Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Interesting Image

The new blogger Sucks.  Must have been updated by college grads.

Well, click the image and never hear about the China flu, democrats, Satanic activity (but I repeat myself..), or from geniuses who are actually morons, ever again.  Extended warranty for the above available in the gift shop on your way out.  Competitive pricing triple guaranteed.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

58 Trillion Mile Long Tadpoles

Well, nothing in the 'news' that I even feel like making jokes about lately...

Yes I see a big face too.

Click the pic for a chance to win !

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Well, I'm Getting Tired of

the scammer pukes, so I'm going to try moderation for a while and see if that's any less labor intensive.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Guy Makes an Interesting Point

This fellow was in Iraq when things go fired up so he saw it first hand.  What follows is a snippet from his post where he compares the intentional destabilization of Iraq when things got fired up to what is happening in the US right now with the well organized, planned, and funded carnage happening around America lately.

Language Warning

Update: As I walked past the TV tonight, I hear that various Democrat officials are planning to DEFUND the Police in their areas.  That lines things up a bit closer.

Guy makes good points

Here is the link to the whole post, but again, this guy uses lots of language and there isn't a lot to add to the above imo.

Thoughts ?

Part II

It is totally unacceptable for Defense Secy Esper to publicly denounce Trumps plan to invoke the Insurrection Act.  He serves the President that we elected.  If he doesn't like his orders he can resign.  Honestly, are there no "Americans" working in Federal Government?

If the government doesn't deploy the military to deal with the out of control terrorism, it will be left to vigilantes to handle.  That is not a good thing. That would really put us on par with the worst countries around the globe.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

State of Education in The USA. How many even know what USA means I wonder..

Education in America generally sucks to he point that one could call it child abuse and even country abuse. I know the teacher's unions are a big part of the problem but I'm sure it goes deeper, in fact I'd bet it goes all the way to Moscow in the 1960's if you get my drift.

Now I don't really care if High School and College kids know where North Korea is on the map or that it was Patrick Henry who said "Give me liberty or give me Death", or whether they could recite the heading or principle of each of the Amendments to the Constitution referred to as The Bill of Rights.

What blasts out at me when I watched these is that even Major events in our past are Completly Unknown to these kids.  That has to be by design.  They have no idea what the Civil War was or why it was fought, or by who.  Ditto WWI, WWII.  You get the idea.

As a friend tells me, when you remove a nation's history, that nation no longer exists.

Without Further Ado.

First a Short one

Now a Longer one if you have the time and interest and you could also skip through.  Maybe not a lot of value in viewing each and every second.  You'll get the idea Pletty Qrick as Kim Jong would say.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

News, News, News, and More News.

Alex Cortez recommends HydroRobitussinCloroform to combat virus. Testifies that she has been sleeping Much Better with it, but oddly suspects she wakes up wearing different PJs in the morning and also feels a little weird.

Lindsey Graham commits to Hearings until the cows come home from having jumped over the blue cheese moon. The Hearings Will Never Stop ! he declares! Harumph Harumph Harumph !

Nana Pelosi drafting 750B bill to aid... er, fill the pockets of state and local officials and their mobster and globalist friends and masters.

Democrat governors call for all residents to place their hand on the big green dot of their twister mat then wait for the next move.  Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg to make next spin of wheel but can't be located.  Residents who do not own a twister mat to be find $1,000 per day until they get one.

Feminists call for the death of all non-feminists.  After everyone else is dead they complain that there is no one left to date.  Creatures very unhappy they are remarks Yoda.

Biden virtual rally inexplicably airs transgender porn movie based on real life Michele Obama story.  No one notices.

Schiff claims he was abducted by aliens and through intensive and abusive sexual experimentation, was made to say everything he's said over the last 20 + years against his will.  Claims Nadler is his Earthbound "Handler".

Veritas discovers secret Joe Biden ID associated with Sugar Daddy website.  Girls claiming the "sumbitch never paid them".

Brian Stelter in anti-racist rant, claims most people in Africa absolutely adore him, and many who are related to those who were in power want to send him the contents of their bank accounts.

