Sunday, April 3, 2016

Politicians and Elections

Here is the problem with libtards.  And which the politicians capitalize on and clean up with.

Global Warming is a Perfect example.

Whether it is real or a scam, it does not matter.

Politicians get all the libtards geeked up about something catastrophic that might happen in the future.

(By the way the last thing I read was that this will be a big problem in the year 2500.  Remember when it was going to be a big problem in our lifetime?  Then it was going to be a problem by the year 2100?  I do.)

This really isn't anything new.  We had the scare where we'd be out of oil worldwide by the year 2000. That was the 70's.  IN the year 2000, we had much more oil than we had  in the 70's.  Then it was the ozone hole.  Then the ozone hole was Ok, then it wasn't.  I have an app on my phne now to tell me whether the ozone hole is Ok or not today.  Then it was DDT.  DDT doesn't hurt anyone.  It does allow many more mosquitos to stay alive infecting people with malaria.  Maybe that was the goal?
Hey, American government kills Americans, it is not a shock to think they'd kill people in other countries by denying them DDT.. Maybe this is a bigger subject than I thought. Let me try to focus.... Well suffice it to say that the governments are always telling us we're screwing up the planet.  So they can make demands on us.

So, they use this to both make you feel guilty, get you to give them money either through willingness (like donations) or taxation.  People much more willingly part with their hard earned money when they feel guilty. It is a Major strategy that works for the politicians over and over, again and again.  They do what works.  Everyone does what works.

Like Adrienne pointed out recently, how laughable it is that someone is going to walk into a car dealership and ‘get over’ on them.  They do this 24/7/365.  You do it maybe once every 5 years for about a half hour.  Or the idiots who go to Vegas with a ‘system’ to take down the casinos.  You see how this applies to politics.  The politicians screw us over 24/7/365.  And they are highly motivated to do so, since 1) They know how evil and greedy they are, and 2) They are still afraid of us because of the 2nd amendment – which btw you notice they are feverishly trying to take away from you.  Gee. Wonder Why.

Honestly, if you spend massive amounts of time watching men play with a ball, then watching Mike and Mike or Stephen and Skip talk about men playing with a ball like it was some kind of seriously important activity, then you’re probably spending less than 1% of your time, if any at all,  recognizing how politicians are raping you with telephone poles every second of every day.  Big breath....

Where was I going with this? Oh yea...

The point is that massive numbers of people are corralled and manipulated through the use of Two things.  Greed and Fear.  Greed kicks in and works for the losers of our society who want something from the rest of us (That’d be the democrats mostly), and fear which kicks in more with conservatives (or people with more than one brain cell to rub together)  who realize that moslem vermin might just be able to set off a nuke somewhere in the USA or seriously injure our standard of living by running around being spider brained homicidal maniacs.  The politicians play these like a Stradivarius, and we all dance to the music. You can tell because the dems always talk about how much free stuff they are going to dole out and the repubs talk about how the world is about to come to an end because of Pick a Threat.
The scene in Pale Rider when Stockman and his deputies make the drunken gold miner dance, then blow his brains out comes to mind.

I don’t dance to the music.  I’m not saying I’m better or worse than anyone else (Now the tune Everyday People comes to mind).  I’m just saying this is how all of us are being played.  I see it as “Fool me once, it is your fault, fool me a million times over and over again, and It is most definitely my fault, your fault, our fault.  Of course, in our defense, we can only vote for who ends up on the ballot.

Why does the government hate conservatives?  Glad you asked.  It is because we pay attention.  We know who and what they are.  We don't spend all of our time watching men play with a ball then watching other men talking about men playing with a ball then go to work and talk to everyone we know about men playing with balls.

And Good God, can the ‘news’ people find something else to talk about beside 4 and a half people (Kasich gets the 0.5 designation) who happen to be running for president?  I’ve certainly had enough.  I don’t watch TV, unless forced to at dinnertime, and when I scan a news.Google page without images, I Zoom past anything that talks about the candidates.
Until it is down to two candidates, it is a waste of energy for me anyway to pay too much attention to it all.  I've already spent my one vote, nothing left for me to do until I get to vote once more.  Unlike the dems who vote many times.

Maybe I'm just being obstinate.  I hope I haven't upset you.  Please return to your wonderful life and enjoy yourself.

Update:  Summary - libtards see politicians as the answer, Conservatives see politicians as the problem.


  1. can the ‘news’ people find something else to talk about beside 4 and a half people (Kasich gets the 0.5 designation) who happen to be running for president? I’ve certainly had enough.

    Ditto that!

    I'm watching much less TV news. Instead, I'm curling up with a good book.

    1. AOW, Nothing is what it is billed as. Except for you and Mr AOW of course. Or we and our families - maybe.

    2. Kid,
      Mr. AOW and are not into pretense. What you see is what you get. My mother used to tell me, "Your bluntness will get you into trouble." And so it has!

