Saturday, June 11, 2016

Could it Be That Accidents Are More Frequent Because

the military's are under-funded.  Anyone paying attention knows that obama is seriously under-funding the military.  bubba clnton did the same thing.  This is what the democrats do in these later decades after Ronald Reagan ended the cold war and gave these vermin an excuse to defund our military to the point of being very dangerous.  Training time, equipment maintenance, equipment replacement all under-funded.

People I know who were in the miltary during the clinton years testify that no more than 24 helicopters were authorized to fly at any given time.  Maybe they could have flown, but would not be allowed to because of missing their maintenance schedules.


And the recent Blue Angels crash also involved a Pilot and his Family and Friends.  May they find comfort sooner rather than later.

Yea, keep voting democrat and maybe the French will attack us one day.


  1. Yes, Democrats are bad for your health, especially if you are in the armed forces.

  2. Keep the effin D'Rats in power, Kid, and it won't be long before there is nothing left for us TO defend.

    D is for Democrat

    D is for devilish

    D is for dumb

    D is for dysfunctional

    D is for dreary

    D is for degradation

    D is for disaster

    D is for deprivation

    D is for desperation

    D is for desolation

    D is for despair

    D is for defeat

    D is for damnation

    D is for dolor

    D is for depression

    1. FT, Unfortunately were about there. Too many non-democrats won't vote for less than the perfect candidate, and too many won't for For the perfect 'moderate' candidate. Dems do not have that problem with integrity of their candidate.

      Very hard to make something better but butt easy to FUBAR it.

  3. Yeah. Dems always seem to cut back on military spending because they have their pet spending programs, and it is always easier to cut military rather than raise taxes. Now that we are in trouble, again, it is time to hatch a new generation of weapons. It will cost.

    1. Bob, Exactly. Much easier to steal from the military. How about if we just declare mosques as free outdoor shooting ranges?