Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Many Nebula's Near Orion

Democrat Politicians are pure evil, but here are some interesting nebulae.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site.  Hover over the picture there to overlay the names of the nebulae and other celestial points of interest.  Click the picture and explore in detail.  I triple guarantee no democrats are in there.

These are only 1500 light years from where you are standing, so these are very easy to explore with a small telescope. 


  1. There's something called WITCH HEAD, so I'm thinking at least Hillary is in there? :-)

    1. Z, witches are no where near evil enough to represent the hildebeast.

      Beside, this particular nebula is very playful and only casts fun spells.

    2. that's true....not nearly so evil :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ed, This fall it will be over your head and in the South East direction.

    2. I think in actuality we may be IN "it," and "it" is all AROUND us. Our earth is like one very small pea in an unimaginably large pot of constantly simmering vegetable-bean soup.

    3. FT, Not sure what you mean, but I agree. Yea, not even a speck of dust really. Zero in on the Horsehead nebula and blow it up to full screen.



      The Earth couldn't even be represented by one pixel in either of those.

  3. Ed, that's exactly right :-) WAAAAY up over all our heads!
    (good one!)