Friday, June 3, 2016

I Was Thinking About Plastic Pollution in The Ocean

And then I thought, well I really don't think this pollution comes from the USA.  When I've been at the beach, I've never seen people tossing plastic bottles into the ocean.  Ok, New York still dumps their garbage in the ocean right?  So maybe they contribute some.

So I typed into Google - Where does the plastic in the ocean come from.

One of the links was this video that claims 60% of the stuff comes from 5 countries, and they don't name the countries, but you can see where on the Earth they point to in this video capture.

It would not surprise me the rest of it comes from 'poor' countries that we pay for things like bottled water and send it to them, so they can pollute the ocean with the trash and the environmentalist retards can use our tax money to buy commercial time in America trying to make Us feel guilty about it.  It fits right?  It's perfect for just about everything that goes on in the USA today.

I could research some more links but I doubt I'd ever find the truth about this on the internet,  just like I'd never find the truth about moslems, or democrats, or socialism.  Just the way it is.

Someone (a libtard) proposed sending condoms to Africa to stem the tide of Aids.  I immediately had the vision of billions of unused condoms chocking the Nile Delta followed by a plea for donations to clean up the Nile Delta.  I mean how much of this shit do people need to see before the bell goes off ?

Folks, I'm telling you, most of the world needs to be nuked.  That's just the way it is.  When you reward bad behavior you get it back in spades and not in a good way.

Next time you meet an environmentalist, tell them to move to Africa or Indonesia and convince those vermin to not pollute the planet.

Go to Japan too and tell those morons to stop killing massive numbers of whales.  And sharks - just for their shark fin soup.

(I was calm and smiling and laughing while I wrote this one)

Here's a funny.  The PGA claims they can't get sponsors for  a PGA event that has been going on for Decades.  A tournament at Doral (The big blue monster) and instead have booked a Club de Golf location down near Mexico City.  Trump owns Doral.  He said, well, I hope the PGA has kidnapping insurance.

Seriously. Golf pros, each worth millions of dollars in Mexico, just waiting to be kidnapped and ransomed off.  I must admit as the world gets more fucked up by the second it also gets funnier.


  1. Everytime we turn around there's something new that's packaged in PLASTIC. Who needs PLASTIC bottled soap? If they just went to regular paper-wrapped bar soap, just think of how much we'd save from plastic pollution...I wish I could remember what new item I heard's housed in plastic now but I can't...drove me nuts to think about it.

    We're so in's beyond words.

    1. Z,
      It's partly about preventing tampering. Shrink wrap everywhere!

    2. Z, AOW, Yes, ever since some dipstick poised some Tylenol decades ago, we need tools to get into every product we buy now.

  2. Next time you meet an environmentalist, tell them to move to Africa or Indonesia and convince those vermin to not pollute the planet.

    Good luck with trying to convince them of anything!

    1. AOW< And I believe the3 environment people are the worst of any of the in your face groups. They lie more than politicians do and that is saying something. They're absolutely insane.

      Well, polluting the oceans is not a good thing, but I'm sure tired of hearing about all this when it is not us doing it.

  3. I've noticed that bottled water now comes in very thin plastic bottles. These thinned-out bottles don't last very long, so one has to keep buying new bottles.

    With the thicker bottles, which I can find in very few places now, I could refill the bottles and use them over and over again.

    1. AOW, Yep, and we have some 5 gallon plastic jugs that we've had for decades that go on top of a water dispenser. We don't buy bottled water, but we do fill up the jugs and we have a Reverse Osmosis unit under the sink.

  4. The US figured out how not to be a huge polluter nation back in the 70s, about the same time we were figuring out how to get along racially. Progressives, however, have never figured it out and keep harping on the same memes year after year after year.

    Oh, and there are a few places you can learn about Islam:

  5. Euripides, I agree and excellent points. Progressives either want to feel guilty about something all the time or they want everyone else to feel guilty about something all the time. It's why we call them libtards. They literally have retarded brain development.

    Have you seen this one? I love to watch it every year at the minimum.

    Well, dang man, I already know too much about islam.


    Another week, another Fifth Amendment plea by an Obama Administration official.

    Bryan Pagliano, the State Department staffer who managed Hillary Clinton’s private email system, just announced he will invoke the Fifth and refuse to answer questions in the matter.

    He joins a long list of the men and women working in the Obama administration who, instead of telling the truth, refused to testify under oath. It’s hard to believe, but in just the last few years, these senior officials have taken the Fifth when investigated by Congress:

    • Disgraced Internal Revenue Service bureaucrat Lois Lerner, questioned about the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.

    • Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona, questioned in the Fast and Furious scandal that sent more than 2,000 guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels.

    • Greg Rosemen, another senior IRS official, investigated for awarding a $500 million contract – the largest in the agency’s history – to a company owned by a close friend.

    • VA official John Sepulveda, investigated for spending more than $6 million on two conferences that included spa treatments and helicopter rides for attendees.

    • General Services Administration official Jeff Neely, questioned about a 2010 government conference in Las Vegas that cost taxpayers more than $800,000.

    It seems like a culture of deception has taken hold in the executive branch under President Obama.

    Government employees are paid by you, and should be accountable to taxpayers!

    Although these individuals have tried to stonewall the courts and Congress, I will continue fighting to hold officials accountable.

    Please let me know what you think.

    1. FT, Al Capone would feel like a punk.