Tuesday, April 14, 2015

America Has Surrendered

Generally Speaking.

Kids cannot go play without direct and constant supervision by their parent(s).  My Parents would have been sent away for life no doubt because we played all day away from home.

People are willing to accept this as a way of life???

Unless you're in the wilderness(and maybe even then), you are on camera being video taped - and analyzed.

moslems are being imported like popcorn and You will pay them to sit around and breed more of them. They're not refugees, they are invaders.  You think they'll get jobs? Seriously?  Their handbook (the koran) instructs them to make you pay their way.

100,000 a year?  You're a moron if you believe that. Try Millions and many of them ready to become Boston bombers.

The hildebeast is a mobster. 

Daughter chelsea is married to the son of a felonious criminal - her husband will follow in those footsteps.

And large numbers of people living in America are ready to elect this piece of shit to the white house.  Well, hell, after having 8 years of an imbecile, non-American/illegal president, racist, anti-American, moslem activist, piece of shit, without the slightest verifiable single honest day of work to his name, who could notice the difference much?

Honestly, is there a piece of shit foul enough that democrats won't elect it to the white house ?


  1. NOW I get what you meant in your email about your parents being arrested TODAY if they let you play like you did! Of course, WAAAAY back THEN, nobody'd thought twice about kids playing outside a few blocks from home....that was before cars, right, so what's to worry about? (Smile)
    But, seriously.....

    And forget CAMERAS everywhere....I'm tired of looking into white cotton blouses on line, then getting white cotton blouse ads every darned time I Google something........I'm so stupid about computers that, for a few days, I wondered "Gee, how did THEY know I was looking for blouses"? (seriously!...but heck, I left the stair light on when I got my kittens in case they coudln't see at night, so..........) !! BUT, my point is; I DON"T WANT EVERYBODY/EVERYTHING TO KNOW MY BUSINESS! I don't WANT THEM TO KNOW I AM LOOKING FOR A BLOUSE OR ANYTHING...I feel INVADED suddenly!

    As for what democrats will elect? I thought we saw the worst with Obama (TWICE!, after hearing him BLATANTLY lie and more than once) but if Hillary gets in............well, that'll be quite the thing. They say you have to hit rock bottom so your feet can touch the rocks and push yourself back UP, but if HIllary wins, this country will be so screwed we'll hit rock bottom, try to push ourselves up, but hit our heads on the pier built by the left.
    And then you drown.

    thanks for the cheery post :-)

    1. Z, "Waaay back" lol.

      I was also looking for Blouses the other day, and in my case got ads for gender transformation surgery! Imagine That !!!

      The dem kids can do much worse than oBAMa I have no doubt. Rest assured, I won't be talking about the beast much, just as I have not soiled my blog with obama much.

      Yea, I knew the post wasn't going to be cheery but the pressure built to the point that a cork had to go flying. I'll get this place back into shape in no time though.

    2. I know, sometimes we have to let the cork fly! And this was a very good one!

      You were looking for blouses, huh? Who do you think YOU are, Bruce Jenner? :-)

    3. Thank you Z :)

      Just a little humor on the blouse.

    4. Funny you should mention this about "blouses," Z. I happened to look for a Chippendale style leather wing chair recliner, because my most comfortable chair in the den-TV room is about to breathe its last. And GUESS WHAT? ADS for Wing Chair Recliners now appear ALL OVER every site I examine on the net. This has been going on for over a MONTH. It is RELENTLESS and more than a little EERIE. I feel i am being STALKED by Furniture Dealers from near and far.

      It's NOT funny and there is NO way to turn it off.

      I see this as The Oligarchs' way of letting us know that "Big Brother" is watching every move we make and every step we take as well s every thought we articulate in writing.

      This, of course, spells the DEATH of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

      Technology has made it possible for the Dragon God of Totalitarianism to wrest control of our lives way from us probably forever. ORWELL'S PROPHECY fulfilled.

      Our only hope of course, is in increased reliance on and devotion to JESUS CHRIST.

  2. America deserves who America elects.

    1. That is the bottom line Mustang. That's nature. That's evolution. I both feel for the kids who don't deserve this and otherwise get satisfaction in knowing the kids who do deserve the country they are making will be the instrument of their torture. I can't wait to tell the crying punks that they voted for this.

