Sunday, February 7, 2016

To The Republican Candidates Who Want to Win This Election

Speaking as a non-PC Conservative Voter..

We don't care about Jobs.  We don't care about the Economy.  We don't care about Common Core, We don't care about Abortion(though we do about selling baby parts).  We don't care about Homosexuality. We don't care about Tweaking the Tax Code.

What do we care about?

We care about stand down orders given to border patrol agents who now must let in God Knows What of illegal alien in to American Neighborhoods and some of those will most assuredly be moslem vermin scum like the two spider brained wonders who killed a bunch of people in California recently in a Gun Free Zone using weapons that were illegal, equipped with high capacity magazines that are illegal in CA, and tossing around illegal pipe bombs. Hey government - Get your head out of your ass is my main suggestion here.  These vermin care about our law as as much as you don't.

We care about our public schools being communist indoctrination centers.

We care about how you're paying females who's only opportunity to survive is to pump out future murderers and rapists into zero opportunity, non-education, drug and crime infested environments like pieces of toast.  That's because they themself were pumped out into this environment so they had the choice of being a stripper, a prostitute, or a baby maker getting a pay raise every time they pumped another one out into a non family situation.

You think I'm kidding?  Watch a show called First 48.  An endless stream of black punks killing all manner of people for no reason. 

We care about local, state and federal governments that can simply ignore our Constitution with anti-gun laws, property seizure practices, and total disregard for personal liberty.

We care about kids being indoctrinated by the federal education system to be little communist libtards.  Then to be further indoctrinated by a libtard mass media entity that is supported by government $, those $ confiscated from American tax paying contributors.

We care about American patriotism being banned in our schools.

We care about 50% of medicare being fraud. 50% of the DOD budget is fraud. Given the last 7 years, 50% of everything is fraud(at least-it's a feeding frenzy) while an 11 trillion national debt balloons to 20 trillion by the time this moslem imbecile is ejected from the white house, and hopefully not replaced with another socialist moslem appeasing imbecile.

The "black community" also needs to be told to "Get an education, get a job, make a life for yourself and be happy".  Much happier than they are now.  People, especially cops who murder blacks or whites in cold blood need to be put in stocks in the town center for everyone to beat the crap out of until they are dead.

If we restart the program of educating patriotically minded, critically thinking individuals, all of this other shit will take care of itself.

I have to say to Jeb Bush  "tweak the tax code?" "Embrace the Syrian Refugees?"  Dude - what planet do you think you live on?

Friday, February 5, 2016

For You Tommy Emmanuel Fans

Embedding Disabled, Here is Windy And Warm - a tune played by Mr Guitar, Chet Atkins that Tommy heard (barely) on the radio traveling through Australia as a young man with his family band called the Midget Safari's.  This tune launched Tommy's career as a finger picking guitar player.  His family told him that doing this was impossible - that playing bass with melody was a recording trick but as Tommy says "I knew he was playing everything at once and I had to work it out."  He worked it out.

Well what the heck.  Tommy's version along with Classical Gas..

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brave Young German Girl

Hat Tip: IMP 

If you are short on time, you can get the gist of this from the 5 to the 8 minute mark.  This is a very intelligent girl who wastes no words.  A great presentation.  

In other news:  All women and girls of any age living in the European Union states are now required by law to provide sex to any moslem vermin on demand or face a prison sentence where moslem vermin sex will be forced upon them until their 'mind is right'.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elect Me

I will:

  • Cancel all of barry's executive actions.  I'll do it on the Jimmy Fallon late night show night after night, 5 or 10 at a time until they are all vanquished
  • Delete the federal dept of education
  • Hell - delete all federal departments that are not directly associated with National Defense or health or science.  Space exploration?  Screw that beyond space weaponry.  Some morons want to go live on a lifeless, pizza-less rock filled planet that is well below zero, let them use their own piggy banks to get there.
  • The EPA will be severely declawed. The EPA will have to petition Congress for any action it intends to take upon the nation
  • I will write an Executive Order requiring that members of Congress be subject to any laws that they write affecting the American population and that the population are subject to any laws they write affecting members of Congress
  • (Your idea here)
  • Inform the moslems they are considered a national security threat and their mosques are open season for inspection at any time as well as their homes
  • That islam is not a religion and therefore not subject to tax free or special status of any kind
  • That women without any visible means of support who have children will be steralized after their first child, which will be put up for adoption and they sent to jail for gross child abuse
  • That able bodied individuals have 3 months to find gainful employment because we will no longer pay them to sit on their ass smoking weed and buying 22 inch chrome wheels with spinners for their escalades instead of food for their children
  • Make it mandatory that all schools teach a patriotic, critical thinking themed ciriculum which would require anyone favoring a system such as socialism to put forth an honest thesis of how socialism has made anyone's life better anywhere.  (That's gonna solve a bunch right there) Ditto any Non-Capitalist/American meme
  • Require all graduates to understand and express why PC and multiculturalism is a cancer upon society
  • Cancel barry soetoro's  and the clinton's government retirement money and personal security on the basis of impeachment for the clintons and treason for the obama's. (Thanks Mustang for this last one)
There's more but this is the first 4 years.  Any other ideas for the next 4?


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ride Along With the Blues

If you haven't yet, you really need to ride along with the Blue Angels in one of their shows.  The Blue Angels are much more awsum than the Thunderbirds.  I've seen both many times and Naval Aviators are rock stars.  Imagine landing a jet on a small patch of runway that might be bobbing in the ocean at night...

That was a short uneventful one.  There are others on youtube that include 'complications'.

See the Blues here.

You might get a security warning since obama considers all Navy pilots as domestic terrorists, just accept them and move on to the site.
Once you get here, click on the deal that I have circled in red to get a larger screen.  If you didn't end up on 'Inside the Demo' Click on Inside the Demo.  Any problemos, comment and I'll help ya out.

I suggest starting with # 7 since 1 thru 6 are kinda boring.  The individual videos should automatically move through in sequence just like scenes on a DVD disk, but you may get stuck on one.  Just hit the back button and click the next one in sequence from where you got stuck to move on.

Lots a fun.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

I Like Fox Fur

The Fox Fur Nebula that is.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read about it.  And click the pic to enlarge it.

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