Sunday, November 29, 2015

Eye Brows on Some Pink Multi-Eyed, Total Weirdo Alien Pink and Light Blue Creature at the Bottom Of a Mustanium Mine?

Maybe a Multi-Breasted hair encrusted body found in the nether regions of New Jersey !
Nope. Mars. 

You know what to do.  Click the picture.   Do it now.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Total Distribution of Gravitational Mass Dominated by Dark Matter Multi Galaxy Thing Image

In other words, the smiley face mutli-galaxy illusion.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and get a more complete description written by smart people.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Teachable Moments

I don't know, I'm just going to go off the cuff with what I can remember as I'm typing this... How many examples do you need anyway.  Let me know of a mass murder event that doesn't fit the profile (cops were able to circumvent) if you think you know of one. Good Luck.  Don't bother telling me about idiotic punks who post on facebork that they're going to kill people at commieland high school next week...

Sandy Hook.  The cops didn't save a whole lot of kids.

Virginia Tech. The Swat guys were actually wearing body armor and hiding behind trees while that little Korean POS was running around killing kids.

Bali Hotel: The moslem vermins killed at will many hotel guests before being taken down by local authorities. Some of them even got away.

German Wings co-pilot screws a plane full of people into a mountain side.  He didn't commit suicide. he was pissed because he converted to the cancer known as islam and the Germans had just closed down an ISIS associated mosque in the town he lived in that he was going to.

Paris: Many killed by moslem vermin who weren't even on the radar.  Hundreds killed by moslem vermin who WERE ON THE RADAR (get my point?) 

Today - Mali: Many killed by moslem vermin.  The Mali Army is there and at this moment as far as I know, the three or so gunman are Still Alive In The Hotel !  And all the guests are believed to be Out.  What?!

It's All The Same.  It's all Exactly the same.  Human targets in gun free zones being killed by vermin moslem or otherwise vermin and the cops can't do a shitting thing about it until it's all over but the crying.. If then.

And they can't even do a shitting thing about it if the acts are perpetrated by vermin who are already on their watch lists !  Are you getting this??  There are No defenses against a constant influx of suicidal murdering vermin individual that no one has even Freakin Heard of.  And apparently there is no defense against the ones you moron authorities Have heard of.  Many of the Paris vermin were on Watch Lists !

Instead of taking candles, flowers and stuffed animals (For Christ's Sake!) to these events, take pitchforks, clubs, frying pans, and kitchen knives to the offices of the assholes who keep you from being able to defend yourself.  Seriously.

The authorities have Zero Ability To Protect You.  Only You have the potential ability to protect you.  If you live in an area where you are not allowed to arm yourself, it means that the politicians who rule over you don't give a rats ass about you, your family, your son, your daughter, your dog, your cat, your disabled brother in a wheelchair. They don't Care ! They don't Care !  They don't CARE !

Demand that you be allowed to protect yourself.  Do whatever it takes to protect yourself.  You are Born with this right.  You don't acquire it by the good graces of some POS politician who is only interested in collecting taxes from you which they can line their pockets with.

Do you not understand this???  Go see a doctor and get a Brain Cell Injection. Please.  It's just too painful living in the midst of you incredible morons.  Honestly.  You are the 2nd most dangerous cancer upon the Earth.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Once again I have been too lazy

Let me introduce you to my newest Great Reads website/blog  Chattering Teeth


Hey obama !

Because you've been lying your ass off (to all of America)  since you started your campaign in 2006, and have actually been re-elected, you probably think that people believe the incredible ton-age of bull shit that comes out of your mouth on a daily basis.  In fact I'm sure you do.

FYI - Most of us know what a pathetic liar you are, what an imbecile you are and what an enemy of true Americans (of any color) you are.  Seriously, I might have an ounce of respect for you if you came out and told us how you intend to do America/Americans harm day after day.

Know that the only people who supprt you are Losers. Just like you who have never worked an honest day in their life and exist only to demand free stuff from productive people who will eventually disappear and leave you and yours in a wasteland of libtard, black aggression, moslem agression shit holes.  At least you will all end up with what you deserve.

You're pathetic. I can't wait until you are back in private life trying to rewrite history like every other POS democrat president in history.

Most of America

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Rules for Imported Moslem Invaders to the USA

obama has created some new rules in order for the moslem immigrants, asylum seekers, migrants Invaders, those male peaceful, grateful little kittens of military age, and who are probably not even from Syria, to appear to be ever so appreciative of our hospitality, like they are in all the European countries where they display their appreciation by stealing from, raping, and pillaging the locals has decided to triple down on his stupidity.

obama has declared that each moslem vermin invader will receive 40 pounds of C4, three AK-47's and 10,000 rounds of ammo upon their arrival in our restful country, just to prove that they have no intention of doing us any harm.  After 30 minutes in our restful communities, obama will declare that even given ample opportunity to execute mayhem and mass murder, and having been given the tools to do so, nothing has yet ... BOOOM.

obama is on the boob tube right now explaining how the Republicans have seized the weapons given to the peaceful moslems and have used them to blow up every day Americans in their churches, synagogues, shooting ranges, WalMarts, and strip clubs.

obama has given a speech at the UN, where he states "Make no mistake, and Let me be clear:  The Republican Right Wing Evangelical Bible Thumping Christians in America have stepped beyond responsible activities and now must be eliminated. With this in mind, I have just signed an executive order calling for the immediate disarmament of anyone who isn't a moslem and to have those seized weapons redeployed to the mosques throughout America, which as you know was discovered by, founded by, and fought for independence by moslems. Of which I am one.

PS - No, There Never Were any Freaking Shovel Ready Jobs you morons ! hahahaha"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Well Boy Howdy, Here You Go...

With the help of Astronomy Picture Of The Day, I have finally found where democrat politicians, libtard progressives and all other assholes are hatched.

Without Further Ado.. Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read all about it. You may also click the picture there to get increasingly larger versions to explore.

We might want to shoot some nukes in the direction of this abomination in space....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Civil Disobedience - The Time is Ripe

These last 7 years have been a glorious vision of dysfunctionality and abuse upon the American citizen, let alone the middle class et al and everything white, Christian, taxpaying, productive and generally non-democrat scum.

Well, it occurs to me that the jails are so full of scum that they're actually letting out illegal alien murdering and raping CO2 emitting garbage.  How much room do they have for anyone else?

I say the time is ripe for some civil disobedience.  The parents of children, specifically young women who will be subjected to showering in the presence of any opportunistic dude willing to put on a skirt and wig and prance into that shower should remove their children from the school.  All other parents should do so in support for as long as it takes for the federal school system (communist indoctrination centers) to collapse under its own weight.  What? They're going to put millions of people in jails who can barely even take in another scum sucking illegal alien murder/rapist?  Please.

It's time to tell libtardism to get the hell out of America by any and all means possible. Stop going with the program.  They can't do much to you.  If they do, it won't be more than a couple days.  Just a suggestion.

Of course we still have the problem of paying school staff to show up and have nothing to do beside look at porn.  Anyone got any ideas for that?  Maybe an entire country of kids not being educated might be enough of a motivator by itself.  No one left to run the machines and do the paper work ya know.

Maybe wait until they elect another piece of lying, thieving, criminally incompetent anti-American human garbage.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It Could Be That School Age Girls

Will be the first young people to at least begin to realize the retarded-ness of libtard progressive policies.  You know you know what I'm talking about.

Picture from Houston Area School, Circa Nov 4, 2015