Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IS There a Better Thanksgiving Day Tune?

Definitely one of my Favorite Tunes, if not The.

Definitely one of my all time favorite artists.

Was he Juiced for this performance?  Yea, I think so, but who cares....

Last I read, Sly was living in a Van in LA. Damn..


  1. Why is this the perfect Thanksgiving song, Kid? :-) Also, when Englebert asks Sly what he's been doing, I think Sly should have said "a lot of coke" HA!!! Shall I add I don't think Englebert added much to the song?
    I do love the song, but.........

    Ducky..."you can get everything you want.........." The Socialist Thanksgiving song? :-)

    1. Z, to me the lyrics speak about us all coming together for at least a day and realize that we all put our pants or silk undies on one leg at a time, doesn't matter black, white, red, green, rich, poor, fat, skinny, Let's come together for a day and enjoy a thanksgiving meal. "I am no better and neither are you" and the rest of the lyrics.

      By the way, the other guy is Tom Jones that all the women I knew were Crazy for. They threw their underwear at Jim Morrison, but they all took a rose to the Tom Jones concert. :)

      I guess Tom had a TV show of sorts for a while and that's why he was there in it.

      Hope you're starting to enjoy the holiday as I do hope all the good folks are doing. The 'others'? meh.

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    1. Christoper I hope you and yours had a great day

  3. Kid! As I was typing ENGELBERT, I was thinking "That's not it, but who the heck else could it be!?" OF COURSE it's Tom Jones...I still like the song better without him.
    Ya, I kind of see your point.......about all coming together. Sort of :-)
    Ducky, for some reason, that reminded me of Janis Joplin and how every time I pray starting with "oh, Lord..." I can't help saying next "...won't ya buy me a Mercedes Benz!" I SWEAR. Almost makes me laugh.
    Not sure God doesn't get a smile, too!

    1. Z, and Yea, I'm just talking about a day or even a meal. World Peace? Pfffffft.