Friday, April 8, 2016

Inspired by the Beautiful and Talented Ms Z

This post is.. (as Yoda would say)

This story touched me and I hope it touches you and most of all I hope this human spirit blossoms in American Culture.  It would be helpful.


  1. Oh, I LOVE these stories, as you well know...and hope more of us post things like this...more and more.
    What a great thing; that she saw all those well wishes from the people she'd served for 30 years....
    Thanks, Kid!
    Such a sad story, but it sure helps to hear how her brother loved her and tried to help, and how complete strangers also wanted to make her feel better.

  2. Z, Sad, yes. But it is a fact of life and death also. This last 6 months or so, we had a girl at work in her mid 50's with pancreatic cancer and it was through her entire body when they found it. She's gone now, then a guy in shipping has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. He's in his early 50's. Very sad. The company had taken up collections for both people and the donations were very generous. I only wish we could do more for such situations in life, but as they say, you can't cheat death. We will all be there someday.

    Yes, I would have written something for her if I was a passenger on that plane. I think many of us would. The silent majority. I sure hope they aren't silent in November...

  3. While I was fearing it, it came,
    __ But came with less of fear,
    Because that fearing it so long
    __ Had almost made it dear.
    There is a fitting a dismay,
    __ A fitting a despair.
    ’Tis harder knowing it is due,
    __ Than knowing it is here.
    The trying on the utmost,
    __ The morning it is new,
    Is terribler than wearing it
    __ A whole existence through.

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    I guess we all know what the "it" she referred to is, isn't that right?

    It could be a diagnosis of certain death in the near future. It could be news that one must cope with a chronic, debilitating illness. It could be an awareness of the imminent arrival of any distressing, depressing, unwelcome event.

    A show of empathy from others may not cure the situation, but it sure helps ease the pain.

    And, as Emily indicates, once the dreaded occurrence arrives it may not feel as bad as feared at first.

    In fact wasting our lives by living in constant fear may be worse than death, itself.

    1. FT, Excellent. I agree of course.

  4. Very inspirational story. I'm glad she got her last wings.

    1. Cube, I think there are more people like this than otherwise. Don't know. But I do know the A---'s seem to get all the press. Ah well.

    2. Cube, We'll find out soon enough in November. Unless the elections are totally rigged then who knows.