Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Purple !!

Don't scratch and sniff, they might confuse you with Joe Biden.  Click instead.

Hey, here's some good news... The beast is not actually going to run at the last minute.  Plus, I haven't seen any recent pictures or heard the scraggly voice of that satanic moldy clinton non-human for months now.  That moldy lump of human (or is it beastial) excrement by the side of the road may actually be on its way out of the daily news stream.  Finally.

I haven't seen anything about Justy Bliebers either, nor any of the usual suspects and communist MSM favorites with dark slimey smelly stuff for brains that can't seem to keep their mouths shut for more than 2 seconds.


I mean, that's something right?


Now if we can just have someone suggest to AG Barr that he might not want to rely on "FBI Investigations" for anything more than who threw Suzy's underwear up in a tree, we'd be maybe getting somewhere.

So what else is going on?



  1. What’s going on?

    Dude, I haven’t seen the football since kickoff.

    I think you should start up a pool. Who dies first? HRC or GS? You can make it a money pool or one of those vacation deals, where the winner gets to spend a golfing week with Jerry at his palatial estate in Michigan.

    1. There's a football ?

      The pool is a good idea Mustang, but from November through the first of the year, Mr JerryDaBlade is doing secret stuff in undisclosed locations with some double secret club he is a member of. The name is daggers and swords. Don't ask me how I know. Women and lowly dirt people like myself are not allowed to even know any of what goes on at these testosterone filled events.
      Plus his estate is temporarily closed anyway due to the lead filled, Covid laced water near Flint.

  2. Suzy who? :-) Tell us the truth; you MISS the beast, don't you? HA!!! As IF you would.
    that image is beautiful...doesn't belong on any post mentioning HER!!..too good for her!

  3. I can't remember Suzy's name Z. She did have pretty undies though.

    Yes, that is an attractive, engrossing, and enchanting image. Looks like a giant clam shell full of pearls and assorted gems. An otter with sunglasses and a sea salamander are playing down at the bottom left.

  4. Pedo Joe, the human gaffe machine couldn't lead a pack of starving dogs to fresh meat with the blood of a fresh kill dripping from his sleeves. No sane person actually believes that Sniffin Joe inspired 80 million people to vote for him that couldn't even muster up 80 people, let alone 80 Million to vote for him. He could hardly get8 people to show up at one of his sightings at the parking lot rallies no matter how hard Liberolls you were "routing" for him

  5. Sounds like the beast is not going to make the cut in a Biden administration.... You mean we might be rid of her after enduring for what seems like most of my life? Apparently Harris has no time for her is my guess..

    1. Looking that way Bunk. My guess is the beast's physical shape may make it impossible for it to do much of anything let alone run for office, and any make-up artists that come over to give it an estimate just laugh or scream and run back out the door.