  3. I thought the Dems had hit rock bottom when they put Bill Clinton in the White House (twice), despite him being the biggest low life ever. I have been proven wrong. Twice.

    And now the low life's ol' ball-n-chain is waiting in the wings. This rogue's gallery of scumbags offered up by the DNC as presidential candidates would have been flabberghasting just 30 years ago. Now it's standard operating procedure.

    1. Fredd, Fascinating isn't it? How did people get so freakin stupid?

    2. "How did so many get so stupid?"

      The deliberate, systematic process of "DUMBING DOWN" via Public Mis-Education. This has all been carefully, skillfully CRAFTILY planned for well over a century

      Rotten Education working hand-in-glove with putrid Popular Entertainment have worked to turn is into a Nation of Shit Worshippers.

    3. Despite all of this dumbing down going on for so long, and the putrid garbage on TV and internet, how is it that we still have clear thinking individuals who go to work every day, do the right thing and their brains have not turned into complete shit? I think these people are called conservatives. How did they dodge the rot?

    4. Fredd,
      How did they dodge the rot

      In part, by using their gray matter and applying discernment.

      I also do not discount the influence of Christian faith and commitment to the person whom one loves the most of all the people in the world.

      I know how I escaped: through the influence of my parents and my education in a private Christian school (one along the lines of the one-room schoolhouse).

    5. PS: Back in high school, while my peers were oohing and ahhing over the Beatles, I was immersed in classical music and "the Mafia Crooners."

    6. Fredd, that is a heck of a question. My gut reaction is that I came out of the gate knowing I was going to have to work for a living and I'm sure my folks had some influence there. No allowance for example, though I could bum the occasional quarter. It would be interesting to see how others feel they ended up as conservatives.

    7. AOW, The Beatles sparked my interest in music as a young dude, but I also listened to Stuff like this. Dad's albums.

    8. Kid,
      Somewhere along the way, the interests and philosophies of one's parents got tossed aside like so much garbage -- simply because those interests and philosophies were deemed "so establishment."

      Yes, every generation has always found"new stuff" that becomes the signature of the new generation. A normal part of the cycle of history.

      But in the 1960s, especially, "establishment" had to be repudiated. Completely repudiated as worthless, uncool, etc. Anti-establishment above all!

      IMO, a big part of dodging the rot is as you said when you explained your gut reaction to Fredd's question. Add to that the fact of the Boomers' spoiling their children in ways not previously done. Eventually, from there, the sense of entitlement grew and grew with each successive generation.

      I must also say that Dr. Spock had a lot to do with what we're seeing now. No boundaries! Be your child's friend!

    9. I think that I'll queue up this as a featured question at my blog: how others feel they ended up as conservatives.

    10. AOW, Good idea.

      Parents, teachers, and I think there is something in the genes - or not.

    11. Kid,
      I know many conservative parents who now have liberal children. How did that happen? I have my theories. Yours?

      I know very few liberal parents who have conservative children.

      Note: I'm speaking of the adult offspring when I say "children."

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Kid,
      Do you see an overall trend of America having moved significantly left in the past two generations?

    14. Conservative parents liberal children: Largely I'd say the answer is in response to your next question, but part of it has to be genes or the lack of. Ronald Reagan's kids come to mind. One conservative, one a flaming liberal. Being liberal does require an inability to apply logic to situations so there is something missing in the head as well.

    15. AOW, that is just too big a subject for a comment I think. I deserves a whole post, that overtime will need to be refined as more people weigh in as well. Maybe that's my next post

    16. AOW, Actually I had that backwards. The comment I was responding to is the one with the big subject...

      Significantly left in the last 2 generations. No, I think it gos back further I think what makes us feel things have gotten significantly worse is because of the internet and social media and the libtards are a lot more visible.

    17. Kid,
      Yes, it goes back further. The ideologies arose in the 19th Century, partly in reaction to the Industrial Age, which gave rise to reforms much needed (See Dickens's novel Hard Times).

      I understand the pendulum swing. Those swings happen throughout history.

      But why hasn't the pendulum swung back?

