Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Islam a Religion or a Cult ?

Answer: Cult

I chose the definition of a cult from here because it was concise and to the point.

 The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.
muslims will cut your head off if you dis their dead leader, and will kill its own members if they try to leave the cult.
Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.
They will kill a muslim who tries to leave the cult
Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).
5 prayer sessions a day. They're all watching you.
The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry—or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).
See koran. See memri TV. See the women in strict dress coded attire.
The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members (for example, the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar—or the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).
Muslims believe they are the master race above all others.
The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.
Any non-muslim is an infidel to be killed, abused, robbed, raped or otherwise used in any way desired by the muslims.
The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).
The Ayatollah, king or other monarchial leader is above all political leaders in a given country. islam first all else follows.
The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members' participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).
Islam's middle name is lying and deceit. Any tactic, deemed to gain an advantage over a non-muslim group is not only sanctioned by the koran, it is encouraged.

The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.
There is nothing subtle about muslims. Rape, torture, selling female children to old men as wives, clitorectomies - all in the course of normal activity.
Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group.
N/A.  Once a muslim, always a muslim. All in the family.  Deviate and it's honor killing time for you.
The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.
But of course. Death to those who resist when they get to you.
The group is preoccupied with making money.
One of the ISIS group's first goals was to take control of the oil output to sell on the black market, likely to 'civilized' countries like France and various other affiliations via the UN.
Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities.
Well Duh.
Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.
Well Duh.
The most loyal members (the “true believers”) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group.
Well Duh.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bipolar Planetary Nebula? Is There a Drug for That ?

Our future, but when?

Click the picture to go to the site and read a description.  Clicking again gets a larger version.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Death Penalty and Death Penalty Opponents

Many who are against the death penalty point to people often enough to garner attention, who are found innocent through DNA evidence and are freed after 15-20 years.

The key here is the DNA evidence.  These folks being found innocent were convicted before DNA evidence was used or widely used.  So,  (1)If DNA evidence was used when these people were convicted, they may not have been convicted in the first place, and (2) people who are now convicted using DNA evidence are FAR less likely to be found innocent after 15-20 years.

In 20 years, we are not going to be hearing about many people at all released from death row because of new evidence.

Anticipating at least one argument:
Sure, DNA evidence Can be planted but how often is that going to happen..perfection is impossible.

I've had this thought recently, then noticed This Post over at Sig's place.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Solution

Sue Them


A Washington state-based gun rights group is steadily persuading cities and towns across the country to repeal local firearms regulations and give that power back to the states. 

The organization, the Second Amendment Foundation, is working to invalidate city ordinances by arguing that they're in conflict with looser state regulations. So far, it seems to be working. The group says it's been able to overturn more than 100 gun-related ordinances this way, most recently in Utah.  

“We’re going state by state, going through every single ordinance of every city and county in every state and finding where the cities and counties have ordinances enacted that are in conflict with state law,” Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the SAF, told

This is the way.  Voting does us no good.  We vote for something, like a state that votes 70% against gay marriage, and some activist judge cancels the American system by ruling it 'unconstitutional'.  

Realize many of these podunk localities pass laws in the following fashion:  A bunch of tired overweight buttheads get together on Tuesday with donuts and coffee looking to pocket some cash and succumb to the demands of some local buttheads to pass some law restricting gun rights and whammo - another law on the books with no basis in actual legal precedence or constitutionality.

We need a pack of lawyers with more going on than a focus on their own bank accounts and we need to sue liberalism out of existence.  Let's start with having it declared officially a disease just like They had the EPA declare our CO2 exhalations a pollutant.  Absurd!!  (It's not even established science! Why did the SC even take on the case?!)  Let's take it to them in the same way.  And let's keep taking it to them.  It's the only way.

Your thoughts Wise Readers.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Hexagon Storm at The North Pole of Saturn.

It's been there a while.  Maybe a long while.  Voyager 1 saw it when it zoomed by Saturn decades ago.

Latest picture.  Click to read a description.

Various references.

JPL Includes Animation.

Wikipedia with Image and animation.

Click Through for Saturn Hexagon Explained.

Real Story?  Newly minted USMC (Honorary) LCPL "handsome" Howard created and controls the hexagon from his office at Chez Kid who is quite serene and appreciative of his added stripe.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mr Michael Brown Killed by a Policeman in Ferguson

You know, it sounds like excessive force may have been used in this case.  We won't really know until all the facts are in.  In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with people following these simple, time proven tips to avoid the use of excessive force by police all together and living to fight another day as presented by Chris Rock.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


What's really frustrating is when libs don't see anything wrong with say LBJ's robbing of social security and creating welfare with the proceeds, when today, 50 years later, these are some of the biggest problems for America today and they will never raise the white flag and change direction.

PS- Add in literally Every liberal administration program, initiative, department, thought, and idea.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Any sane person does not want to see people, especially children, suffering poverty, hunger, or at the hands of tyrants.  Any conservative believes that all people are born with a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  A right, but not a Guarantee.

Some people are born in environments which make this dream practically impossible or impossible. A Saudi Arabian child is taught from the time they can communicate that the west and America is the Great Satan.  People born into the wrong caste system in India spend their lives in the sewers keeping them clear of human waste.  Children in N Korea eating grass and burning cow dung in the winter to try to stay warm. You get the picture.

