization in the short term. I think we maybe have a good shot at making a little dough through a rise in prices of this stock if nothing more than driving up the price through a novelty effect. Who knows, but this pick is more like a coin flip than the slam dunk that gold shorting was just a little while ago.

      One large, PHOT. We'll see. If the stock goes 'to pot' (pun intended), I'm not going to lose my shirt, or any sleep.

    5. PPS: I must retract an earlier statement: I said you were 1 and 0 in stock recommendations with me. That is INCORRECT: as I was mulling over the above reply, it occurs to me that you, Kid, were the one behind my purchase of DZZ, perhaps a year before your DUST winner came up. I bought DZZ at around $1700/oz, it languished in the red for perhaps a year or so, and then it went gold (pun intended) at the same time the gold bubble burst last year, and I cashed it in along with DUST when gold hit about $1348/oz or so.

      So, my apologies for under reporting your excellent track record, Kid. You are currently 2 and 0 with me. And now we'll see how PHOT does. Again, thanks in advance, 'Mr. Perfect.'

    6. Fredd, fyi, some bad news out on PHOT today in Seeking Alpha. Dude called it a scam. The day before another dude siad it was THE MJ stock to have.

      That's the way penny stocks are. Practically impossible to research, and very reactive to news.

      There would be nothing wrong with waiting to see how things shake out a little more. Truely the time to buy these things was when they were all under 5 cents and some under a penny. Then when the news hit on Colorado and such, 3 to 4 digit percentages were made. How about 3 or4 cents to 34 on HEMP for example. 50 cents to 8.00 ++ on FSPM.

      I'm going to say my advice is hang on to your $ right now. The survivors won't hit maximum price on day1, month 1 or year 1.

    7. Fredd I think you took your own advice on DZZ, I just introduced the 2 X and 3X ETF.s But thanks.
      Pressure.... I LOVE Pressure ! heh.

  4. Obama is like that nagging girl friend, the one who is constantly trying to nag the boyfriend into what she wants him to be, rather than what he is. Obama is nagging America into a socialist state, something that it never was before. But once Obama nags the country into Sweden, then he will love it. Much like Hitler loved a socialist Germany.

  5. Done deal. 2500 shares of PHOT limit order placed, thanks for the research, Kid. Coulda done it myself, but I get weary of wading through all of the crap that goes into the filings with the SEC, FINRA etc., it's mostly garbage and pipe dreams of the filers. Hard to believe I used to have Series 7 and 66 licenses in this stuff, huh? True, nonetheless.

    I'm sure your 1.000 batting average will remain intact. If not, .500 will still get you into the Hall of Fame.

    1. OK Fredd, I'll pass along any solid looking insights that come along as I will be watching these things closely and probably doing some day trading as well.

  6. Fredd, A touch more advice with penny stocks. Brokers won't take market orders, nor would you want to place one. If you got to the point you want to sell, the best way to do it is put in a limit order as it's on its way up for a couple tenths of a cent under the bid

    ie. bid = 0.347, limit order for 0.345. It may still go for 0.347 if sufficient orders exist. If it's on its way down, especially everyone rushing for the exit door. and you want out anyway, you may need to go a couple cents or more under the bid.

    I had some FSPM the other day, 500 shares and saw it was tanking. the bid was 7.10, I put in a sell for 7.00, didn't fill and bed fell to 6.95, so I modified my order to sell at 6.80, Didn't fell even though many shares were changing hands at 6.81 to 6.95. It ended up, I chased it all the way down to 6.10 before it got filled. Another unsavory trait of penny stocks.

    Regular exchange stocks are so much nicer, Want to sell and at least thousands of shares are trading? Put in a market sell and it's gone. If FSPM was on a regular exchange it would definitely have gone near 7. Cest la vie.
    As far as your strategy of buy and hold a lottery ticket, not much to worry about. You got PHOT between 34 and 40 if you got filled today, and you'll either sell it well over a buck or dump it in the trash. But it is worth knowing anyway I think if you didn't.