Thursday, July 12, 2018

For Your Friday

Hey, wait a minute, isn't this Friday All of ours?

FWIW - I have no personal investment in the video beyond the 12:17 mark..

Monday, July 9, 2018

SO... Brett Kavanaugh for the SC

I found it interesting that President Trump made mention of talking with senators and the confirmation process when announcing Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the SC.

I think confidence of the confirmation process had to influence this decision.  There is some negative information out there about this fellow regards a Vince Foster cover up and a favorable lean toward obammy care.  Maybe more but this is what sticks in my mind.

Let's see what this fellow's decisions are going forward and how adherent to the Constitution they are.  He's going to be on the SC a long time.

Possibly the president felt any of the other 3 top picks were not able to be confirmed with such a shaky combination of republicans and rinos in the Senate.  Maybe he is saving one of those for after the 2018 or 2020 elections when there are more republicans to be more assured of a confirmation.  Wild Ass Guess and probably some wishful thinking.  Amy was my pick but any of the other two fellows that I know little of may have been just as good.

Is this a time of divine providence ?  If so, then DJ Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and will have the opportunity to promote another Constitutionalist to the SC as a stone cold liberal judge checks out.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where Democrats and Other Evil Creatures Go For Happy Hour

Sometimes even the dark dust of interstellar space has a serene beauty. One such place occurs toward the constellation of Taurus. The filaments featured here can be found on the sky between the Pleiades star cluster and the California Nebula. This dust is not known not for its bright glow but for its absorption and opaqueness....

Read More about the Dark Nebulas..... 


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In Review - If the Hildebeast Had Been Elected Instead of DJ Trump

Neil Gorsuch would not be on the Supreme Court.  Some POS like eric holder would be there and Ruth Buzzi would be replaced by now with a much younger Ruth Buzzi.
The stock market would be flailing, 401K's would be going nowhere.
Consumer confidence would not be at an all-time high.
Jobs would still be stagnating because of Obama’s regulations.
Mortgage applications for new homes would be stagnating
Unemployment rate would be high and mis-reported.
Obama era regulations would still have their jackboot on the necks of American companies.  Wage growth would be stagnating, people still paying too much tax.
The war on coal would still be going on, Energy prices would be rising.
Dodd-Frank regulations would still be in place.
American jobs would still be headed out of country
Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel amd others will build here now would be non-existent
Illegal immigration would be skyrocketing and we'd be importing moslem vermin like popcorn.
Border wall? Pfffffft
Sanctuary cities would not be a concept because we'd be a sanctuary country.
Comey would still be FBI director. 
Major crime at the federal level would still be hidden.
ISIS would still be abusing the world
F-35 fighter jets would be incredibly expensive, even more so than today.
Lobbyists would still be on a feeding frenzy in the federal government.
We'd still be paying Iran to terrorize the world
No tax Reform.  Tax Increases.
NAFTA would still be putting the hurt on America
TPP would still be putting the hurt on America
Ditto the Paris Accord for the climate scam.
MS-13 would be invited into the US
Religious Freedom would be out the window.   lgbt people would be encouraged to put Christian bakers and florists out of business,
Education would probably be in such a state that kids would be required to pledge allegiance to that fuck allah.
The VA would still be abusing the shit out of our Veterans
No pipelines
Food Stamp use would be growing exponentially.
We'd be sending Billions if not trillions to shithole countries dictators.
We'd be paying for abortion for aliens on other planets.
 We'd be sending shitloads of aid dollars to every moslem vermin savage paradise country known to man.
Apple and many other companies would still be shielding massive amounts of money overseas.
Gitmo would be closed and the terrorist pukes released back into the wild.
We'd still be paying N Korea massive amounts of extortion money for them to fund their weapons programs.
People that do not belong to a union would still be required to give them money that would used to fund democrat puke campaigns.

Think about That. :-)

Most important of all, that note about the Supreme Court makeup on line 1.  America would be fucked with no hope of recovery. None. Nada. Nyet.

On the slightly positive side, we would not be hearing from such pukes as maxine waters, jim carrey, bob deniro, pete fonda, etc because the pukes would all be as happy as pigs in shit with the beast in the white house.  Yea, Not worth the trade-off.

Maybe you folks could add some more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

General Won Hung Lo Greets Dear Leader Now Back From Singapore

Kim Jong Un: Paging General Hung Lo! Come to Office Observation Deck on Southeast Wing of Palace !

General Hung Lo arrives almost out of breath from sprinting across promenade level of North West Wing of Palace.

KJ: We have much to talk about Hung.  You will make lots of Dear Leader Thoughts Notes today.

GH: I have my DLTN right here Greatest One !

KJ: Looking out window at beach property.  General Hung, come look through window.  We gonna build Trump hotels on beach right there in middle and get rid of noisy guns.  Also several comfort women's forces resorts (CWFR's). Here, here, over here, and there and many tourist resorts for women with big American breasts to lay out and sun.

Be sure to have many telescopes installed here on observation deck.

GH: It is wonderful Idea Deares...

KJ: No talk Hung, just write.

GH: Nods acceptance of Dearest Leader command.

KJ: Over here we have combination stock market exchange and casino, hard to tell difference anyways. Contact world stock exchanges about investing in new DPRK economic boom time. Wait, not Boom time, Expansion time. Almost make first mistake of life there.  

Great Tweeter tell me how to become billionaire. Easy when own stock exchange and casinos !

Tweeter tells me I get 30% of take and Tweeter secretly remove Klipsey Kleme sanctions right away.  I skim even more while Tweeter not looking of course.

Next go pet store get cute kittens.  Propaganda minister sister gonna make videos of Great Leader playing with cute kittens and post on instraglam, stupid facebook, snapchats and all rest of creepy social blobs.  Evlybody love me and want to hug me after that.

We build huge amusement park next to closed nuclear test site.  I sure land is safe.

Soon world will be sending us food, money, anything we want.  My annihilation plan work perfectly.  Even Great Tweeter thinks His idea.  Oh Ho Ho Hos !

Also guess whats !

Tweeter show me his beast limo.  He has toilet too, but he say just in case.  I berieve him.

Get on horn to Iran and make deal to sell them all nuclear components we have. Get good price.  Ayotoilets guys big plicks but not good hagglers when chance to get ready made WMD's,  If no good price, contact Chechens.  They also stupid bastards.
Almost forget, best chef from Singapore summit hotel in trunk of limo.  Release and take him to palace kitchen.  I hungry again. Damn Chinese Food.

That is all for now General Hung Lo.  I am very stressed and tired from great summit. 

GH: But I have many compriments for you Greatest Leader !

KJ: I already hear all compriments from seclet transmission from Hung Lo apartment posted on right wing cat kid blog

Take special Great Reader kiss up medal from shelf and sing Happy Days Here Again on way out, not Moon River, I tired of that one.

GH: Happy days are here again, la laa dee da deee da dee da..

.. Transmission ends ..