Thursday, June 22, 2017

Crab Nebula

You wouldn't want to be married to it.  Otherwise, it is kinda pretty.

Heck yea. Click the picture and click again and again like a democrat trying to win an election.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I see Steven Hawking is mouthing off and telling us that mankind must migrate to other planets within 100 years if our race is to survive.

Folks ! Put down the fantasy donuts !  Potential habitable planets (based on telescope and periodic element makeup analysis) are Light Years away.  A light year is 5.8 Trillion miles.  If you counted to 5.8 Trillion with one count per second, it would take you 190,054 YEARS.  We are not even sure humans can survive the trip to Mars which is roughly 33,558,000 miles away.

Can we stop with this nonsense. We aren't going ANYWHERE !  let's solve the problem here.  let's start by eliminating anyone who cannot get along with others.  Mohammedans spring to mind.  That's 1.5 billion right off the bat.

Next, I see where James Mattis was recently asked in an interview what keeps him awake at night to which he responded that he keeps others awake at night.  Damn Straight.  James Mattis is apparently keeping his neighbors awake at night.

Since this article was written, James has recently purchased a very large military looking vehicle, which he refers to as his Deuce and a Half (whatever that means) and has had a very sensitive alarm installed.  If a cat gets close to it and purrs too loud the thing goes off and sounds like 17 fire trucks barrelling through the neighborhood.  As mentioned nothing disturbs James' sleep so this freakin alarm goes until morning unless the battery goes dead before the sun comes up since none of the neighbors is willing to go ring his doorbell.

Mr Mattis has also switched his background music for drum practice from motorhead music to Joe Satriani's Cataclysmic.  The first minute or so will give you the flavor of how annoying that can be at 12:20 am.  (Mr Mattis goes total freak at the 2:00 mark)
One of the newest neighbors, one Ms Jane Puritan has recently sent a letter asking if he could "at least" switch the tune to Goodbye Supernova.  She probably won't be alive through the end of the week.

CNN was asked to look into the issue, at which point, they immediately closed all of their offices in the US and are now broadcasting from an undisclosed location while the presenters are all wearing disguises.

Additional stories about Mr Mattis can be found here.

Well, you're probably tired now.  I'll save the rest for later.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Are You Feeling Depressed Because of the Never Ending Unimportant Attacks From the Children ?

Trump won 30 states.
There are 3,141 counties in the United States, Trump won 2623 of them.
That is a mandate.

The Presidency lost.
63 House seats lost.
10 Senate seats lost.
12 governorships lost.
1030 state legislature seats lost.
4100 of 7883 State legislative seats.

We now have:
67 of 98 State legislative Houses, vs 14 in 2009.
32 states with total legislative control vs 6 for Democrats.
36 governors.

Just smile, ignore if you have to and come on out and vote again in 2018 and 2020.Vote against Rino's when you can vote for a Conservative instead. (Just a suggestion)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

John McCain's Ties to Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Great Leader: General Wang, come qrick !  General Dong has expired last night in one of our Comfort Women Centers as a result of blood loss from too many Compriment Brilliant Reader medals.

General Wang:  Yes Glate Leader, I am at your Comprete disposal!
GL: We must find out why US John McPain senator has declared his devotion to greatest country DPRK !  He is going to give up all our seeclets !
GW: Great Leader, I think John McStain victim of dementia brain disease and lack of nookey long time !.
GL: Send team of worst looking comfort women immediately to shut the stupid capitalist pig up permanently !
GW: I’m on it Greatest one !
GL: General Wang, take Great Reader Compriment medal !
GW: (uh-oh) Thanks You Great Reader !
... 3 weeks later in Arizona house of John McLame, worst looking comfort women have him tied to chair administering excessive nookey and giving him heart weaky pills.  (Wife of John McDumas, billionaire former owner of worst tasting beer fortune has been put to sleep with greatest sleep gas, invention of Great Leader himself.)
John’s heart is racing like Vietnam Era fighter jet off course and about to be shot down.
John pleads with DPRK comfort women.  Please don’t kill me, I was trying to be shot down over North Korea so I could defect to greatest leader in whole why whirl when I found myself flying over wrong country !  See I even talks like you toos !
Worst Looking Comfort Women tell John McShorttimer Judging from your heart rate, you have 20 seconds left on this world, do you have last wish?   Yes, Prease make it so Donald Trump is impeached by Treasonous Congress of USA !

