Friday, August 3, 2012

Libtard's - PROUD of Their Supidity and Hypocrisy !

In the News...

So, rahmmy emmanuel, newly crowned Mayor of Chicago Vows to keep the two new evil Chik-Fil-A's planned for Chicago - Out of Chicago.

Likewise, Politicians like Boston mayor Thomas Menino condemned the restaurant for its alleged intolerance of homosexuality while former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came out in support of it.

No doubt you're going to find lots of democrat politicians squealing like pigs over Chick-Fil-A.

I just did a google on Mayor Bloomberg and Chick-Fil-A and I see Bloomie is taking an American Free Speech stance.  Which is good for him becuase I was about to really go off as you will no doubt imagine when you understand the point of this post as revealed in the next paragraph.

So, democrat "leaders" have gone to war with Chick-Fil-A (over the CEO exercising his right to free speech and opinion about gay marriage).  (Public, and private companies for that matter, really should have a company-wide policy of not making political or social commentary, but that's an aside)

At the same time, these same democrats support the building of Mosques, used by muslims, who follow islam, which calls for the DEATH of homosexuals.  Not only can they not get married, they can't breathe anymore either.

I'd be willing to bet the gay activists, staging the protests and kiss-ins also support the building of mosques.  It's a whirlwind of aimless directionless stupidity.  It's a madhouse.

As stated many times, you can't be or support democrats unless you are a seriously hypocritical dumbass.


  1. Or just plain stoopid. The dumbing down of our nation's public education system has provided plenty of fodder for the dems.

    1. Sig, we're talking some serious dumbing down too. With a capital F.

  2. EXCELLENT POST...who couldn't see the truth in it? (Liberals)
    sig94 is must be plain "stoopid" and we ARE...the lefties ruined our kids thru our schools. Capital F..good point.
    And so sad!
    Muslims would KILL gays but Libs support them........perfect.


    1. Thank you so much Z. It's a Madhouse..

    2. Yes, Z, the logic in your statement is perfect and undeniable.

      Leftist ardently support ANYTHING that works to UNDERMUNE and DESTROY conservative values, EVEN when it will eventually work to destroy THEM.

      Shows how idiotic they are. YES.

      But, as I just tried to explain below, our fundamental problem underlying all these shenanigans goes much deeper than that.

      Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

      ~ FT

  3. You hit it on the head here -- Democrats fight for a Mosque to be built on the site of the World Trade Center attacks and Defend the rights of Islam over Christianity when the intolerance of Islam is to murder homosexuals is not only hypocritical and mentally ill it is obvious.

    The spontaneous support of this free market business, like that of the tea party protests also show the contrast of what American are. The Tea Party and Chick-Fil-A supporters are good, moral and peacefully respectful while those who oppose those values (i.e., Occupy, LBGT etc)decend upon those they HATE with disgusting behavior, filth and violence.

    1. Rosie,

      Could you give us a link to examples of "filthy and violent behavior" on the part of gays and lesbians in their opposition to Mr. Cathy's stated policies?

      I, personally, think the Queers [FYI: they actually approve this term! There are college courses everywhere now in the field ot "Queer Studies" -- no kidding!] has blown this out of all proportion. I dislike "activism" in general, but would -- like Voltaire -- "defend to the death" the right of anyone to speak publicly against things they find threatening or offensive.

      ~ FreeThinke

    2. Rosey, Thank you. There is nothing wrong with your focus either. These activists (lgbt, ows, etc) are a mob and mob mentality is never healthy.

      how about that lesbian comediane who was at one of obama's events wishing for rush limbaugh's death. And not just any death, a painful one. Then the bitch is in some commercial complaining about how someone says 'So gay'. Hey if you don't like the word, don't make 50 feet banners that say gay pride and march down the street.

      It's bullyism, it's hypocritical to the max, and it's stupid. Every vile trait of mankind all rolled into one.

    3. Free Thinker --

      The two "i.e." examples were a little misleading as the "filthy, disgusting" comment was specifically (in my mind) directed at the OWS movement/Wisconsin Government building sit in. I'm sure I do not have to provide links for those images of violence (rapes, murders), defication on police cars and the way they left those areas after they got tired, hungry and cold.

      I am sure that I can provide specific examples when it comes to groups like Code Pink, NAAMBLA, etc as well as a myriad of other fringe groups that are commonly align with the left.

    4. Hi, Rosie,

      Thank you for the clarification. I agree about the OWS situation. I've always disliked "demonstrations" anyway, but thought you were referring to the Chick-fil-A fandango, and didn't think those adjectives applied to that. Their silly "Kiss-In" didn't amount to much, did it?

      It's always a good idea to give fellow posters the benefit of the doubt -- and there's always some kind of doubt, because no matter how hard we try to use them intelligently words are very imperfect tools for communication and all too easy to misunderstand.

      See ya!

      ~ FreeThinke

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  5. I get it -- I really do -- and I agree. Leftist activism STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN, because it is largely HYPOCRITICAL and thoroughly DISINGENUOUS -- a misapplication of logic to serve a political agenda.

