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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Things Are Heating Up For the DPRK and America USA

A Guest Post by Mustang with Minor Tweaking by Kid.
 (Pics of Mustang and Kid follow)


General LingDing - (Assistant to Greatest Leader Advisor General Wang who is on vacation at DPRK Comfort Women Service Resort)  (GD)
General Ling Ding

Comfort Women Resort

GD: Brilliant Reader, Great Tweeter say he destroy DPRK in 30 minutes !

Kim Jong:  Gen LingDing, Send Tweet Reply - We destroy all of USA in 25 minutes.

GD: Trump say “Fire and Fury” more than ever seen in Galaxy.

KJ:  Oh shit.  Now rut? Do I have to Think of Every Damn Thing around here !?

GD:  Greatest News Great Reader ! American Senator say America should give DPRK anything they want.....  No forget it, it's that insane idiot Madamoiseltard Waters... SO Solly Brilliant Leader !!  Prese to not Kill Me.

Mad Maxine

GD:  How about Rat him out to Andrea Mitchell.

KJ:  What will that accomplish?

GD:  Trump plenty scared of Mitchell.  She has face only American Rodent can love.

KJ:  Everybody afraid of that bitch.  Afraid of waking up beside her !  Ho Ho HO..

GD: HO Ho HOs !  I'm knows it Greatest Leader!  I have nightmares.

GD:  I think we send fake news story to MSNBC ... maybe to Rat Cow, you know, that dog who likes sex with other dogs ... say we offered to help resolve this issue but Trump administration, unlike enlightened and very nice administration of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, is hoping for war with our peaceful peoples.

KJ:  I rike so far ... then rut?

GD:  We wait until Trump Tweets something stupid, as he has done before, and then as all the American pigs are lapping it up, we nuke Guam.  We show Congressman Dopey Johnson that he was right all along, that Guam can capsize.  Then we deny we did it and blame it on faulty missile storage on Guam and demand USA taxpayer cough-up twelve billion in reparations for our ruined reputation.

KJ:  I’m riking this.  New medal for you.  What’s your name again? DingaLing? Never mind, I don’t want to know.  But then what do we do with all that American money?

GD:  Most newly medaled advisor gets five percent since it was his idea and rest goes into Supreme Leader’s orgy fund.

KJ thought balloon:  (Hmmm. Like I need money for a harem or an orgy....)

Monday, August 7, 2017

An Intimate Interview With Maxine Waters

Andrea Michell: Maxine, what has been your best day in Congress in the 107 years you've been serving?

Maxine: Well Andrea, and I thank you for asking!  I think my best day was when Barack and I split the 170 million dollars we got as kickback from the Solyndra matter.  It was so sad that this Thriving and Vital company failed because of the Right Wing attacks on the Very Important climate change we are dealing with.  They were going to cover the Earth with solar panels blocking out the sun to every other living thing, but in the end, 85 million dollars can go a long way to making up for a sad situation.  I was so happy in fack, that I let Hank Johnson have sex with me later that day. ha ha ha.  At one point, I thought Hank was going to Tip Over and Capsize. ha ho ho.  And that's all I'm going to say about that !

Andrea: What a cute story Maxine !

Andrea: Maxine, I understand you are very interested in American advances in Space travel, have you heard anything new there that you can tell us about.

Maxine: Well. I found it odd and depressing that no one could tell me whether we'd be able to see the lunar lander when our spaceship was in low orbit over Mars. No wait a minute, that was my Very Good Friend - Sheila Jackson-Lee who was so anxious to see our flag planted on Mars by the lunar landers.  I do get confused sometimes !  ho ho ho.  This work for the American people can be so exhausting Amelia.

Andrea: Yes Maxine. We so appreciate the very hard work you do day in and day out.
Alright Maxine, tell me what your plans are for when you are President of These United States.  Don't be coy with me, I know you've been thinking hard about it.  Who will be your running mate.  We are all assuming it will be Nancy Pelosi the legislative Genius, but do you have a surprise for us ?!

Maxine: Well Adrienne, I can't tell you anything about my choice for running mate, I'm still taking bids, er I mean going through the resume's !  But I will say there will be two black women at the top of the pile.  We've had enough old white cracker asse.. Oh Excuse me !  Enough old white crackers running this country.  They've all got theirs and it's time some black women got theirs too !

Now what would I do as President of Russia, er I mean the United States.
 Well, as you probably know, the first thing I will do is Impeach Donald Trump !  That needs to happen !  And then I will impeach Putin and Pence.  Bof a dem.

Andrea:  Thank you so much Maxine, unfortunately we are out of time !   I have to cutaway to my interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  I would love for you to come back some time.

Maxine:  I will look forward to it Anastasia !

Andrea,  Now here is a pre-recorded interview I so magnificently hosted with the Russian President Putin.

Andrea: First off Mr Putin, I must say I didn't appreciate having my pants dropped by your foreign minister Sergei Lavrov the last time I was here and...

