Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Cat's Eye

When our sun goes supernova at some point tomorrow or a billion years from now, I wonder what our planetary nebula will look like to the aliens peering through their own telescopes.

Click the picture but of course.


  1. The more we learn about the Universe, the more mysterious and unfathomable human life becomes.

    As far as I know, my cats never think anything about this, and yet they seem perfectly content to live their little lives as beloved members of my family.

    I wonder if we wouldn't be better off learning from their relatively simple approach to the art of living?

    1. FT, Yes, the cats and many other types have it good. Food time, play time, nap time.

      Well, Elon Musk thinks we're all characters in an electronic game being played by some higher life form. I wonder - if they can be life forms what can't we? But to his credit, life seems to constantly be challenging my patience just to see how I will react to the various stimuli and unbelievable actions of others. Hmm.

  2. the
    Cat's Eye -fabulous!!

    as to your and Free Thinker's comments--I follow exactly--thank you both for re-confirming my thoughts--


  3. One of my favorites 'cause I love cats. I think what Mr. Musk thinks about reality is a fun thinking game, and he may be as close as any of the rest of us to the right answer. Truth is, we don't don't know reality any more than he does, but I bet it doesn't take a bazillion dollars to bring us anywhere close to the right answer. It could be as simple as a flower.

    1. Cube, INTERESTING you say that because I believe (and have for a long time) that the answer is both beautiful and simple beyond description.

  4. Fibonacci got it right, I think. So simple, yet complex almost beyond comprehension.

  5. Cube, Fibonacci. Yes. Very powerful in the stock markets also. So many twists and turns as based on Fibonacci.

    And PI Too ! basis of the "Golden Ratio".

    Being a woodworker, I discover this through the measurement used in determining measurements for various furniture pieces. Most dining tables for example follow this golden ratio for length to width. Length being roughly 1.6 times the width.
    But you can take this numerical concept through all sorts of subjects from paintings to the human body. Fascinating.

    Fibonacci very much rules the markets on the short term basis though. W.D Gann's Square of 9 principles rule the markets on the longer term. Truly fascinating stuff.