Thursday, April 14, 2016


Well, once again the subject is socialism because as it happens it has presented itself to you for the purpose of observing its effects on your life under this system.

France - 4/14/2016... Riot police deployed tear gas and pepper spray to disperse hundreds of youngsters who jam-packed central Paris on Thursday to revolt over proposed labor-law reforms, outraged at the prospect of more hours and less pay. 

You got that right?  It means that companies don't decide what you make or how many hours you work, the government does.  That of course means you have no escape route like you have in the USA, such as quitting the suckass job you have at Acme, and moving to a non suckass job at Widgets.

You don't have any options.  You are a subject of the state.  And of course, this is France, a place you liberals dream about and believe is 1000 % better than the mean old US of A.

And we haven't even touched on the fact that moslems are turning France into a shithole.
Critical Thinking.  Get Some.


  1. All the ladies who blog about decor and girls stuff are completely enamored of anything French. They think it's really quaint that they shop daily at the bakery, and then hop over to fish monger, then to the fruit stand, and carry it all home in a clever little crochet bag. They don't understand that they do that because the crappy hole in the wall apartment they live in has a refrigerator the size of a dorm model.

    And, of course, French women are so much more glamorous and worldly. Uh - no. When I worked at Spindletop at the Hyatt Regency in Houston we catered to tourists. The worse were the French women. Very loud and demanding. They did dress nicely.

    1. Adrienne, I don't know if Fredd has ever been to your place but he has been to France and testifies to the same description you have laid out here to a T. It must be worse now than when you or he were there. Mostly thanks to the moslems and the ever declining economic health of the EU and its member states.

      Back when obama was pushing obamacare, we were occasionally dining with some communist acquaintance vegans. Nice folks really but dumb as rocks. He made the comment at one point that doctors in France do house calls. I asked, How much healthcare can you get from a little black bag? No answer.

      Same old story eh? many people, not restricted to libtards always see the grass greener elsewhere and live according to their fantasy life.

      Makes me believe progress is impossible. But we can still focus more on our lives and friends and make things good in that regard.

  2. Adrienne/Kid:

    I lived in Europe 30 years ago, and back then the quality of life for the average European Joe was perhaps half that of an average American. Adult, grown up Europeans lived like American college students did: teeny, little dorm refrigerators, tiny little apartments, no car, no garage, no closets. They did that 'cosmopolitan daily shopping' for fresh veggies, etc., not because they are cooler than us, but because they HAD TO. No food storage capability at all for Pierre and Helmut.

    I think it's way worse, now. Havent' been back since 1999. And it was sliding horribly, then.

    1. That's what I remember you saying Fredd. Yep. Oooooooooh - France!

      I lived in England in 1990 and I had the impression it was like the USA in say 1958 or so. Better now I'm sure, but from a standard of living, available technology, etc, it was very backward.