      I'm sure that you and yours are the same.

    3. AOW, Oh Yea, I hate BS.

  2. I get the greed part, Kid. That's easy, something for nothing has always had an enormous appeal to most. But the fear thing, that requires thinking about the future, and not just living in the moment.

    Since you love gold so much, think about all the fear surrounding it, Kid. Recall G. Gordon Liddy touting the stuff back in 2009: "buy gold, and you'll have an asset that goes up, not down." People fear losing money more than just about anthing. I guess I am the only guy who remembers ol' Gordo saying that. And for the next 5 years, gold tanked like the Titantic. (and Gordo disappeared. Gordo? Gordo, ol' pal, ol' buddy? My gold went down, and you said it wouldn't....Gordo?)

    Yes, fear sells. Much like sex, it sells stuff quite well. That's why annuities are so popular, they sell you safety in the face of fear. Much like insurance in general of any kind. Of course, when you analyze the actual returns of most annuities, you see that you've been had. And don't even try to get your money back early from these insurance hacks, forget about that.

    1. Fre3dd, I would never buy physical gold and hold it. That's insane. But seriously, this has been going on a good long time. remember the political ads after WWII talking about a bear in the woods? Russia. The politicians always keep some fear angle going. And when the cold war ended, they started pointing to N Korea and importing moslem vermin. This is not by accident.

  3. We are DEFINITELY being played but the problem is it's OUR LIVES and so it's hard to turn it all's our futures, it's our finances, it's our culture, it's our safety, it's our country. I TRY and have been more successful lately in TURNING IT (TV, Talk radio when I'm driving) OFF, but it's not easy.

    I, too, have been reading more again....
    I just had bkfst with a friend where they had FOX News on in the ceiling hung TV of a VERY 'hip and cool liberal' coffee house ....She said "I'm amazed...what's happened to California?" (she's moving back here after living in Fla. for about 4 years) I told her "it's shocking..FOX ..? HERE?" :-)
    ALL the news ALL THE TIME.
    I don't WANT to know about the 2 guys who died in the PA amtrak train crash...I don't know what a backhoe is and don't care to know...I wish they'd just leave the local stories to the local news and let US have a BREAK!!

  4. Z, Yes, it is interesting when people die. I have to laugh when Global news talks about a car accident. Gee, how many of those were there today. People die all the time. Death is not preventable.

    Well, I do scan a few "news" sources throughout the day and read blogs, so I do know what is going on, but I sure don't watch TV news programs unless my waife has it on over dinner, then I try real hard to not explode when the idiocy pours on to the kitchen table.

    But seriously, you could probably ignore 99% of 'the news' and be perfectly fine.
    Hell, I spent 50 years ignoring it all. No Problemo.

  5. Just added this update..

    Update: Summary - libtards see politicians as the answer, Conservatives see politicians as the problem.

  6. I'm with you all the way in this , Kid.

    But don't you want to see Megyn Kelly's Town Hall with Ted Cruz tonight?

    It's on jn 20 minutes. EDT.


    1. FT, NO. Wake me up when it is time to vote again.

  7. I can't stand watching TV "news" anymore unless there is a specific reason or event. Many of us HAVE figured this all out long ago, and yet we are still being dragged down the sh** slide by the rest. It appears to be inevitable now that socialism is chic and sexy right here in the U.S. and all we can do is try and stave off the rising tide. Other than that, Kid, did you see that the baseball season is now upon us!!? GO TIGERS!

    1. DeBlade - Baseball? What's dat? :) Yea, the constant news coverage also makes the little bastards seem more important and above everyone else, when in fact, they are meant to be our employees. The kids today see them as being in charge. Not good.

  8. commented on your comment at my site--(-:

    as to FOX- I've pretty much given up on it--since the wealthy muslim bought 'shares' and position- it has gradually gone down hill-

    and- the only way we are goin to get this Repuclbic back is to get rid of eh Ed Dept and get back to reading- writing- arithmetic- and true HIStory--
    Do you think that will ever happen--except[t for the Homeschool movement- I do not!!


    1. C_CS, Fox is no friend to Conservatives. It's all incite people to point of calling in, upping the ratings and hence the ad revenue.

      I agree, education is first on the list, but no I don't think it will happen because not enough people care.

  9. Republic --rid of THE -

    above typing errors corrected--(-:

  10. I'm actually getting my news through Facebook.
    Friends post items of interest or suggested posts come up.
    First heard of the Panama Papers like that.
    Then more about it on Hewitt this morning.

    1. Ed, yea, blogs, scan the headlines, especially foreign sources. Best source being someone who works in the industry or who is close to the situation. back when I was a road warrior, I ran into people of all industries who told me things that you'd never hear on 'the news'. The news is a joke. Always has been.