Mika confirms Dominatrix role in her marriage to Joe Scarborough.  Plans future book and video documentary.  Sounds Nauseous to me.

Nana Pelosi announces that a Democrat Vote will be required to receive COVID-19 treatment

Alex Cortez hospitalized for excessive heart palpitations as she reacts to culling of cows and major reduction of air travel
Insects, animals, mammals, and fish mounting major offensive against the human race.  They're tired of this shit. Tired Tired, Tired Tired Tired Tired.   CDC recommends people stay away from anywhere these creatures might be.
Maxine Waters declares that the Democrats will not stop until all American people are corpses smoking and vaporizing in the streets like vampires in the sunshine.

CNN taps Greta Thunberg for Coronavirus expert panel.  (Real One hahahaaa aaaa Hahahahahaaa) <=Link

House bill to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens and give them carte blanche to commit whatever crimes they wish without consequence.

Aliens send message declaring they won't touch our planet with a trillion mile pole.

ICE Declares it will take 140 years to deport all illegals.  Kid sends email to ICE declaring "Shut off the free shit and they will deport themselves in a matter of Weeks !"  Waiting for reply.

Bank Robbers no longer allowed at teller windows without masks.

Democrats sneak new declaration into stimulus bill declaring every raindrop that falls in the USA is a vote for Joe Biden.

Unemployment benefits expanded to include free porn subscriptions.

80% of democrats sign petition titled "Good God, Please Find Someone Better !"

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Apparently, Mustang has Agents Everywhere. Who Knew ?

To say any more would reveal too much and endanger the lives of agents and their beloved cats all over.

Anyway - Enjoy a guest post by Mustang !

... A conversation between Mayor Bill Di Blasio and his underling chief of staff.  Place: The Mayor’s Office, NYC.

C/S:   Good morning sir.  How was the ride in from your mayoral mansion?

Mayor:        I’m not in the mood for small talk this morning.  What’s going on this morning?

C/S:   According to personnel, we’ve run critically short of illegal aliens.  We’re down to around 2,000 in all five Burroughs.

Mayor:        How in the hell did that happen?

C/S:   Well, as you know, we recently had the Cinco de Mayo celebrations all over the city, so along with that was a lot of wild parties, which always ends up with knife fights, gun fights, and the occasional broken bottle of Dos XX thrust into the chest of an occasional bystander.  Those dopes in the NYPD shot a few, too, during a robbery attempt in Queens.  The body count was well over 10,000 city-wide at last tally.

Mayor:        Damn.  Well, we can’t have that.

C/S:   No sir, but that’s just the way those people are.  Given time, though, they’ll repopulate themselves.

Mayor:        No, I mean we can’t afford to lose so many illegal aliens.  We’ve got to replace them, and quick.

C/S:   Replace them?  How?

Mayor:        Let’s get someone to call Mexico and a few of those other shit holes in central America.  Ask them to send up more.

C/S:   We can’t do that, sir.  You know what a sieve some of our departments are to the press.  If word got out about us asking for more illegals ... well, it would only add fire to Trump’s damn tweet machine.

Mayor:        Yeah ... well, then, how about we ask New Jersey and Delaware to send us some?

C/S:   We already owe them for the last two shipments; I think they sent us 5,000 each.  Eventually, when it gets closer to Election Day, they’ll want them back.

Major:         Damn.  Yeah, you’re right.  It’s a shame, too, because those illegals from Jersey are quality stock.  Well-fed from the tax system, and crazy irritable.  Almost the perfect illegal, if you know what I mean.

C/S:   I think we just have to wait for the re-population thing to occur among those that remain.

Mayor:        No, that’s out of the question.  Besides, with only 2,000 left ... what if another damn Hispanic celebration pops up?  We could lose them all in one fell swoop.  We’ve got to come up with another way to replenish our stock.

C/S:   Well, you know, if you pay me per diem, I could drive down to Mexico, or Texas, or to Canada and bring some back in my van.  Forty or fifty trips could do it.

