Sunday, April 17, 2016

So, Answer Me This

How can "Scientists" Be assumed to have their finger on what the Climate of the Earth is going to be 100, 200, 500 years from now (excuse me while I laugh like a hyena) yet be "Stunned", yes stunned by a climate event only a couple years out, happening in their own time using data within the current time frame that should have made it a slam dunk for them to forecast the Greenland Ice melting.

Well, the answer is these blow jobs don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and Bill Nye, the Sanja Gupta of the TV science world is their grand Pumba.

Just for laughs, The Norse actually settled an ice free Greenland up until a mere 500 years ago.
Apparently an ice free Greenland did not result in the destruction of the Earth. 

I'm stunned anyone believes anything these government agenda-paid morons have to say about anything.


  1. Climate systems are just too complex to model more than a year or two in the future. The answer to these scientists is to follow the money. Whichever government agency the money comes from, that is the conclusion the scientist will draw.

    1. Euripides, That's my take. The chick that was head of the IPCC until recently openly stated climate change only has an economic goal - get rid of capitalism.
      There are plenty of credible sources that state that NASA and NOAA lied. Well, they get their income form the government, so not much of a stretch.
      Yes, there is no way to come to a correct conclusion about the climate 500 years from now. Way too many variables.

      Yea, the scientists who are on board are being paid form a $2.4 billion pool of money. There are plenty of real scientists who don't buy into this at all.

      Finally, Even if it is happening for whatever reason, do we really think we can stop it? It would be better to take all the trillions of dollars that will be blown to instead plan for it.

      Finally part 2. I have no problem with further reducing pollution/getting rid of coal power plants. So why are we not building thorium molten salt 100% free from meltdown plants on every street corner.

      There is just too much that doesn't add up and also points to the socialist agenda, now on in its death throes that in this last ditch effort is executing their plan to suck money from the last few (capitalist) countries to stay alive another few decades. Socialists NEVER give up. They never admit that they are failures.


    1. I've been there Ed, but thank you. Wild isn't it?

  3. In the '70's a man invented a carburetor for cars that could drive with an impressive
    -------------60 MPG----------------------
    The Car Manufactures took him to court and had his carb banned!

    The energy hype is just that -Hype
    The climate change phrase was a substitute when climate warming was proven not proven.
    How can you prove climate change is not proven?
    Only prove human caused climate change can not be proven, with Gov. funded whacked out Scientist with computer models that project 200 years or so out--only. Not 2years out like you said.

    I saw a ad on tv the other day about a U.N. agenda to help tax for climate change.

    -----------------IT'S COMING QUICKER THAN YOU THINK--------------------------

  4. I hope you know Morse code because that's how we'll be communicating once we're put into the Climate Denier Archapelagos prison camp.

    1. Cube, I have a merit badge in Morse code as well as Flag signaling. No worries. As long as they feed us well and provide internet eh?

    2. So I guess I'll hear your screeds as well as mine ;)

    3. Cube, You've got a friend in me. :)

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