Putin: Отже, де саме ви дізналися ваші манери? 

English: So, where exactly Did you learn your manners?

Andrea: Well, um, Vladimir, what do you think of Maxine Water's claims of election interference..

Putin: суку, що дурний повинен бути введений в табір ГУЛАГу і ганчіркою, заправлені в її рот. Suka Blyat !

English: that stupid bitch needs to be put into a gulag and a rag stuffed into her mouth. (rest is censored)

Putin: I візьмемо цей паршивий привід для людини на ведмедя полювання поїздки і з що обличчя і перуку, я впевнений, що хтось буде сумка її перший день.

Американці повинні прийняти пізніше практиці римляни та обирати коней до їх Сенату. They б набагато краще. 

English: I'll take that lousy excuse for a human on a bear hunting trip. With that face and wig, I am confident someone will bag her the first day.   The Americans should adopt the later practice of the Romans and elect Horses to their Senate.  They'd be much better off.

I don't think we need any more clarification from President Putin on the matter.

Andrea, [the arrogant bitch] signing off.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Everyone That Donated to McCain, Collins, or Murkowski

Should Sue Their Asses.

And I still can't get over Collins complaining that someone was unattractive.  Does she have a lying sack for a mirror mirror on the wall at home ??

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sharia Comes to London. No Peaceful Moslems.

So, the moslem Mayor of London has banned "sexy ads".  Can a mayor in England do that?  Apparently.

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan declared an end to any kind of advertising in the city that promotes “unrealistic expectations of women’s body image and health,” or, in layman’s, typical Western-style fashion spreads.

It won't be long before sharia will start being enforced in the streets.  Pubs will be shut down, women wearing western style clothing will be attacked en mass.

And it's happening in all of the EU countries.  In Germany, moslems attack venues and individuals doing things inconsistent with their 7th century barbaric culture.

The police in all these countries are a waste of time to deal with this once the vermin population gets high enough.

In France and everywhere else in the EU they offer nothing but destruction and abuse of the locals.

Why aren't Sirens going off 24/7 letting European cultures know that their way of life is taking its last breath ?

Peaceful moslems -  Yea, these are the peaceful moslems who have gotten to critical mass to the point that they can elect mayors, PM's and other government officials who will shove sharia right down your idiotic tolerant throats.  They didn't blow anyone up.  They didn't throw acid in anyone's face or run them over with a truck or shoot them with a gun.  They simply multiplied and voted your culture out of existence.  They're good at multiplying.  The men have multiple wives and they're all pregnant all the time.  In the EU they demand at least 5 children to each moslem wife.

Let's look at what islam provides to the world.

Do moslems:
  • have hospitals that provide care to anyone
  • have charities that collect money for things other than terrorism
  • help the community their mosque is in - in any way
  • does the Arab world provide anything to the rest of the world beside the icky black stuff (oil)
  • does the Arab world even offer a product, science advances, technology advances, medical advances, drug treatments, or even a good weed preventive to the rest of the world?
  • Let's make it short and sweet - do moslems do a single thing for non-moslems? No.
Michael J FUGNO.

So, why in the hell do we want any of them here ?  Why.  They offer Nothing but FGM, honor killings, acid attacks, truck attacks, gunfire attacks, sadism, destruction and most of all Culture Destruction as soon as they get to critical mass and they offer Nothing to America.  Nothing.  Many of them are on welfare.  We're actually paying these savages to destroy our country.

There Are No Peaceful Moslems.  Not a single one.

Why have people not figured this out?

Why does the media not discuss ANY of this.  Is it because they are bullied, incompetent, or impotent.

My answer: Yes.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Was A Life Scout With 21 Merit Badges, Not Whimpy Ones Either

Life Scout is the level below Eagle Scout.

When I got within view of Eagle Scout I could see that all the current Eagle Scouts were Charlie Sheen wannabe's so I got disinterested.  Beside the fact that none of this has anything to do with this post anyway.

This post started out as an Epic and Awesome rant about the current state of affairs in America and the reclaiming of America's once great glory. 

It quickly descended into a review and accounting of the dipsticks, homos, trannies, commies, spics, gays, assclowns, douchemongers, knuckledraggers, shitsticks, tools, trolls, asshats, slutbags, numbnuts, dindus, sleezebags, buttmunchers, tards, rumprangers, assfiddlers, inbreeders, poo-poo-heads, birdbrains, spastic fascists, doorknobs, village idiots, evil clowns, bozos, wankers, weirdos, queers, pusses, wusses, frigtards, jerks, deadheads, buttlickers, boneheads, dingbats, idiots, imbeciles, bintus, jackasses, buttwaxers, pinheads, retards, stoopies, skidmarks, corruptocrats, snowflakes, virgs, mediocrements, bliebers, waters, boxers, johnsons, dimwits, yuppies, libtards, and democrats.  

So I deleted it.