Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More Classified Audio From Kim Jong Pun Cheese Palace

Great Reader: General Wang !  Come Qrick !

GW:  I'm here boss !

GR: boss?  Hmm, I have next brilliant idea ! I have rearized that USA  Senator Cluck Schumer bigger liar and even more evil than even me - Brilliant Leader !  We must kidnap him and put him to work in DPRK Media think tanks !  He can do very good DPRK Propaganda Long Time !

GW:  That is Brilliant Greatest Leader !

GR: I'm knows.  Who else can we capture and bring back General Wang?!

GW: How about that female senator Dizzy Warren?  Also biggest liar.

GR: No. Way too Ugry !

GW: How about John McStain ?!

GR: No, then USA blame us for brain damage like defective kid we sent back.

GW: How about Al Gore, Al Franken and Aric Bardwin !  We can force them to make gay porn movies and play them 24 hrs a day in DPRK Gulags!

GR:  That is Brill,,, Pretty Smart General Wang !  Make it so !
While kidnap crew is there, be sure to capture many more Klipsky Cleemes donuts. I'm all outs long time.

GW:  I'm on it Dearest Leader!

GR: General Wang, be sure to take another ... *Oh he's gone.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Department Of Defense Lion King James Mattis on Transgender Marines

Chaos Here ! 

Let me Reiterate.  I don't care who anyone sleeps with, especially the goat rapers -  As long as they are not US Marines!

I don't want to be hearing stories about how some handsome chick magnet like myself Died because the transgender specialist assigned to hauling the 80 lb mortor tube and plate up the 90 degree face of a cliff in goat raping province Afgramagoatrapeistan couldn't  get the job done because he had to pull the thong out from between his cheeks for comfort slacked off on the job!  Or maybe he was worried his boyfriend didn't like the color of his underwear and what kind of lingerie might actually get him laid at O Dark Thirty !

Bullshit !

Then you got the problem that none of these talcum powdered asses can even take a pee without sitting down and there are no places to sit down in goat raping RockaFrickistan.  Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble had no place to sit and pee because they were real men and neither do we !  We go to the Rock Quarry for Comfort for God's Sake and we eat a rock just for the fun and sport of it !

I think men that want to pretend to be a girl should apply for Prison Bitch and provide a service to other goat or lamb raping vermin, or maybe just move in with Bruce Jenner and write a book of poems about how to be a panty waist milquetoast queer dipstick that provides nothing to society except a man looking set of buttocks with a big pink pair of panties underneath the garter straps so they're not easy to remove.   That's your defective thinking Marine transgender specialist for you.  Can't even get the underwear on straight !

Furthermore, I've never met a transgender Marine who Ever had a plan to kill anyone, or who could even toss a pink nerf rifle with pink nerf bayonet attached to his transgender partner at 12 O'clock high without causing a run in his partner's white stockings with peach colored ruffles. 
Nevermind white stockings with peach colored ruffles are still being reviewed by LGBTCOM as acceptable attire by transgender Marines in the first Place !

Then there's mess hall.  Steaks. Burgers. Man Food.  Now we got transgender Marines who don't know how to put on their underwear putting cards in the menu suggestion box asking for more "Veggies"  Don't them dumb sons a bitches know that vegetables are only there for decoration ?

I used to walk through the barracks at Camp Lejune or Quantico at night and hear Marines Dreaming about Chesty Puller with baited breath, vowing to kill every commie SOB on the face of the Earth with their bare hands!  Now I walk through the barracks and hear breathless Marines dreaming about Chesty Puller while squeezing contraband tubes of KY ! 
Bullshit !

Not on My Watch !  I'll keep every son of a bitch in America awake until I get satisfaction !

Men Are Dogs, Women Are Cats.

2:40 - I Don't Kiss on the First Date !

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Tadpoles

Star Forming Youngsters they are in an environment of great beauty.

Joe Satriani has yet to compose a mind bending tune to accompany this image.  I have emailed Joe in hopes of some audio to enhance our appreciation for such beauty in space and will update this post given a positive response.  Although on an another thread of discussion regards food and specifically Asian food, I can find an excuse to include Joe's Oriental Melody.  It does kind of fit the panorama.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Drones. I Can't Think Of A Use for One For Myself, But Enjoyed This

Speaking of Globular Clusters....

Imagine trying to sleep on a planet in the middle of this thing. 150 light years in diameter.  That 150 times 5.8 Trillion miles.  Nobody even know what that is.

Click and Read all about it.  Oh, and have a Wonderful Weekend !

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017


We are searching.

We are searching for Love
We are searching for Peace
We are searching for Justice
We are searching for Honesty
We are searching for Harmony
We are searching for the Pursuit of Happiness for All
We are searching for Ecstasy
We are searching for Excellence
We are searching for Companionship
We are searching for Acceptance
We are searching for Intelligence
We are searching for Progress
We are searching for Better Lives for All
We are searching for the Elimination of Evil
We are searching for More Tunes From Joe Satriani.

Searching, we will always be searching.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Guest Post by IMP with Acknowledgement to Mustang's Recent Post.

First off Mustang's recent post about the Fukushima problem.

The rest is IMP's contribution.

We’re slowly being poisoned by seafood from Japan and the west coast namely off California,WA and OR.

This is not only alarming but scarier then 3 mile island or Chernobyl back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Why no one in government talks about this is even more alarming. Could it be that the fishing and sea food industries will be crippled if this gets our attention? Of course it would eventually find it’s way to  our east coast supermarkets and local fish  mongers? Especially salmon. 

No more sushi for me kids or my favorite salmon.

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Contamination From Fukushima

My comment: Don't expect  anyone to try to protect you from this.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Section of Our Beautiful Neighborhood

If you can see the Milky Way where you are, you are lucky.

Click the pic to get the skinny and larger versions of course by clicking once there.  Nothing better than a good click.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A-ight, Who's Up For Some Math Genius ?

Give me a four digit number.  At this point I will give you a number
Then you give me another 4 digit number
I give you a 4 digit number
You give me a 4 digit number
I give you a 4 digit number
Add up all the numbers and it will equal the number I gave you in step one.
We can do this with as many people who offer a number. We can do it with multiple people and multiple numbers as long as the final number remains with the person who submitted the first 4 digit number.


You give me a number

-----4729, I give you a Final Number #####
Add em up.  The total will be the number identified above as Final Number,

To make it readable, every day I will summarize everyone's numbers like so:

Person 1

####  - Final Number #####
#### - Person 1
#### - me

Person 2

#### - Final Number #####
(waiting on 2nd #)

Person 3

####  - Final Number #####
#### - Person 3
#### - me
#### - Person 3
#### - Me
#####  - Note total ads up to Final Number given above for Person 3

Then after all is done, I'll give you the answer to the magic.  It's a great ice breaker.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lots to Look At - Messier's Catelog, All Within Small Telescope Range

But of course Monsieur and Mademoiselle, Click the pic.  Read down for the description by a smart person, hover over the picture, click again and again until your strength is gone...