UPDATE: US Stock Market going to start crashing soon.  Maybe this week.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

This Elementary School Level Galaxy Needs Our Support

So, this young galaxy is just beginning to learn to socialize with other galaxies, and needless to say the rest of the universe.  It's a bit shy and wonders if it will be accepted, especially by those other entities in it's local neighborhood.  The ones who point and snicker. It has a facebook account called WLM galaxy and lists its likes and interests as star formation, planetary nebula creation, LGBTQ star interaction, comprehensive immigration reform, climate science, open borders, and supernova free zones.
Its dislikes are large nearby predator galaxies, dark matter, gamma radiation, and the theory of relativity.  I don't think it's going to make it to spiral galaxy status.  I think it's going to be eaten alive by predator galaxies drifting by over the next 4 to 18 billion years.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and click again to get higher resolution images. If you dare and care.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So, Here is a White House Gov Petition I created Requesting

President Trump Honor his America First promise and refuse to take in (at least) the Sudanese and Somali rapist savages.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Sheriff Wayne Ivey Correctly Warns us to Prepare Ourselves for Defense.

We are at war.  No question.

If you don't feel comfortable with a gun at least get a taser and/or pepper spray, bear repellent, mace, etc.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Secret James Comey Interview 8-June-2017

Comey testifies about meeting Trump in oval office and dinner:

In the oval office,  I was wearing a nice blue suit, similar to the color of the drapes in the office.  I hoped if I stood by the drapes maybe Trump wouldn't see me.  But apparently he did and called me over.  You can see in the video where he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him, then he grabbed my right arm to pull me in further and he tried to kiss me and hug me. He whispered "I love You James".  That confused and concerned me deeply.  I literally had to push him away with both hands as you can see.

That evening he insisted I come over for dinner... When I arrived I was shocked to find it would only be he and I at the dinner.  We shared a cocktail moment.  I had a Pink Squirrel, then a wine spritzer and he was chugging straight vodka as we talked about putting greens and cute rabbits on the golf courses.  He told the server to make sure it wasn't Russian vodka, then looked at me sternly.  I had the direct impression he was telling me to drop all Russian investigations.

Soon after I finished my spritzer, I felt kind of tingly and things looked a little blurry. Maybe it was just two strong drinks on an empty stomach, but then I thought 'Did he put something in my drink?'.  
Fortunately, the food was going to be served and I assumed I'd perk up pretty quickly with something in my tummy.

The server brought salads, and it looked like his had Russian dressing on it.  He sternly admonished the server - "Do not serve me anything Russian please" then quickly looked at me again.  I was sure now that he was demanding I drop all Russian tie and election related investigations.  I was very uncomfortable.  Then he complimented me on my 'pretty eyes'.

He asked me if I would be loyal to him, and I said I'd be honest.  And he said yes, Honest Loyalty.....  I said I would.  At that moment, I felt his shoeless foot gently rubbing up and down my ankles.  Oh he's asking me if I'll be True !
Good Lord I thought !

We were finished with our salads and the server brought a single dish of pasta. 
The servers all looked like Russian KGB.
The president asked me if I wanted to do that thing where we both try to eat the same pasta noodle.  I said no.    He shrugged it off and asked for the next course which turned out to be Chateaubriand for two.   I was really getting practically noxious at this point.  I didn't realize I'd be on a DATE with the president.
I wanted to attack him like the fierce lion I am, but I held back knowing killing a president is not a good thing to do without witnesses.

I forced down the steak, and now it is dessert and coffee, which he pronounced covfefe.  He told the server to bring the very special covfefe.  He said "Vladamir, er I mean Stanley, bring the special Covfefe".  I thought it odd.

I didn't think the covfefe was anything special.

Dessert was cherries jubilee.  He would look at me dreamily and lick each cherry off the end of his fork.  I was so disgusted.

Finally the dinner was over and I ran to my car crying the whole way.  And that's the honest truth Senator Franken.
Senator Franken is obviously very aroused by all of this talk and encourages me to provide more detail.