Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here's One, and the BBC has to Tell Us About It

I'll translate this as Volunteer Firefighters Eliminated and Replaced with Union Scum to Placate obama's Masters.

If you plug the subject into Google search and search news, only Fox News has the story at the time of this writing.  Shocka!


  1. Money quote from the link:

    Members of Congress are weighing in, but the Obama administration hasn't taken any action yet to carve out a fire-fighting exception

    Obama couldn't be causing all these horrors accidentally, could he?

    He is the lynchpin for destroying America!

    1. AOW, These scum have been strategerizing since early 2000's latest. This whole thing has been planned out like a war with the enemy (Us) with incredible detail on how to harm us and steal maximum amounts of money, enable muslims, and more I'm sure.

  2. Volunteers of any sort are the back bone of communities>>the union thugs are the underminers of a community...there I've said it!!
    and=your take on why only the BBC was first to reveal is telling=I have to go to my Aussie/NZ blog sites to get info about US that not even Fox reveals until days later!!