      The Internet and social media are certainly big players in keeping this pendulum to the Left.

      But something else is going on, too. I think that it's the also the cumulative effects of Dr. Spock's child-rearing theories, child-centered education, and the focus on self-esteem. I also do not discount the effects of eroding the moral compass, the Christian faith.

      Not long ago, I read an article about the harmful effects of not assigning one's children chores to do around the house. I clearly see in my neighborhood that the children do no chores whatsoever. Servants of one sort or another everywhere!

    18. AOW, I'm more familiar with modern times, post the democrats/communists assassinate JFK and install johnson.
      I basically view it like this:
      LBJ steals SS $ and creates welfare, the great society. This essentially pays losers to become bigger losers. People are inherently lazy and if you make laziness a path to success, I think you are going to get a lot of people hopping on board - especially blacks who at that time felt majorly persecuted and they were too. The problem with the blacks is they took the free money and didn't realize the true path to success was demanding non-discrimination, getting jobs and working hard for a living. Also LBJ's plan paid single females to pop out future democrat voters like popcorn and that has been going exponential for 4-5 decades now.

      The major point here being rewarding non-participation in the working environment. If you demand people to work who are able, they will and they'll be better off for it.

      Add in the women's lib movement which made great strides in breaking up the family unit.
      Drugs were brought in to cool the Vietnam protestors (and maybe the blacks too) back in the early to later 60's. The jazz blacks were smoking reefer in the 40's 50's and earlier but in the late 60's the number of people 'tuned in and turned on' increased many thousands or percent.

      Universities were probably easily infiltrated by communist operatives, who then started turning out more and more libtard school teachers and when jimmy carter took over education, these communist indoctrinated soldiers spread like weeds across our public education system. The resulting weeds massive infested our media, politics, celebrities, and general pop culture.

      Today we have generations of people who consider themselves informed but will vote for the hildebeast because it has female plumbing. they are incapable of coming to sensible conclusions of what actual accomplishments are who what sort of character is required of the nations leader, let alone the free world leader. In fact, they've been programmed to think the exact opposite of what would be beneficial for us and the world.

      We have free college now, with students only required to pay a percentage of their income and all of it regardless forgiven after 10 years. How many kids are going to pay back more than 5-10% of their student loans?

      I could add a lot more but it is all in the same vein. Easy path to financial security - "The country will pay their way". Their parents have to pay their health insurance now until they are 26. So many points but all along the line of making it easy to be a loser, and making becoming a loser much more probable with the breakup of the family unit, the education systems and the in the tank media that at best just picks fights between the libs and conserves but doesn't educate. William F Buckley could educate. We don't have anything like that anymore. We only have kindergarten level screaming at each other.

      And Easy Money. It has a very strong appeal.

  4. commie - progressives usurped out one excellent Ed System - starting w/ the plan written by John Dewey --
    take the true History away- as well as Latin-math-English-and the arts-(music-perspective drawing and et al) and do it slowly- and in less than 80- years- you OWN the citizens of the US--
    BTW-not many university grads could pass the 8th grade test of 1896--

    dumbed down citizens are easily lied to--

    thank God for the Homeschool movement-

    1. edit:

      ...our once excellent Ed System...

    2. C-CS. Yea, agreed. I have a married couple as lunch friends who were both teachers and quit 30 years ago because the Ed system was already flushed.

    3. I bailed on the public education system in 1977, when I was ordered by the school principal to pass the star football player (never mind his average in Spanish One @ well below 50% ad the county school code which clearly stated that athletes had to pull a C-minus average to be eligible to play school team sports). I know lots of other teachers who bailed for other reasons. It simply became too stressful to know that our personal and professional ethics would continue to be violated as long as we continued to work for the system.

      Now, of course, I have to deal with homeschool parents who are the products of the education system I fled. It's an uphill battle, I tell you.

      FT is right: the education system is largely to blame for the pathetic electorate we have today.

    4. AOW, I agree FT also.
      Stop me if you've heard this one... My lunch buddy married couple were both teachers and quit about the same time or maybe a little later for the same reasons. They went out and picked up a couple Masters degrees each and went into private industry, Navy contractor, consulting, and the big drug firms.

      I thank you for what you are doing for America's youth.