Thursday, January 19, 2017


Ted Cruz Publishes list of 76 Illegal Acts by obama and his crew of racist incompetents.

  • The media didn't bother telling you about any of that over the last 8 years or direct you to this PDF did they?
  • The media, panting, DOES tell you about things relative to Trump that they can't prove that are potentially damaging though.  What a head scratcher eh?
  • Whack job women knit themselves some pussy hats that they're going to don and go march on Washington DC and other places because Donald Trump once said "When you are a star you can grab them by the pussy".
    •  You may find this shocking, but most guys have at one time, in the company of other guys talked about women's genitals at great length in many different contexts, and with great enthusiasm.  Count me in.  And I'm aware that women talk about sex fairly often too.  Hell it's on the cover of the magazines they read in bold print "Sex Moves to blow his mind." Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.
    • Donald Trump's quote Screams consensual behavior as in - If you're a star, women don't mind your advances at all, the reverse being if you're not, don't expect your date to be so willing a partner.  I may be unfairly focusing on gold diggers here, but then again, maybe these were the types of New Yoik women Mr Trump was dating at the time of the alleged grabbing events.
    • Women like sex as much or more than men do.  At least this is what I've been told.  I've never been able to verify this as 100% true, so go with your own feelings here.
  •  If this was behavior and verbiage unacceptable for a president, and nothing wrong with you if you think it is,  but JFK (Womanizer), LBJ (Womanizer at least), and Clinton (Known Rapist with 100's of affairs) have violated your code by Light Years and the liberals thought those POS's were just friggin Great.
Anyone who supports those POS's and that want to hammer on Trump should realize the thinness of the glass in their glass house.
Does anyone believe women who were sexually harassed by a man as rich as DJT would have waited til 3 weeks before the election to start bleeting and filing lawsuits?  If so, go see a shrink.

So, what's my point?  Once again to point out the unbelievable hypocrisy of the media and liberals everywhere.
I hope they turn up the volume because as I posted right after the election, they were greatly responsible for getting Mr Trump elected.  Else we might have had the beast in the White House - a fate truly worse than death itself.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To Rep Lewis and All the Other Spoiled Brats Not Attending the Inauguration

The election was not hacked.  No votes were modified.

John Podesta gave up his password to what could have even been a child.

His emails were exported and sent to Wikileaks.  They revealed that the DNC and Clinton and media operatives are liars, cheaters, and thieves.

As a public servant of the American People, you should have applauded this activity by thanking those that released the information as doing a public service for America.  

You could have said "Thank God this information became available to the voting public so they could make an informed choice in the election.  Otherwise we could have ended up with a lying, cheating, stealing piece of shit in the White House !"

That would have been the sane thing that would have happened.

But No, you and your lying, cheating, and stealing friends who are going to hold their breath and stomp their little feet and not go to the inauguration have outed yourselves as POS's as well.

Fuck you very much and thanks for nothing.

I hope you all get "hacked" and exposed.

I support Wikileaks as long as national security is secure and American citizens are not put in harm's way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Deep Thoughts.

Are you up on the news ?

Kellyanne Conway talks to the media like they are spoiled bratty little children.  Guess Why !

Nigeria vows to never take targeting coordinates from joe biden ever again.  Don't worry Nigeria, 2 more days.

Coalition forces clear East Mosul of ISIS members as obama pledges to move ISIS around to make them more elusive.

Bradley-Chelsea Manning the treasonous traitor's sentence is commuted by obama.  The two have already set up a date night.

I see a poll where the Majority of Americans do not favor Trump's Infrastructure plan.  Nevermind only 8 people in the entire country even have a fucking clue what Trump's infrastructure plans are.

I see a poll where the Majority of Americans do not favor Trump's Repeal and Replace of obamacare.  Nevermind only 8 people in the entire country even have a fucking clue what the replacement plan will even look like.

Liberals are caring feeling people who are desperately trying to rid their brains of 16 years worth of libtard education brainwashing.

LibTards are facist, violent, intolerant assholes beyond hope of ever connecting to reality.  So it's said...

Does anyone ever really click on an add that says "So and so looked great years ago but what they look like now is Insane", or any add that includes the phrase "One weird Trick" or the word "Shocking" or "belly fat" or (sigh)....  It's because Enough people are so insanely stupid, that we have to put up with these kinds of ads on the web pages that come into view. Every Freakin Web Page that comes into view actually.

And folks. Never buy a product off of TV where the 2nd item is free but you have to pay an absurd amount for extra shipping and handling.  Like it's that hard to put 2 in a box instead of one.... 
More evidence of the general IQ of TV viewers....

Finally, Squirrels are the world's best hackers....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hey Libtards

We’ve had enough of you.  You are bleating in an echo chamber.  While we may look over at you from time to time while you inhabit the kiddie tables and maybe even smile a little if you do something cute (as long as you’re quiet), we really don’t give a shit what you think about anything.  We’ve been where you are.  We grew out of it. We grew up.  We grew brains and connected with reality.  We understand what works and what doesn’t. Ok, a hint – socialism doesn’t work.  Socialist countries have gotten so weak they can’t afford to defend themselves and they’ve actually imported moslem rapist terrorist vermin thinking incorrectly that those assholes will actually get jobs and pay taxes. Not.  Not how islam works. Do some research.
Please try to join us some day.  In the meantime, view yourselves as sitting at the kiddie table spewing your hate and fascism.
We're not going to engage you anymore.  Just because people don't reply to your brain vomit in comment sections lately, it doesn't mean people agree with you.  It means we won the election - we approve of the current administration and unlike you, who had your boy in the white house for 8 freakin years and you still couldn't contain yourselves from spewing your hate all over the interwebs, we are going to enjoy the clean air and ignore your asses with a capital F. K?  lol.


Friday, January 13, 2017

A Few Pictures From Our Orphan Kitten Fostering Days

Always adopt at least 2 kitten litter mates instead of one kitten -  Everyone will be much happier.  They'll always get along, they'll have company when you're away, and you'll still have plenty of time with them.  We did a good job getting them adopted out in pairs.  Most of the pictures of older/grown cats are those we adopted.  3 left..

For anyone who wants to play match the name to the picture, here are the names:  Alphonse, Monique, Betty, Big Bear, Buddy (Hacket), Charles (MASH), Moe, Larry, Curly Sue, Eddie, Edie, Grey Goose, Howie, Tank, Jewel, Jewely, Little Bear, Lodi, Minnie, Nemo, Pluto, Sammie, Shelly (Winters), Spats, Suzie,  Tony (Curtis).