Tuesday, June 7, 2016

As Usual, The Incompetents in Governments Around the World Are Missing Out

On a 50 Quadrillion $ Opportunity.

The short story is:

- Thorium is many thousands of times more plentiful than uraniumm
- Thorium/Molten Salt reactors are 100% safe from meltdown
- They don't generate any CO2 (for you global warming nuts)
- Get This!  They eat the solid waste from other conventional reactors

What's not to like.  Well, apparently, since there isn't a friggin thing not to like about these things, government absolutely hates them.  (Someone is building a reactor somewhere currently)

If you didn't notice in this somewhat technical article, several countries including the USA had at least one of these running circa 1960.  The reason they didn't go with them is they don't produce weapons grade nuclear material.  And of course they're 100% safe and much more economical.

PS - the next time you see some PETA or other category of idiot post an article about how cats kill many numbers of birds, remind them that Solar Farms kill many times more birds.  Laugh at the blank stare coming back at you.


  1. I had no idea. What can we do?

    1. Spread the word Cube. Spread the word. I've been doing it for a good while now. We must get to where we have 100 million letters a year ending up in DC demanding Thorium/Molten salt reactors on every corner.

      There are some youtubes out there that do a good job of explaining them too.

  2. I've been getting emails for avfew years on attempts.
    Investment bait, I guess.
    No breakthrough yet.

    1. Ed, yea, I don't see the investment potential, but I do see the quality of life potential. Hell, I'm all for getting rid of coal too. I think it causes cancers along with all the other petroleum use, but so we're battling cancers, and we're battling air quality, and what they hey climate tingamachanges. Why are we not going gangbusters for this stuff.

      Solar and wind will only go so far, and Solar and Wind actually kill a great number of birds. Seriously. Freakin Libtards !!! I hate em.