Mayor:        No, no that won’t work.  Besides, the last time you took a trip like that, your per diem bill was well over two million dollars and I had to take that out of Chirlane’s household money.  I didn’t get laid for a week.  Snap!  I know, let’s release illegals from our jails and prisons.  We’ve got what .... around 20,000 or so convicted of serious felonies, another 10,000 awaiting trial, and I think another 5,000 that are pending plea bargaining.  Let’s do that!

C/S:   Um.  Sir.  Release criminals?  Seriously?  Won’t they just kill, rape, rob, mug, deal, and assault more?

Mayor:        Small price to pay.  Let’em go.

C/S:   Small price to pay for what, Mr. Mayor?

Mayor:        Damn you’re slow.  We can’t have a sanctuary city without someone getting sanctuary, can we?  Who ever heard of a sanctuary city that didn’t offer sanctuary?  Let’em go.  Today.  Right now.

C/S:   Won’t that damage our chances of getting more federal money to feed the homeless, though?

Mayor:        Naw ... those dopes in Washington will never figure it out.  Let’s just release the criminals and then, if anyone finds out, we’ll just resort to our favorite strategy of ignoring questions from the press.  That was a joke ... we never get any questions from the press.  Ha ha ha.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Real News !

China sending millions of "Walking Dead" with fatal bite disease to US in massive shipping container ships.  One bite and you become one of them.  Democrats disallow customs inspections.  Federal judges back them up.

Lindsey Graham, crying, finally admits liberal boyfriend won't let him do anything about anything. Says he even makes him wear women's underwear around the house and not the comfortable kind either.

GOP members going for Guinness World Record for idle threats.
Alexandria Cortez Absolutely Ecstatic that the flying cows  are being culled and that the no one is getting on those farting airplanes. She is running around screaming "China has saved us!!"

Jim Jordan latest GOP-er to take on the role of Captain Obvious by telling us the Steele dossier is confirmed to be BS.

Congress fails to override Trump's veto to curb his war powers.  Half of Congress rushes to phones to apologize to Iran, other half frantically calling China.

President Trump takes first step to open mining operations on  the moon.  Says "There is no better cheese anywhere in the Solar System. This I will tell you."

Health Insurers going bankrupt from Covid Claims, re-opening as porn sites during Stay At Home Lock Downs to recoup losses.

Democrats file White House petition to have Ted Bundy receive presidential pardon so they can vote for him instead of Joe Biden.  Petition reaches 145 million signatures in days.  President Trump dismisses request.

Joe Biden admits to sexual assaults but claims he has Democratic Immunity.

Joe Biden says "Folks, don't put masks on your pigs, you'll destroy the Lipstick Industry.

Project Veritas uncovers orders from NYC Mayor ordering hundreds of newly released illegal alien rapists, murders, and others to randomly break down residential doors, rape and murder people inside and bring valuables back to his office.

Monday, May 4, 2020

In The News !

thousands or even millions of talking head people such as media critters, celebrity critters, or any given politicians claiming that "heads will roll" - over the last 244 years have been wrong for 244 years.  (2020-1776= 244)

The effort to save America starts with ignoring these pukes and taking a new tact that might actually accomplish something.


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Well, Slow News Day

Strip Monopoly now hottest game in Asia.  Pass Go, collect piece of clothing from another chosen player.  "Get out of Jail Free" cards replaced with "Get piece of underwear from opposing player" cards.  "Bank Error In Your Favor"  replaced with "Kill a Democrat for Free" cards.

mohammed mohammed ali mohammed el-Tikriti claims you cannot put lipstick on a greased pig.  Telephone operators also claim it is impossible to locate correct phone number for anyone named mohammed anything.

US to cut 87% of job roles.   Stock Market set for huge Monday Rally.  Displaced workers guaranteed unemployment benefits, democrats standing in way of millions of payments.  Suicide Hotline Heating Up. (Real One).  Operators standing by.

Chicago Mayor to arrest anyone violating stay at home orders.  Everyone hits streets in defiance.  After jails full, cops forced to house offenders in 5 star hotels and provide gourmet food delivery service.