Any sane conservative would love to be able to help these people.  I exclude the worst of the liberals because it is clear they really don't care about anything but them selves.  There are many liberals who just haven't figured out what is going on, and I know some who claim to be liberals who are actually conservatives and just haven't figured that out yet.  The fact that the media, pop culture, and political body have so distorted these labels makes it difficult to find one's way.

If some people find their way to America, lately on train rides from Central America paid for by Americans, and integrate into our society and participate as working tax payers that's one thing, but there is little chance of that happening with these kids and many other immigrants coming to America the last few decades.

These Central American kids won't learn the language or integrate themselves into American society, they are here for the free stuff.  They'll be on the welfare programs and amount to nothing more than newly imported democrats at best.  In fact, many of them are committing crimes right out of the box and are filling up jails where ever they happen to currently be which is all over the country.  The Sheriff in Butler County Ohio testifies to this.  These particular kids haven't been immunized against anything and many are bring diseases that America had conquered like small pox.

I know many great Mexican people from living in Arizona 20 years, and know many now, but many Mexicans are coming here for the free stuff and to commit crimes.  If they do get caught they end up in what is a 3 star hotel to them in our prison system.

Then you have the muslims.  They are bound by their cult to convert or kill everyone else on the planet.  They are not coming here to integrate into our society. Many of them are here for the free stuff.  The Boston bomber was on the welfare system.  If you believe in 'moderate' muslims, you believe in a fallacy.  They may not kill anyone, but they are here to vote in the ones who will and to breed out Americans to be able to make that happen.

These are not the kind of people we want pouring over the borders but just for fun, let's say they were.  When do you say stop.  91 million people unemployed and not looking (includes all ages but still 1/3rd of the country)  We don't have jobs for the people who were born here.  The majority of people getting hired are being hired at part time jobs becuase of obammacare regulations.

There are 6.5 billion people on the rock.  probably somewhere around 3 billion (the largest concentrations of people are in the India/Middle East/Africa area of the globe) who are living sub standard lives in very poor living condition environments.  Do we take them all in?  Course not. It's impossible.  Would the libs bring them in. Hell yea.  I've heard them on the radio years ago saying Throw open the borders !

These would be the people who when the vermin crash into their house and beat them to death would be wondering, Where did these people come from?!?

If we really want to help the 3 billion people living in hellholes like Haiti and everywhere else, then the way to do that is for America to keep itself strong and adopt a true global court approach to human life on this planet.  If you are some POS dictator like kim jong the sequel in N Korea, you're going to find your ass in the next life along with anyone supporting you and the people of N Korea are going to find themselves living in a civilized country.

Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

obama Is Doing A Great Job !

This is what I read in "the news".  obama has a 46% approval rating most recently.

  • Gas is twice the price.
  • Food prices are up from 50% to 100%.  100% on the things low income people would be expected to buy like soup.
  • Jobs are in the toilet. Most of the people finding work are finding part time jobs that are insulating companies from obamacare rules. 91 million people are out of work and not even looking anymore.  That includes all ages but still, a 3rd of the population..
  • Prices on everything are up because businesses are passing additional costs for obamacare to the middle class who pay for everyone else.  
  • The middle class is being destroyed.  It just doesn't quite know it yet.  Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance.  Most of them are barely in the Denial phase.
  • Many Rural Hospitals are Closing because of obamacare.  In the news.
  • obamacare is destroying health care in America as well as the economy.
  • Racism has ramped up to the point of racial motivated violence and death all around the country.  It wasn't any worse in the 1960's when the race riots were going on.  We have a federal AG who states he isn't going to prosecute blacks for anything.
  • Tyrants around the world (muslims, Putin, China) are having a free for all run because they know obama isn't going to do shit about anything.
  • Foreign policy makes the USA a laughing stock of the world.
  • Foreign relations are in the toilet. obama craps on our traditional allies. obama aids the radical muslims.
  • Under Ronald Reagan, America was the Shining City On the Hill.  Under obama, America is the country that: needs to apologize to muslim vermin, wrongly concede it is not exceptional, wrongly concede that 'It Didnt' Build That'.
  • obama has criticized Israel and has yet to utter a discouraging word about muslim vermin who shoot 1200 rockets into Israel before Israel even lifts a finger to defend them selves.  Regardless what you think of Israel, you must concede that obama has No Problem with violence from mulsim radical vermin. Not a one.
  • the obama administration is paying the expenses to have children shipped into America from Central American countries for the purpose of building the democrat voting base.  At the same time, talented intelligent people from India for example are being denied entry based on an assessment that they won't leave when their visa is up.  obama has stated he wants the best and brightest to immigrate here.  As usual, the truth is a 180. he only wants life long democrat voters to immigrate here.
Honestly. who are these idiots, comprising 46% of the polled population that give this POS an approval rating?  Maybe the respondents are people at home during working hours to answer the phone.  If you get my drift.

I could go on and on and on.  But let's just pause here and I'll ask if anyone knows of something that is Better in America since this racist, anti-American, radical muslim activist POS was elected to the white house. Twice.

Bring it on.