Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I See Bill Agrees With Me Yet Again

Fascist Basterds


  1. We approaching our second revolution...hopefully it's limited to the political sphere...but....some are calling for an armed revolution if the voting process is fucked with by the RNC...Right now...I hate what America has become...and where it's headed.

    1. IMP, I don't know how any sentient being could not be appalled, disgusted, bewildered by how far we've fallen in such a short amount of time. If the majority were on the same page that would be one thing, but it seems more and more the majority is begging to be moved from the citizen class to the subject class.

    2. Wait...until we are.....then there'll be that Goddamn uprising. I will not live under a beener or muslim theocracy. Ask these pieces of shit and all they have to do is look at Venezuela, Cuba or any Latino shit hole and be honest. However...these mentally retarded fucks think that's where we should be. And I say...good...let Bernie fuck you out of 90% of your paycheck....and see if your libby ass isn't in need of KY.

    3. I don't think you and I be alive when it happens. It will be the millennials and future generations who will suffer, and they will be pre-programmed (they already are) to believe Conservatives did it to them. Hell, no one blames anything on themself! Right? The message of the video.
      Par for the course.

      And none of these future generations will be equipped to deal with anything. Hell, they wet their pants when they see Trump 2016 chalked on a sidewalk!

      Man, I'd hate to be a kid today. I'd probably be in jail already as I'd surely have cold cocked teachers and others trying to commun-ize me.

      Is it true? Dunno, But I've heard that they could take all the wealth of the rich and be able to run the government (today's government!) for about 6 months on it. What then!? Unreal. They be in for a real shock.

    4. I grew up in public school in Manhattan. Some of the stuff I pulled back then would've definitely gotten me put in jail today. Bunch of crybabies.

    5. Cube, I'd be in the cell next to you. If I was lucky :)

  2. Bill Whittle's a great guy. He has a good grasp of modern history with facts and logic on his side, but where I'm concerned he's preaching to the choir.

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

    In other words FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. It requires eternal vigilance by a well-informed, morally grounded populace.

    We lost our way, because the universities and public education were long ago taken over by Cultural Marxists who've subverted and perverted what-should-be the entire purpose of a good basic education.

    The Entertainment and Information Industries were basically founded and nurtured into dominance by elements hostile to American Ideals who sought not to SHARE, but to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF, and then TAKE OVER the unique-but naive American culture on which they've preyed for over a hundred years.

    Did a helluva jo , didn't they7?

  3. FT, Exactly, Yes they did. But I'll never shut up and people who preach to the choir should never shut up either. You're right though, the country is polarized into all the various groups. The violence should be coming along any time now.