Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh Gosh ! Who'd a Thunk It !!!

Update:  Well, I must not have been thinking straight when I posted this because you know what? When your Predictions are this far OFF, your Science is Defective !!!  Now, will you Please STFU about this already !?

 Yea, sounds perfectly accurate....
Well, me about 15 years ago for one...

It seems that ...

Scientists say that global warming is slowing down


All this, while that crazy topsy turvy and very naughty greenhouse gas CO2 is Double what it has been pre-industrial age.  How can this be?  Maybe 'teh scientists' are a bunch of cashing in political whore tools.

Or, Could it have something to do with the sun now exiting its 11 year cycle of Solar Maximum and now entering its 11 year cycle of Solar Minimum??  Hmmmm?  Maybe the next 8 years or so will provide a clue.


  1. They will apologize, maybe, someday, maybe not.

    1. I'll eat the internet if they do Opus.
      Post update also.

  2. "cashing in political whores"??????????? In America? Are you KIDDING? :-)
    You got it!

    1. Z !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Post updated.

      Thanks ;)