    HOWEVER, the fundamental motivating factor in most human interaction appears to be an inordinate eagerness to find things to denigrate, to scorn, to mock, to despise, to condemn. Very very rarely is there a show of passion to AFFIRM much of ANYTHING.

    Did you see the incredible furor over at FreeThinke's blog (118 comments so far) in an article called "How and Why Did We Get Saddled with Obama when I -- quite deliberately -- described our illustrious president as "half-white, half-savage" the other day?

    It was incredible. Out of several HUNDRED words and a graphic illustration profoundly sympathetic to the plight of enslaved Negroes, virtually ALL the attention went to excoriating me for using those two little words. The adverse criticism came from both left and right in almost equal measure.

    We need to think about our penchant for negativity, and try to reform ourselves, but that may be tantamount to asking a mountain to transform itself into a river, or something equally absurd.

    Before you accuse others of hate, my friends, please take a good long look in the mirror. It might help curb really mean, destructive impulses you may not really mean.

    We need constantly to remind ourselves that Freedom of Expression works TWO WAYS.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. FT, I don't know if I understand everything you're relaying here. I did see some of that post, and some of the comments, but certainly not all. If you want my opinion I'd say you threw the "savage" out as an experiment and you got your results. The results are the honest expressions of your readers and if it were me, I'd be flattered to have them and know that people cared enough to respond.

      Beyond that I don't have any thoughts on it.

      As far as the fundamental motivating factor of people to find things to denigrate, scorn, mock, despise... Yes, that's a very common thing. I'd say people do it in an all too transparent strategy to make themselves look better. By saying 'they did this stupid thing, what they're really saying is "look at me, I'd never do anything that stupid, so I must be smart". I do see it all the time. Insecurity? Basic personality flaw?

    2. I'm sorry, but I find just about everything on the left is open to denegration and mocking. It is not so much hatred that I am performing when I do this, as much as it is anger and direct conflict against those things that are eroding our culture.

      I am Christian, albeit probably a little hypocritical at times as I have a need to be agressive against those who wish to eradicate my beliefs. I do find some cover in the bible for my war against the left, eye for and eye, etc.

      Do I hate the left and their socialist tyranical ways, yes. But I do not hate individuals as they have the right to speak their opinions freely. What I hate is the underhanded, deceptive and dishonest way they are trying to bring it about. That my friend is what I hate, and that my friend is what I will fight with words, peaceful protest and my own money to defeat.

    3. Rosey, Just in case I need to clarify, I hat the left. They enslave, dictate, falsely and absurdly elevate themselves above much better people, and lie. They lie constantly with a smile on their face. They lie harder than is humanly possible. Every time I see one of them talking I picture this kid sitting at a table eating cookies and you tell him to stop eating cookies, and he smile and says You just ate that cookie. I want to twists his little head off.

      reid, shultz, pelosi, obama, all of them. and they're obvious disgusting people. how do these people get voted into freakin office ?

      and the kids or worse, adults, who buy their bullshit. As I say, I was stupid once, but I was never that stupid. Not even close. It's even more frustrating to see people buying into this. It's like they cheer every time the gov screws em.

      It's a mdahouse baby.

    4. Kid,

      no need to clarify with me as the tenor and tone of your postings are indicative of your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. You are very succinct in your disection of their gross anatomy. Me on the other hand have a tendency to write long discertations in my disections but always try to qualify my statements as to head off any debate or allegation of dishonesty in my opinion. By the way, I have noticed that you have referred to me in the "her" sense, but am actually a "him". Not that I am gender biased I think Mrs. Rose would take offense to my insulting her intelligence as she is much smarter than I.

    5. Lol ! Well, I'm gonna stop saying Baby then too !

      Thanks for the info. I'm obviously enjoying your work sir.

      I try to bottom line it and then clarify if needed, but to each their own. I know libtards can't read more than a couple sentences without going into a coma, so I do what I can to try to get through to any that happen upon my little pond. ;-)

    6. Hi, Kid,

      Thanks for he reply. I'm always grateful to see responses when they are honest and thoughtful. I had to delete two or three junk posts earlier today, because they were just "prepared" (i.e. "canned) remarks that had nothing to do with topic I laid out. The SPAM filter didn't catch them, but I did.

      I tolerate just about anything except out-and-out garbage. The only reason I flush that stuff when I find is not because of "intolerance" on my part, but because time is precious, and I hate to see it wasted on crapola designed only to distract and annoy.

      You can be as wild, outrageous and even unkind as you like at my place as long as you're sincere about it.

      That said, I'd like to see all of us be a little easier on each other than we tend to be. Feeling is fine, but thinking works better in written communication.

      ~ FreeThinke

    7. Well, that was before I knew you to be someone who is unaffected by crimes against children - at the minimum. Don't expect to find the same benefit of doubt here.

  6. That's true, Kid. There is no other logical reason why anyone would support any Democrat, other than either being stupid or retarded. (...or, as Rahm would put it, 'effing retards'). They are raging hypocrites in most if not all of their philosophy.

    1. Hi Fredd, Thanks. Loser, Moron, and I think you can fold in a little mental disease here as well and put the mixer on Random Speed. ;-)