Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama Confuses Decades, Inflates Estimated Health Care Savings by $868B

Let's just ponder this headline for a second or an hour maybe.

The detail is "But the budget office did not say the Senate health care bill would save $1 trillion over the next decade -- or even close to that figure.

It estimated the bill would save $132 billion from 2010 to 2019, leaving Obama's "next decade" estimate $868 billion short."

"Ahh, Ummm, ah, but Kid, he's only off by a trillion $$$ and ten years." And may I remind everyone that there has never been a ten year prediction that has even been in the right galaxy... So, he's not off by a decade, he's off by a galaxy.

PS - And when have you ever known 'government' to have the ability to estimate a measly 50 million dollar bridge project and not be off by more than 100 % !!

WTF??!!And Geroge W Bush was supposed to be lacking intelligence? You liberals need to get a grip, and if you can't get a grip, get a drip. Your boy genius is dumber than a rock, or LIES like no one else has in recorded history.

One couldn't cut your Hypocrisy with a chain saw. You're all a bunch of dishonest, hypocritical, ignorant, fascist dumb ass punks. Grow the hell up already. You're in the way of progress.

And did you happen to notice your precious Bio Fuels pollute more than traditional fossil fuels ? Gee, maybe engineers back in 1900 weren't anywhere near as stupid as you idiots are today. And you morons have 100 years of technology and science to help you. Get out of the way already !

Update: You know, I'm not a genius by measurement. Close but no cigar. But every time I glance at the news page, there is a Tsunami of ignorance that pours out of whatever screen I'm using to look at it. And it all involves Democrats and/or their idiot followers. We've been at war with the morons, and in 2008 the morons won. We'll see if this has any lasting effect I guess, but my mind staggers at the idiocy. I was stupid once, but I was never this stupid. Ever.


  1. The stupid Libs know the numbers. It's about fooling the most and making some jobs(green)for their friends or Masters, or a way to make a ton of money. Right Algore Icemelt?

  2. They Say, I agree there are a few smart ones that are and have been getting rich off of all this, but I firmly believe the vast majority of them are useful idiots at best and you know what at worst.

    Pelosi for example, is most definitely in the useful idiot (to the commies) category.

  3. I could pay my premiums for the next five decades and never come close to paying the amount of money that my insurance company paid for my daughter’s hospitalization. That for-profit business lost a lot of money where this girl is concerned, and the operations are not finished. I have to wonder whether or not they will still be in business when her next operation is scheduled. If they are forced to lower their premiums across-the-board by Obama & Co., they may not be in business when she next needs medical care. It’s frightening. Having medical policy written by people who clearly do not value human life is frightening. We’ve been told by more than one doctor that if Obamacare was the functional policy when the girl was born, she would not have been saved.

  4. i was a liberal, then i graduated. anyway, we had a biofuel plant here. it lasted maybe a year and whenever we sampled it, it ALWAYS exceeded their permit limits so they had to shut down. dumbasses. nice try. but they should've known better, just like with the health bill estimation.

  5. LIES and dumber than a rock hit the mark dead center.

    I still cannot believe a majority of the stupid people that voted for him that still can't see what a village idiot he really is.

  6. Amen! I'm new here, will be following your material.

    It's perfectly obvious to me that a good portion of our society is not necessarily stupid, but brainwashed and in need of a parent. Liberalism is responsible for the need of the "lost parent(s)" in the first place, yet attempts to hide this fact by assuming the role of a governmental caretaker. In order to be seen as such, they must curtail truth, honesty and or otherwise. Hence, they become a tool which necessitates stupidity, ignorance and neglect, and actually promote such things in order to prop up there own delusions.

  7. Arby, I'll keep a good thought for you and your family. That's got to be hard to deal with even without the fascist health care. Well, my impression is that it's the seniors who are going to get screwed if and when. But I'm not a fortune teller.

    And I have no doubt about the comment your doctor made. They're not going to this much effort to get all that money re-routed through DC just to send it back out again.
    It will be worse than any of us imagine, but again, your daughter has a good chance to miss the nastiness of it imo. Unless everyone in the health care industry quits.

  8. labcat, Yep. Not much new under the sun.

  9. Admiral, I believe he is a stupid dumbass, lazy, racist, Anti-American as a byproduct of the racism, slip and slide through an affirmative action Hahvahd 'education'.

    I'll bet his grade average was in the C range, which in the case of schools like Harvard, they either kick you out of give you C's.

  10. Gary, Welcome. The more the merrier. I try to keep the content eclectic, so you won't like it all, but I do love to rant when the mood hits, which it is doing right now in fact regards one sean shit for brains penn.

    as far as your analysis, I'd say it it spot on. I personally believe it is the result of communist infiltration and sheer stupidity all mixed into one useless section of the population and political landscape.