Joe Biden strips 13 year old girl completely naked on special episode of "The View".  Hosts cheer !  Joy Behar calls for more pre-teen volunteers from audience noting Joe Biden not satisfied with less than 316 girls to molest, averages 6 every five minutes.  Gets permission to extend show broadcast.

North and South Korean troops in Heated Games of Tic Tac Toe.

Maria Bartiromo ask lip service specialist Lindsey Graham (On Fox News Segment) why he's made threats against clear federal criminals for 3 years but hasn't done shit about shinola other than flap his trap.  Lindsey has hard time answering.  (I didn't watch the vid.)  I hear he just made more idle threats against the media now.  Claims his boyfriend won't let him do anything useful.

Kitty Cats getting more aggressive against the government tyranny.  CDC reports Calico's and Orange Tabby's most deadly.
CNN Analysts claim Biden should pick ugliest and rudest female available for VP partner.  They're right.

Mustang selects Z as choice to join in quarantine release.  Mrs Mustang already pre-selected.  Unclear if Z will need to travel to Mustang's palacios estate in undisclosed location.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Friday, May 1, 2020

Comets are Alien Spying Devices. This I Will Tell You.

Below you can click on the image for more info.

(btw - Haley's comet comes by every 75 years or so.  I was able to record its transmission back to its home planet during its last visit using an app on my smartypants phone.  Basically it said "Screw This Place".)

Well, the latest alien probe to check on our dipstick planet imaged below. Notice how it is so interested in escaping our sphere of influence...

Monday, April 27, 2020


Enjoy or not


Chet Atkins !

The News Never Stops Comin At Ya

Who will replace Kim Jong Un?  Speculation that it will be some bigger POS.

Nana Pelosi applies to be porn actress. No One interested.  Not even in 3rd world countries.  Nausea now declared bigger problem than corona virus around the globe.

Three females being considered for Biden VP choice, All Chinese with very fragrant hair! - Ho Lee Fuk,  Some Ting Wong, and Bang Ding Ow.  Congress dismissing rules requiring natural citizens for these government positions.  China probably greasing some palms - lots of em.

Progressives calling for Joe Biden to drop out of race over sexual assault charges.  Want candidate with more solid and confirmed sexual assault evidence as well as more serious sexual charges.

Governor Cuomo pressuring mayor DeBlasio to get piercings on all sexually related body parts. And tattoos, don't forget the tattoos.

Facebook adds new suicide feature.  Just click.  Extra pain available for added shipping and handling fee.  Stock price jumps.  Twitter management in emergency meetings to counter suicide strategy.

Media members required to wear shock collars around neck and in crotch area during White House press briefings until further notice.  When one of the pukes attacks the President they all get the juice.  Like a Marine barracks blanket party.  Take That !

Cats have had enough of this crap - sharpening claws on tree bark, carpeting, and furniture in preparation for swamp draining and world domination.

Nana Pelosi endorses Joe Biden amid sexual assault claims.  In statement to press she testifies that Joe sexually assaulted her many times and she always enjoyed the hell out of it, says accusers are just in it for the money or are drunken lesbians.

First Graders required to demonstrate sexual performance techniques in front of class.  Teachers state "Don't worry, everyone will get a chance."

Chris Wallace in odd 5 minute moment on FOX TV segment declares "Look at my beady Eyes!  Look at em!"  over and over and over.  Wins pulitzer prize.

California bans all activity.  Marjorie Dorisin  fined $1,000 for waking up, created youtube video about this.  Fined another $10,000 for making youtube video.  Gavin Newsom splitting sides laughing. Fines himself 50 cents.

SpaceX's latest Starship actually Not a Strarship - Can't fly to another star.  Not Happenin.  Gen-Zers scream at sky upon revelation.

"Protests" determined by experts to be Colossal waste of time and energy.  Hey go clean up some litter instead you idiots they write!

Andy Cuomo blames wild sex orgies at nursing homes as reason for Covid-19 case escalation.

Daffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat banned from public spaces for history of spraying saliva into the areas they travel.  Tweety Bird still free to travel.

(blogger such a piece of crap...)